Best Battery Backup Sump Pump (August 2019) – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

Know How to Choose the Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

You will never know when the heavy rains would hit. Moreover, you can never tell if your main pump would always work in times you’ll badly need it. Hence, it is always better to have plan B – a battery backup sump pump.

With the abnormal changes in our climate, a battery backup sump pump is no longer a luxury but a necessity to have in every home. This pump can be powered by electricity or battery-operated. Moreover, most units are submersible types.

If you are already planning on buying one, here is our quick and easy guide to help you choose the best battery backup sump pump for 2019. We will cover the important features and factors of a good sump pump. Likewise, to save you some time, we also included a comparison chart and in-depth product review for the top 10 best battery backup sump pump for 2019.


KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR the Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

Here are the important features and factors you need to look for when choosing for the best battery backup sump pump.

1. Type: Pedestal or Submersible

Choosing between the two types has its respective pros and cons. Pedestal sump pumps are more affordable compared to submersible types. They are also easier to maintain and repair.

In contrast, submersible types can be hidden and have a low noise level. Submersible sump pumps are also safer because children won’t be able to play with it. This is ideal when the basement is used as your main living area.

In terms of durability, a submersible sump pump can last around 5 to 15 years. Whereas, pedestal type lasts longer, approximately 25 to 30 years. Submersible types have shorter life span because of their nature of being always in contact with water. This speeds up the wearing of the parts of the pump.

2. Horsepower

Typically, sump pumps have horsepower ranging from 1/6 to ½ hp. The horsepower rating exhibits the pump's strength. Likewise, the higher the hp rating, the more expensive is the unit.

3. Gallons per Minute (GPM) or Gallons per Hour (GPH)

Next thing to consider, the capacity or rate of the sump pump. This feature entails the efficiency of the sump pump. The efficiency is reflected on the GPM or GPH rating and the respective vertical distance between the pump’s base up to the highest vertical point of discharge.

A pump may have a GPM rating of 2400GPM but that might be measured from a vertical height of 1 foot. If you plan to throw the water to a higher vertical distance, then the GPM rating will surely decrease.

4. Battery

A battery backup sump pumps are run by two kinds of batteries: AC/DC and DC battery. These kinds of sump pumps only run when the AC power is off or the main pump doesn't work.

Meanwhile, for units who runs on both AC and DC, it can run on AC power if electricity is present while not consuming the DC power. Once, AC is out power source switches on DC and runs again.

Other considerations, you can also categorize batteries as lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries. Choosing which one will greatly depend on your preference and convenience.

5. Float Switch

Mostly, a backup battery sump pump is used to supplement the primary pump in case its capacity cannot hold the water level. Having a float switch is ideal to automatically activate your backup battery sump pump whenever the water level rises quickly.

6. Wifi and Smartphone Connectivity

The advent of new technology paved the way for smarter innovations with this device. A few modern units are already wifi capable and can connect with other gadgets and devices. Once, the backup battery sump pump is activated, it sends an email or SMS to the owner’s smartphone or device to alert them of the emergency.

top 10 Best Battery Backup Sump Pump reviews

1. Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-V Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 75Ah
  • Rate: 2900 GPH 0’
  • Warning system: Readable LED display, sound alarm
  • Smart features: ---



• Powerful rate – 2900 GPH

• Float switch – not typical but functional

• Low noise level operation

• Large battery capacity

• Epoxy steel body

• Cast-iron base

Best Choice

This is a good backup sump pump with a few things you need to know so that you’ll get the most out of it. You can buy a 120Ah AGM Marine battery Vmax tank for this and it fits right into its case. Ensure you don’t interchangeably connect the three plugs or else the pump will be destroyed.

Its float switch is timer driven. It runs for 20 seconds and it cannot be altered. To solve this, your pit must be deep enough or the float must be placed on a higher altitude. Overall, its operation is effective and at a low noise level. The entire sump pump casing is durable and decent.

You just need to make sure your pit is deep or the float switch is placed on a higher altitude.

2. Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 12V 10A
  • Rate: ---
  • Warning system: Auxiliary alarm contact which connects to a home security alarm system
  • Smart features: latest switch mode charging



• A solid and durable battery case

• Instruction manual needs improvement

• Strong pump

• Easy installation

• Latest charging system

• An LCD display and auxiliary alarm system

Auxiliary Alarm Contact

It can be easily installed to a maintenance-free AGM battery and the assembly was straightforward. Installation set up can take around 3 hours. The trigger and alarm system work perfectly great even the controller seems to be a basic one. The overall casing and construction are durable and sleek. It operates at a low noise level.

The instruction manual is not that helpful particularly in telling if a vent hole needs to be made between the pump’s check valve and the backup pump.

3. PumpSpy PS2000 Wifi Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 120V
  • Rate: 2990 GPH 5’, 2400 GPH 10’, 1625 GPH 15’
  • Warning system: Alert system using the wifi connection to gadgets and devices
  • Smart features: PumpSpy App for iOS and Android



• Straightforward installation

• You need to log in each time you’ll be opening the app

• Wifi capability to connect

• Remote monitoring

• Sturdy casing

• Strong pump

Wifi Capable

The installation set up is easy and quick, takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The lights in front of the pump are all green. The PumpSpy App really works on giving notifications and alerts. You just need to sign in every time you will be opening the app. The pump's efficiency is good as well and you'll have no worries in case your main pump fails. This backup sump pump is great insurance to have.

Note: It is slightly hassling to use the app because you need to log in every time you'll be opening it.

4. Wayne WSS20V 120V 1/3-HP Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 12V
  • Rate:1750 GPH 10’
  • Warning system: sound alarm
  • Smart features: ---



• 1/3 hp primary pump, durable and cast-iron

• Float switch needs to be mounted on top

• Durable battery

• Heavy duty check valves

• Quick and easy installation

• A high flow rate of the backup pump and primary pump

Reliable Sump Pump

Right out from the box, almost 80 percent of it is pre-assembled. You just need to tighten up some bolts and check the wirings before finally sliding it inside the pit. The primary pump is amazingly strong with its 1/3 hp motor which gives a rate of 3800 GPH at 10 feet. The backup pump is also decent in its performance. Likewise, it operates at a low noise level.

However, the float switch needs to be mounted on a higher altitude.

5. Zoeller 508-0006 Aquanot 508 ProPak53 Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 115V
  • Rate: ---
  • Warning system: Sound alarm and Lights
  • Smart features: Auxiliary alarm contact



• Effective auxiliary alarm contact

• The instruction manual must be improved

• Solid base

• Solid check valve

• The powerful suction rate of the backup pump

The suction rate of this backup pump is strong and reliable. Most of the parts are pre-assembled and easy to install. You just need to add a few changes to the PVC discharge pipe. The overall construction of the pump is solid and corrosive resistant.

6. Liberty Pumps 441 Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 12V
  • Rate: ---
  • Warning system: sound alarm
  • Smart features: 5-stage charging system



• Durable and powerful submersible pump

• No wifi connectivity for remote notifications & alarms

• Automatic mercury-free switch

• 5-stage charging system

• Easy connect terminals

• Sturdy check valves

Auto Mercury-Free Switch

The suction rate of this backup pump is fascinating and strong. The sound alarm system is really loud but if you have lower power, then it has a “Silent” mode function for you to choose. The pump is easy to carry around as it is lightweight but sturdy enough for strong water pressure. Likewise, the battery charges quickly because of its 5-stage charging system. You also have its automatic and mercury-free switch to activate the pump.

A little trouble, no wifi connectivity and remote alert system.

7. Superior Pump 12V Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 12V DC
  • Rate: 1380 GPH 25’
  • Warning system: sound alarm
  • Smart features: ----



• The battery casing is tough and corrosion resistant

• Check valve’s quality seems to be inferior

• Strong suction rate

• Low noise level operation

• Easy to connect and install

Durable Thermoplastic Built

This is a quality and affordable backup pump. For this one, you can have the tethered float switch for it’s much cheaper and works fine. The battery case is made from a tough thermoplastic with built-in electronic controls. The overall construction is durable and corrosion resistant. The pump provides decent suction power which is pretty much reliable.

However, the check valve seems to be flimsy.

8. Basement Watchdog BWE 1000-gal/h Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: wet cell batteries
  • Rate: 1000 GPH @10’, 2000GPH @ 0’
  • Warning system: sound alarm
  • Smart features: battery-level sensor



• Tough and rugged construction

• The battery is slightly expensive

• Control panels are easy to use

• Sturdy check valves

• Strong suction rate

• Loud sound alarm

Best Budget

The suction rate of this backup pump is quite strong and quality is reliable. There are very little modifications for easy and smooth installation. The pump can fairly be placed beside your main pump. It has a loud sound alarm system which is good. The sensor for monitoring the battery level is accurate.

9. Glentronics, Inc, BWD12-120C Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: 12V – 120V
  • Rate: 2200 GPH @ 10’, 3500 GPH @ 0’
  • Warning system: loud sound alarm
  • Smart features: battery level is computer controlled



• Dual float switch

• No critical issues so far

• Loud sound alarm

• Durable battery and casing

• Can be connected with home security

• Computer monitoring of battery and power level

Basement Watchdog Wifi

The great thing about this backup pump is that it's battery and power level can be monitored and controlled using a computer. The whole system is also capable of connecting to wifi and home security system. Moreover, the automatic operation of the pump whenever the switch is triggered is quite useful particularly when you're not always at home.

10. Hi & Dry RH-1400 Battery Backup Sump Pump


  • Battery: ----
  • Rate: 1800 GPH @ 9’
  • Warning system: loud sound alarm
  • Smart features: ----



• Easy to install

• Weak sound alarm

• Adjustable float

• Strong suction rate

• Durable pump and casing

• No-clog up with heavy minerals

This backup sump pump is amazingly strong as it can be used to pump out water from a water softener system. The salts are expected to shorten the life span of the pump as it induces corrosion. However, the overall construction of the pump is corrosion resistant. There is a decent suction rate from the pump and the check valves seem tough.

Unfortunately, the sound alarm seems to be weak.

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