Best Electrician Tool Belt (January 2020) – Reviewed

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For professional electricians, efficiency, safety, and speed are crucial. All electricians know the importance of having the proper tools at the right place and time. Having a toolbox is often plausible for accessing tools fast.

But if you have to fix a fault on high areas, especially the ceiling, are you going to take up your carrier as well? Well, no, since it will surely get on the way. At the same time, you cannot climb down the ladder each time you require a new tool. Thus, you require an alternative, which is an electrician belt.

With that thought in mind, we reviewed five of the best electrician tool belts on the market today for you to check out. Hopefully, these reviews will help you find the best electrician tool belt for your job.


Top 5 Electrician Tool Belt Reviews

1. Boulder Bag Electrician Tool Belt



• Lightweight

• Some customers wish it has more pockets

• Specifically designed for professionals


• Good quality, colors, and design


• Tape clip, 7pocket pouch and hammer holder


• Thick cell foam makes it super comfortable to use


Boulder Bag Electrician Tool Belt is a godsend for professional electricians. At first glance, I immediately noticed it has plenty of loops and pockets for holding tools upright so they become easily accessible.

What I love most about the product is its ease of use which is wholly due to its design. Well organized bags ensures that the tools are within an easy reach. This enables me to work faster and better.

The manufacturers are proud to have the best pouches and belts in America and they’re not wrong. The model is built from quality materials and trapped with the perfect colors. It has amazing features and fit. Thus, it is super comfortable – I feel good using it thanks to the thick cell foam!

The Boulder Bag Electrician Tool Belt has everything you may need from an electrician tool belt without the unnecessary stuff. It has a hammer holder, 7-pocket pouch, and tape clip. This item is very strong and capable of taking a pounding so you can expect to use for a long time. And yet this electrician tool belt is lightweight.

2. Occidental Leather 5590 M Electrician Tool Belt



• Specific tool holder

• Expensive

• No-spill tool holder system


• Two multi-compartment bags


• Heavy-duty leather design for ultimate strength


The first thing that I observed when I first set my eyes on this belt is the abundance of compartment the belt provides. Occidental Leather Electrician Tool Belt provides a glut of compartments and pouches are a huge plus to all modern-day electricians.

The belt features 12 various tool compartments, pockets, straps, and clips. These are a combination of both small and big pockets. Some of the bag’s features are four big compartments for bigger tools, while other models feature more than30 pouches for smaller tools.

Though the belt doesn’t feature a specific area for tape measures, you can easily clip with a tape or a drill bit holder to the outside of the big pockets to guarantee convenience on the job site.

Among these 12, pockets serve as specified compartments intended to hold certain tools like the pliers, flashlights, screwdrivers, and several other tools. Even if the belt was constructed from heavy-duty leather, don’t be fooled into thinking it is heavy; it weighs only 5.3 pounds.

Occidental Leather has delivered a belt that accommodates almost any electrical need one may have. The best feature about the belt is its excellent durability, craftsmanship, comfortability, and convenience.

3. GatorBack B240 Electrician Tool Belt



• Comfort

• Feels cheap

• One-Year Warranty

• Not durable

Initially, the GatorBack B240 appears to be quite sought-after. It features the same back support technology observed in the TradeGear tool belt. When we initially got the bag, we were asking ourselves if there was really any difference between the two. And after several uses, the difference became obvious.

Let us be clear though that the belt is quite comfortable. The manufacturer has made a remarkable back support system, which isn’t a surprise that other belt manufacturers even pay to utilize this feature in their products. The belt is great to wear for extended periods. Its air ventilation system is amazing. You can truly feel the pros in this belt.

However, the disadvantage of this product is nearly its every feature. It just doesn’t stand up to rigorous work. Its rivets feel flimsy and cheap. The stitching is below standard, and it kind of feels like the belt is going to rip apart at any second. Also, the Velcro is applied thinly and even wears too fast that we’d think we’d change it in weeks.

4. TradeGear MEDIUM 31-35-inch Electrician Tool Belt



• Contoured back support intended for maximum comfort

• Some customers complain that it doesn’t work well at the front – it pushes towards the hip area when you bend over and even interferes with keeping the hammer at the loop

• Air-Channel ventilation


• Nylon web-core interior


• 250 denier DuraTek fabric


• Reinforced with heavy-duty rivets and bar-tack stitching


Firstly, this tool belt is roomy and is precisely built to store the tools of an expert electrician. Also, the belt features two huge and tough pouches together with 27 tough pockets, which all vary in size to cater to your needs.

Another exceptional feature of this product is the design and aesthetic of the bag and belt, with handles that are much easier to carry. This handy design makes it transportable and easy to take off or on. And for a tough belt such as this, expect it to be durable and sturdy.

The belt also makes use of 250 Deniers fabric as its major material and is wired by a nylon web-core on the inside. Moreover, it is protected with excellent stitching together with tough, metal rivets at the belt’s stress points.

For maximum cooling and comfort, the manufacturers partnered with company Gatorback Contractor Pro for the integration of other good features such as air-channel ventilation, contoured back support, and the breathable, high-density foam padding.

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician Tool-belt



• Great Value

• Made of polyester

• Easy transport


• Includes suspenders


CLC Custom Leathercraft has surprised a lot of users. The manufacturer has a policy that keeps its price low but the features high. This product marked all the right boxes. Let us begin with the good ones. This is a four-piece, combo-rig, tool belt that features 28 separate pockets with the belt made with padded, one-roller buckle.

It is quite similar to TradeGear in that the manufacturer makes use of synthetic material. In CLC, they’ve decided to utilize polyester, and while light, it will not be as tough as nylon materials. But it is a comfortable fit.

This is because of its two important qualities this belt has that very few on the market do – particularly at this price range. Initially, the belt comes with a four-point surrender system. So you do not have to go out and purchase suspenders and hope they can handle the weight of a loaded tool belt.

Also, the belt can fit anybody from waistlines 29 to 46. This feature could likely be utilized for numerous individuals, boosting its usability.

Other minor details that are remarkable are its zipper on the biggest pocket. Your tools will no longer fly across when you toss in your car. CLC also meant business when we look at the cordless drill pocket.

What makes an Electrician Tool Belt the best product?

There is no doubt in my mind and yours that the best tool belt would make a difference in your work but determining that best tool belt can be tricky. Not to worry though because we’ve laid out the essential things to consider when choosing the best electrician tool belt.

These buying factors will help narrow down your search for the best product – one that you can wear proudly at work.

1. Fit and Comfort

It is very crucial to have a belt that is comfortable to wear because it fits just right. You will be wearing the belt on the field all the time. You want to ensure that there’s nothing poking you or making you feel uneasy. It is also crucial to keep in mind that tool belts have break-in periods.

It would take a little while for belts to become perfectly fit for you. It has been asserted that belts with pads are breathable and more comfortable to wear.

Wearing suspenders is another means of making the belt more comfortable. Suspenders will get rid of some of your hips and back’s weight.

This is done by distributing the load between your shoulders and waist. This allows you to wear your belt a little loose around your hips.

2. Durability

You need a belt that you can use for a long period. Some belts aren’t just durable enough. Rivets and seams can begin to wear out. Choose a belt that’s built from quality materials. Leather belts are tough in the beginning although the leather wears out and stretches over time.

Nylon generally outlasts leather belts, and the majority have pads to make you feel more comfortable. The best choices usually have both nylon and leather materials in a single belt. They provide benefits from both materials in a single product.

Your belt will go through a lot of beating at work and the field. It is also going to meet resistance within your truck. You’d likely store the belt within the toolbox. This is a fantastic option although you do need to set you precious belt apart from sharp tools within the storage area.

It’s best to store your electrical belt inside a bag where no sharp objects can poke holes on it. Your bag may take the beating, but at least your belt is safe – and your belt is much more expensive.

3. Capacity and Customization

It is always plausible to buy a belt that is built for electricians. While construction tool belts are not bad, there won’t be much storage area for each tool. Most have large pocket meant for large tools like marking tools and squares.

Your belt should have specific spots where you can quickly locate and grab your tools. A tape holder will also come in handy although you need to be careful since your black tape may rub up over finished walls sometimes.

A hammer holder may not be necessary on your belt. Generally, they stick out more than the other pockets and may leave a dent or mark on a wall. Opt for something with an independent hammer holder at the back. If you’re doing commercial, then you may not need a hammer at all.

4. Materials

There are two types of electrical tool bag materials – nylon and leather. Most of the classical and old models use leather. In their prime – where it’s the only material available, leather was the top material. But now it has competition – leather. Unlike leather, nylon doesn’t absorb sweat. After a long day’s work, you won’t like the bad smell of sweat on your material.

Most nylon belts have padded hips. These materials will minimize the stress over your hips. I would recommend that you try both materials and see which one you prefer. You can test each type and determine which one is the better choice for you.


Among the five best electricians tool belt, the Occidental Leather 5590 M Electrician Tool Belt is my top choice. To summarize its best features - the belt features 12 various tool compartments, pockets, straps, and clips. These are a combination of both small and big pockets.

What I love most about the product is its ease of use which is wholly due to its design. Well organized bags ensure that the tools are within an easy reach. This enables me to work faster and better. Electricians should find joy in using this model for their work.

We hope you learned from this post. Do you agree with our list? Which among the top 5 electrician tool belt are your choice? Feel free to share your thoughts – we would love to hear from you.

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