Best 3/8” Ratchet (August 2019) – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

Know How to Choose the Best 3/8” Ratchets

Ratchet is a vital and almost indispensable tool for any DIY, woodworks, and repair. Whether you are a craftsman, hobbyist, or just you the absence of this tool will definitely be a problem.

A 3/8" ratchet is a typical tool at home which you use for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. Do you have one at home? If not, then do you know the things you need to consider before buying one?

To save you some time, we have here a quick and easy guide for choosing the right 3/8" ratchet. Moreover, we included a comparison chart and an in-depth product review for the top 10 best 3/8" ratchet for 2019.


KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR the Best 3/8” Ratchets

Here are the features and factors you need to look for when choosing the best 3/8” ratchet to complete your toolset.

1. Drive Sizes

There are three main drive sizes for a ratchet: ¼”, ½”, and 3/8”. In our guide, we will be dealing with the 3/8” drive size.

2. Wrenching Type

The first step you need to do is to know the type of bolts and nuts you are going to work on. Likewise, you need to consider the possible space where you’re going to twist the ratchet – whether it’s narrow or wide space.

3. Length

The length of a ratchet determines the accessibility of the tool. Longer ratchets are able to reach farther areas but its head must be slim or proportional to its length.

4. Speed and Access

In the head of a ratchet, there is a number imprinted, this refers to the number of positions – e.g 120 for 120 positions. Likewise, ratcheting arcs are commonly 3 and 5 degrees.

Meanwhile, the access is still located on top of the head. It is a teardrop low profile head and flushes mounted. You can switch it on/off for better access in narrow spaces.

5. Teeth Number

The higher the teeth number, the more torque it delivers and the faster is the tightening or loosening action. Likewise, higher teeth number entails lesser twisting action.

6. Jointed or Flexible Head Ratchets

This feature allows you to have angle adjustments on the head. This comes useful when working in tight spaces.

Top 10 Best 3/8” Ratchets reviews 

1. GearWrench 81215P 120XP 3/8” Ratchet


  • Access: flex head, 120 positions
  • Ratcheting arc: 3 degrees
  • Teeth number: ---
  • Overall length: 11.47”



• Flex head

• Nothing critical so far

• 120 positions

• 3-degrees arc

• Long overall length

• Stainless chrome finish

Best Choice

This one makes a great tool with its quality and sleek design. The gears will surprise you as it runs smoothly and quietly. Its flex head is ideal when working in tight spaces and you can apply great torque at minimal twisting. Likewise, it's made from a durable stainless steel material and the smooth chrome finish gives that professional look.

2. Tekton Quick-Release 3/8” Ratchet


  • Access: Fixed head
  • Ratcheting arc: 5-degree
  • Teeth number: 72
  • Overall length: 7.875”



• 72 tooth number

• Inferior material of the quick release function

• Soft rubberized handle

• Tough and rugged feature

• Unbeatable price and quality

Best Budget

You can’t beat the affordable price and the quality this ratchet offers. The soft rubberized grip feels good in the hands and you can firmly twist it without slipping. The quick release mechanism is a plastic push button but it works really fine. The setback with the handle is that it picks up dirt quickly unlike the stainless chrome finish where it just slides out. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

In addition, quick release function is made from a plastic push button which seems to be inferior.

3. Ares 70305 Quick-Release 3/8” Ratchet


  • Access: reversible 90-tooth mechanism
  • Ratcheting arc: 4-degree
  • Teeth number: 90
  • Overall length: 7”



• Affordable price

• No critical negative thing about this tool

• Quick release function

• Reversible teeth mechanism

• Durable chrome-vanadium construction

Chrome-Vanadium Construction

The overall quality of this 3/8” ratchet is comparable to the expensive ones. Its 4-degree ratcheting arc comes really useful when working on narrow spaces. You would love how durable and professional-looking the chrome-vanadium construction of this tool. There’s added versatility with its quick release function and the reversible teeth mechanism.

4. Dewalt DWMT71804 3/8” Pear Head Ratchet


  • Access: fix and slim head
  • Ratcheting arc: 5-degree
  • Teeth number: 72
  • Overall length: 7.9”



• Affordable price

• None

• 5-degree ratcheting arc

• Slim and fix a head for tight areas

• Solid and sleek overall construction

You would love this tool because it is tough, sleek, comfortable to use and also affordable. This 3/8" drive ratchet is a good tool to include in your toolset.

5. Neiko 03067A 3/8” Ratchet


  • Access: reversible ratcheting
  • Ratcheting arc: 5-degree
  • Teeth number: 72
  • Overall length: 8.5” to 12-3/8”



• Reasonable price

• No critical negative review

• Soft rubberized grip

• Telescopic tool length

• Reversible ratcheting action

Telescoping length

You can easily loosen and tighten bolts and nuts even at tight spaces with the telescopic or extendable tool length. You will just need to exert lesser effort and ratcheting arc with greater torque action. No hand fatigue because the handle is covered with soft rubber. Overall construction is a solid and great tool for a reasonable price.

Luckily, no critical negative review.

6. Stanley 91-929 3/8” Pear Head Ratchet


  • Access: slim and fix pear head
  • Ratcheting arc: 7-degree
  • Teeth number: 54
  • Overall length: 9”



• Solid construction from a durable steel alloy

• The directional switch is easily moved when hit

• Professional look with smooth chrome finish

• Ergonomic handle

This ratchet has a solid and sleek construction. The long length of the ratchet paired with 54 teeth number provides sufficient torque even at minimal twisting action. The directional switch works well. Good quality tool for a reasonable price.

Else, the direction selector is easily hit when working in narrow spaces.

7. Wera 05004034001 8004 B Zyklop 3/8” Ratchet


  • Access: slim fix pear head
  • Ratcheting arc: 5-degree
  • Teeth number: 72
  • Overall length: 8”



• Well-balanced and ergonomic body

• No critical negative review so far

• Slim and fix pear head for tight spaces

• Directional switch

• Solid built

Chrome-Molybdenum Alloy

It has a really slim pear head the same as the standard Craftsman ¼” ratchet. This head size paired with its slightly longer tool length makes it a good tool for working on narrow spaces. It provides greater torque with lesser twisting. The quick release button is flush in the ratchet head. Overall, the chrome-molybdenum steel construction gives it a solid and sleek look.

8. Blackhawk BP-1338QR Quick-Release 3/8” Ratchet


  • Access: slim and fix pear head
  • Ratcheting arc: ---
  • Teeth number: 72
  • Overall length: 7.5”



• Lightweight

• No critical negative review so far

• Well-balanced body

• Slim and fix pear head

• Solid and sleek construction

This ratchet is solid but lightweight. It's very comfortable to use and maneuver. The fix and slim pear head enable it to work on narrower spaces. Direction switch is durable and smooth to adjust. It fits perfectly to your hand and the body is well-balanced. Overall, it has a comparable quality with the expensive ratchets.

9. Crescent CRW6 3/8” 72-Tooth Ratchet


  • Access: fix head
  • Ratcheting arc: 5-degree
  • Teeth number: 72
  • Overall length: 10.24”



• Affordable price

• Slightly thick head

• Solid head and construction

• Smooth and sleek chrome finish

• Well-balanced and ergonomic design

The thing you would love with this tool, its overall quality is comparable to gearwrench but at an affordable price. It has a quick release function but does not have many teeth compared to other brands which have 120 teeth. Both Gearwrench and Crescent are made from Taiwan. If you're looking to buy more ratchet at an affordable price with good quality, then this can be a good option.

A little trouble, its head is slightly thick which might be difficult when working in tight spaces.

10. Craftsman 3/8” Quick-Release Ratchet


  • Access: fix and slim pear head
  • Ratcheting arc: 10-degree
  • Teeth number: ---
  • Overall length: 7”



• Solid and chrome finish construction

• Wish the ratcheting arc could have been lower than 10 degrees

• Recessed quick release button

• Reversible directional switch

This ratchet provides features which are ideal when working on narrow spaces with its slim and fix pear head. The reversible switch direction gives it added versatility. The overall construction is sleek and solid. The quick release button is recessed and reliable. A good quality tool at a reasonable price that you need to have in your toolset.

Wish the ratcheting arc would have been lower for lesser twisting effort while delivering greater torque.

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