Best Automatic Chicken Waterer in 2020 – Reviewed

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In today’s generation, online shopping has become really popular. It is convenient for everyone especially if we have a hectic schedule most of the time. All you have to do is browse, click the “Add to cart” button and add your shipping details then you can have your item in a few days.

However, the downside of online shopping is you can’t really test out the product in terms of the weight, the actual look and other features. With in-store shopping, you can take a look at the actual features and performance of the product. Yet, not all of it. You can actually know the real performance of the product once you have used it for a while.

“What if I really want to be sure about the products I’m buying?”

I understand if this main concern because we have to get what our money is worth for. Well, the best thing that you can do is search and read through the reviews online.

This article will help you get to know more about the best products such the automatic chicken waterer. I have gathered the top-rated or best automatic chicken waterers to help you choose the best quality that you can get. With these top-rated automatic chicken waterers, they will definitely meet the needs of your chicken as well as your satisfaction.



1. Horizontal Side Mount Automatic Poultry Nipples



• Cheap

• Too small for big feeders

• Weatherproof

• Need a large water container

• Time-saver

• Can be installed easily

• Provides mess-free drinking

• Convenient for flocks

• Risk-free money back guarantee

If you’re looking for total convenience, this Cruzadel horizontal side-mount poultry nipple is for you. This automatic chicken waterer is easily installed in a few minutes by drilling a hole in a bucket or container using an 11/32 drill bit. Since it’s automated, it will only release water once the steel rod will be pushed by the chicken, duck or any type of bird. Even the 2 weeks old flocks can push through the steel rod since it specifically made to be convenient for poultry use. Poultry owners who have bought this Cruzadel horizontal side mount poultry nipple stated that their flocks learned easily on how to use it for drinking water.

One great advantage of this automatic chicken waterer is that you don’t have to worry about the stinky water and the algae growing in the tray if you haven’t changed the water for a week. Compared to other chicken waterers, this one can help you save more time as well for all you have to do is to fill the container full of water. The water will automatically flow once pushed and stops when not in use. In short, you don’t have to change the water everyday just to provide clean water to your flocks.

Buyers have already proven that this horizontal side-mount poultry nipple doesn’t leak at all when used. This means that you don’t have to clean up an extra mess on the ground. Each piece is made by best quality steel and plastic materials that are put up together to provide a long lasting chicken waterer.

2. Farm Innovators HB-60P Heated 2 Gallon Poultry Drinker



• Durable

• Quite expensive

• Easy to clean

• Have to train the flocks in the first use

• Thermostat heater

• Removable top lid

• Removable poultry nipples

If you’re interested in buying the Cruzadel horizontal side-mount poultry nipple but don’t want to go through the process of installation, this one ideal for you. Most poultry owners worry a lot about the low temperature. The water freezes once the temperature drops during winter. This 2-gallon poultry drinker includes a 60-watt heater so that it can work automatically and prevents the water to freeze up during the winter season. While being placed on the ground or hung somewhere, this automatic chicken waterer ca accommodate up to 15 chickens using the drip-free nipples. If you’re not a fan of the type of nipple used on this, you can easily change it with a drinker cup. The drinker cup will be featured later.

It also includes the top lid to make sure that it can produce clean water for your flocks and you can easily refill the container when needed. The translucent material for the bucket helps you to know when to refill the container. According to one satisfied buyer, the bucket is sturdy and doesn’t have a problem when hung on something. This can help if you don’t want to bend a lot while cleaning the container or filling it with water.

3. RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer Kit for Poultry



• Durable

• A bit expensive

• Convenient

• The dirt can easily get in the cup

• Easy to install

• Can be used by any type of birds

• Poultry animals don’t need to push tabs to drink water

Best Seller

With this automatic chicken nipple cup waterer, you don’t have to train your chickens or let them figure out how to push the steel rod and drink on the nipple. This cup can be filled with water and let it stay for more than 80 days. So if you’re planning on a vacation, this would be really efficient for the dehydration of your flocks.

This cup uses the float system which prevents from spilling the water once the cup is full. This cup waterer can be used with any types of poultry such as ducks, turkeys, chicken and quail. The material of this cup waterer is long lasting since it’s made from the heavy duty poly. You can easily installed it on the base of the bucket by using the 3/8" drill bit.

4. BriteTap Chicken Waterer



• Easy to install

• Expensive

• Long-lasting

• Good for small poultry only

• Saves time from cleaning

• Algae can build up inside the container

• Provides clean water for a long time

• No extra tool needed if you're going to put it on the cooler

This automatic chicken waterer helps poultry owners to save time from cleaning messy pans due to the kicked dirt and droppings made by the chicken. Plus you don’t have to worry about your chicken sitting on the top of its water container since it can be placed close to the water tank. In this case, you can provide clean water all the time.

It can accommodate up to 16 chickens, quail or other small birds. Which means it is very convenient when you are taking care of a lot of birds. All they have to do is to hit the valves with their bills then they can drink the water. The BriteTap chicken waterer can be put on PVC pipes and water tank or jug cooler in a few minutes.

Customers stated that they have been using the same BriteTap chicken waterer for more than two years.

5. Miller Little Giant 7 Gallon Poultry Waterer Fount



• Stylish design

• Heavy

• Durable

• Not good for winter season

• Reasonable price

• Easily gets dirt

• Easy to fill

• Can be used by any type and size of birds

This automatic chicken waterer allows you to view the water level in the container due to its high-level translucent plastic material. It may hold 7 gallons of water but it is portable easy to carry because of the rugged handle. Since it has a large capacity, it can save you energy and time on refilling the water from time to time. It’s also available in smaller sizes such as three and five gallons but if you’re taking care of 15-20 chickens, this one will work great for you and your fowls. This will also work out great if you’re are planning to go somewhere for a few days.

With the use of the vacuum-sealing O-ring cap, the water automatically flows for the chicken to drink. No need to train the flocks in order for them to get the water because they just have to peck to the pan with their beaks.

The material is durable enough not to crack during the winter yet the water in the pan will most like freeze. Since it is plastic, putting a heater base will not be helpful. It comes with an easy to fill jar snaps on the base so that you will not feel any hassle upon refilling the jar.

6. Automatic Premium Chicken Waterer Cups with Mounting Hardware



• Requires low maintenance

• Produces leakage

• Easy to install

• The dirt can easily get in the cup

• Easy to use for poultry

• Great design

• Durable

This no peck automatic chicken waterer guarantees to have a full cup of water all the time chickens, ducks, pigeons and turkeys. The float regulator helps the cup to be filled with the water automatically. Which means that you don’t need to spend time training your flocks since the valve automatically pushes out the water to the plastic cup when the poultry peck on the yellow trigger. It is designed to last for a while using heavy and durable plastic materials. You can install this chicken waterer in a few minutes by following the instruction guide that comes with the package.


When deciding about buying the automatic chicken waterer, you must not think about one factor only. There are lots of things to consider upon getting the automatic chicken waterer that would perfectly fit for your ducks, turkeys, chickens and other types of poultry. A popular brand is not enough, neither the affordable price. Keep these things in mind so that you can think carefully about getting your next chicken waterer.

1. Measurements

Think about the size and dimensions of the automatic chicken waterer. Not all sizes of chicken waterers can be convenient to use in your poultry house. Some are large enough for a small chicken coop and it can be chaotic when put inside. Surely, your chicken will not like a crowded space as well. It will be greatly uncomfortable for them.

Additionally, the size and dimension matter especially when refilling the container with water. If you like going on a vacation or go out a lot, you might need a large chicken waterer so that you don’t have to refill the waterer after a short time. However, some large chicken waterers need to be carried to refilled.

2. Temperature Control

Just like humans, poultry needs a moderate temperature when it comes to water. That’s why you need to choose the chicken waterer that will work well in all kinds of seasons. Some chicken waterers can’t work well especially in winter. Water freezes up and when it does, your chicken will most likely suffer from dehydration. Fortunately, manufacturers already came up with some chicken waterers with a thermostat in it. However, chickens don’t like to drink lukewarm water, so don’t heat your water too much especially in the summer season.

3. Poultry Size

Yes. The size of your chickens or ducks also matter. Small chicken waterers are okay to use for baby flocks. Yet if you have other types of birds, especially bigger ones, it is better to use the bigger chicken waterer as well. Birds with bigger beaks can’t clearly use the nipple-type chicken waterer.

4. Materials Used

Whether it is a galvanized chicken waterer or a plastic one, both can be a good chicken waterer for flocks. Ideally, plastic materials are good for smaller birds but can be easily damaged by bigger birds. Plastic chicken waterers are cheaper and easier to clean compared to galvanized steel. Despite that, galvanized steel is proven to be long-lasting and durable. Yet galvanized steel can easily heat up the water inside once left out in the sun for a long time. Hot water is not good for chicken.

Lastly, since the design is more simple, plastic chicken waterers are easier to clean than galvanized steel.

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