Best Flameless Candles (January 2020): Top 10 Rated Candles You Should Know And Need To Consider

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Many have been opting to use the new flameless candles than the traditional candles because it gives a comparable light to a burning candle but does not create safety hazards. There are various flameless candles that are available in the market.

Find out the top 10 best in our list.


Best Flameless Candles (January 2020): Top Rated Reviews

How They Work

There are different kinds of flameless candles. Some of the flameless candles are made of real wax to give that very realistic aroma of a traditional candle. There can also be designed to scent your rooms just like those traditional candles do. There are also candles that can flicker even if they are electric, to give a realistic flame and appearance.

Once these are formed these radicals creates a chain reaction, like a domino effect. Once they damage a certain part it, it jumps to another.

Lighting Technology

Even if the candles are electric, they can be designed to flicker to appear realistic. These kinds of candles are used in less expensive flameless candles – in votives and tea lights to produce great arrays of light.


Real candles release the scent from the oils that are put into the wax. On the other hand, the electric-battery –lit candles may be molded through the wax to be able to put scent to it.

Some of the LED-lit candles which are scented can also come with a fan to have controlled the fragrance and blow the oil into different areas of the room.

Candle Wax

Most of the flameless candles of these days are made of real wax which is molded to make the top melt just like a real candle. An LED-lit candle does not necessarily melt the wax.

They are just designed just like a melted candle to make it appear realistic. However, because they are still made of wax, they can still be melted when exposed to higher temperature.

Power and Control

Most of the flameless candles that you see in the market are battery-powered while some need to be plugged into outlets. Most of these flameless candles do come with a remote control for you to control to turn it off even at a long distance.

Others come with a timer too. This enables the user to control the period of time the candles are lit. Others can change light color and can even change whether to make the light appear so bright or dim.


Longer Lasting:

Unlike the high-quality traditional candles, which can last up to 500 hours, only if they are four inches in diameter and 12 inches high, a candle that has an LED light can be used 100,000 hours. An LED-lit candle can be recharged and can be used whenever you want. A flameless taper will last longer in many dinner parties without burning down or messing up your tablecloth.

Safe Anywhere

There have been accidents which source are linked to the candle flames. With an LED-lit candle, you can be rest assure even if you put it everywhere because there is no flame that is being lit in the first place, and so they are certainly safer than the traditional candles.
You can use it in any occasions you have - from parties to weddings – you would feel confident letting your children play around with the these LED candles around.This is made more safer with the timer feature of the LED light. The electrical current of these operated candles is automatically shut down in a certain period of time. This reduces of electric fires accidents.

Romantic bathtub ready with candlelight and red petals.

Can be Used Anywhere You Want

A traditional candle needs to be protected from strong winds and cloths that could be burned. They can also be used not just for lighting but for decorations and art purposes. They can also be used in places where open flames are not permitted, making them very versatile.

Can be Served as Decorations

Because they are versatile and can be with many different designs, they can be very fit for decorations for any occasions – parties, dinner, weddings, et . Even if in daylight, they can still be used as lighting for wall sconces and chandeliers. They also come with a remote that helps you to switch off the lights in a convenient way.

What To Consider?


Some containers of these candles might not be used for traditional candle. Some of the flameless candles are contained in a “candlestick lamp” while others are designed to fit for chandeliers and wall sconces. Consider where would you use the flameless candles as well as in what way would you want to use the candles.

3d rendering daylight in living room with nice decoration

Size and Shape

These candles come in different sizes and shapes. The most available in the markets are those flameless votives and flameless tea lights. On the other hand, jar candles and candles that are shaped like flowers are also common in the markets. Consider the type of design and uses it can make when you are buying for a flameless candle. The bigger it is, doesn’t mean the better it is. It always depends on how and purpose it should serve for you.

Special Uses

The candles are available in any deigns. They can be used in different occasions from parties to weddings. Look for your preferences when buying. They sure come with different uses.


Vont Flameless LED Tea Light Candles Review

These flames also look realistic. They come in a pack with 24 pieces of small candles. It gives you the realistic ambiance that a real candle gives. It is also safe just like other flameless candles in the market.

They are very efficient both in performance and energy. Because they can be used without electricity and smoke, they environmentally friendly and it even lasts longer.The batteries can be uninstalled without much effort. Just tap the bottom and here you go.

The candles are also perfect for any kinds of events and occasion such as for romantic dinners and weddings. They give a dim light – just like the real candles give.The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee if you feel you are not satisfied or don’t like the product.

The candles are too small and one, two or three might not be enough to illuminate your whole room. They need to be in a great mass to produce a fairy-like luminance. Luckily, the product comes in a pack of 24 individual candles

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Flameless LED Tea Light Candles, Realistic, Battery Powered, Unscented LED Candles, Fake Candles, Tealights (24 Pack) - Vont via Amazon


  • Battery-powered
  • Comes as a pack with 24 pieces
  • Design is very useful in any occasions


  • Small and needs to be ordered as bulk

Flameless Candles - Battery Powered Divine LEDs Review

These candles are so realistic in both the outer and the rim’s melted look design. The light is also set in deep mode and it makes the candles look very real and unrecognizable when compare to a real candle.

It is also made with real wax and the light that are produced as same with the light that real candles produce. This makes these wax very realistic would really give you a very good ambiance. The candles also flicker to appear very realistic.

They look exactly like the real candles, with some melted area on the top. It gives you a warm ambiance without messing your room – no wax dripping, just a clean lighted candle. It also comes as a pack that contains six candles – all is battery-powered

Overall, the candles are very efficient and real-looking. So if you want a battery-powered candle that gives you the same feel like what a real candle gives, this candle might fir in your preferences.

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Flameless Candles, Flickering, Battery Powered, Real Wax, Realistic Decor Unscented, - 6 Pack, Yellow Light - Divine LEDs via Amazon

Flameless Candles, Flickering, Battery Powered, Real Wax, Realistic Decor Unscented, - 6 Pack, Yellow Light - Divine LEDs via Amazon


  • Very realistic
  • The pact comes with six candles
  • Battery-powered


  • Some lights do not last up to 100 hours as what all LED light technology boast.

Luminara Flameless Candle Review

These candles look very realistic because the flames can move and flicker just like a real candle. The light dances on the moving flame piece. Aside from this, this candle comes with a remote control for efficient use.

The timers include 5-hour onwards or 19 hours onward. The timer automatically turns off the candle when set to turn off after five or nine hours.

The remote also makes you turn on or turn off the candles even at a long distance. It also still works in any standard Luminara candles.The exterior is made of wax that is sturdy to avoid misshaping.

Overall, the candles are good to use on any occasion since it is designed to look like standard candles. It is also battery-powered that can be controlled and timed. It is also scented and the light can flicker.

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Luminara Flameless Candle via Amazon

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Luminara Flameless Candle via Amazon


  • Battery-powered
  • Realistic
  • With remote


  • A bit expensive than other standard quality flameless candles

LED Lytes Flameless Candles Review

The candle is the number one seller in other online markets. You already got the idea. The candles are made of real wax that measures up to five inches tall and three inches wide. They are also designed with a smooth edge that gives a realistic appearance.

Aside from this, the candles have a flicker technology that makes the flame appear like true. It is not scented. The candles are equipped with a remote control that makes you control the switching of the device’s turning off and turning on.

It uses 3 AAA batteries and has a 2 year guarantee.

The candles look very realistic because of their design. It is also efficient and bigger than the ones that are mostly used in the markets.

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LED Lytes Flameless Candles via Am?az?on

LED Lytes Flameless Candles via Amazon

LED Lytes Flameless Candles via Amazon


  • Battery-powered
  • Made from real wax
  • Looks like a standard candle
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin


  • The LED lights are hidden by the candle itself
  • More like a lamp than a candle

Homemory Realistic Bulb Battery Tealight Review

The candles are very versatile for all the lighting purposes. They are also called as tea lights which are available most in the markets. You can put them in paper bags to create luminance on a sidewalk or you can put them on a floating material to put them on water.

You can also put them on a beautiful candle handles for a best lighting.The lights that are produced can be very romantic and each candle is tested to work with efficiency.

It also comes with a remote so that you can conveniently control the turning on and off of the candles.The candles are also easy to install and battery can be replaced through the lower tab.

The company also offers a full refund warranty if you are not satisfied with the product.

Since this type of candles – tealights are very prominent in any markets, you can easily find a great mass of these candles and replacement would be easy. Aside from this, the candles produce a romantic light that adds to the beautiful ambiance it creates.

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Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering Bulb Battery Operated Flameless LED Tea Light via Amazon


  • Design is versatile
  • Battery-powered
  • Comes with a remote


  • Small, needs to be in a large mass to create luminance

Ivory Flameless LED Resin Votives Review

These ivory flameless candle in a pack that includes eight pieces of candles. The light that its LED produces is a variety of color, and even though it does not flicker, the candles are nearly realistic in appearance.

The material that is used, unlike other brands, is mostly plastic that is designed like a candle wax.

It uses 1 CR2450 battery than can last longer than other normal batteries. The candles have slow glow effect to make its luminance very romantic when it changes color. The company also offers 90 days warranty.

Overall, the candles are near realistic by how the plastic material is crafted. The light also changes to suit any occasions.

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Ivory Flameless LED Resin Votives via Amazon

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Set of 8 Ivory Flameless LED Resin Votives, Battery Operated, Warm White and Color Changing Modes, Indoor and Outdoor Use, Batteries Included. via Amazon


  • Light changes for effects
  • Realistic plastic design
  • Has 90 days warranty


  • Does not have remote control

Vinkor Flameless Candles Review

The Vinkor have both the features - remote control and a timer for efficiency and easy use of the material. The pack includes different kinds of candles with different heights for a unique and natural look.

These includes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 inches of candles.It also comes with a remote that has 10 keys for a wider range of options that can be operated within a range of 16 feet, and a manual for instructions on how to use the product.

Each of the candles is designed with an ivory color to make them elegant-looking in any room. It uses 2 AA batteries that can last up to 150 hours.It also has a realistic bulb that flickers for a realistic look.

Overall, the candles are efficient and convenient to use. it also equipped with a remote control and a timer. The design is versatile, realistic and elegant

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Vinkor Flameless Candles via Amazon

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Vinkor Flameless Candles via Amazon


  • Elegant and realistic looking
  • Battery-powered
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Does not flicker like what it says

Youngerbaby Mini LED Taper Review

The product comes with a 12 pieces of LED taper candles. The material used is mostly plastic, unlike others that use the wax coating for a realistic look.

This mini LED taper are not that realistic compare to other brands but they surely can be used for different uses and designs.The material is also childish, making it cute.

The candles are easy to use and install. It doesn’t have a remote control and you need to turn the candles ON/OFF through the button on the bottom.

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Youngerbaby Mini Battery Operated Wax Dipped White Body LED Taper Candles via Amazon

Overall, the candles are not equipped with remote control and timer. It is not also made from wax and the light does not flicker but they are very versatile and can be used in any occasions. They come in a great mass and can create a good luminance in a room.


  • Creates good light
  • Comes in a great mass – 12 pieces
  • Cute-looking


  • Light does not flicker
  • Looks not realistic

Burgundy-Comenzar Outdoor Indoor Battery Operated Candles Review

One thing good about this produce is that it composed of three waterproof candles that reduce the case of malfunction when exposed to water and moist places.

It comes with a remote control that makes you control the candles that come with different sizes. It is also equipped with a timer to save battery life.The light that each candle produces can flicker, making then look realistic. It uses 2 AA batteries.

Overall, the product is a good choice. It offers good features - remote that make you control the switching ON/OFF of the candles; a timer that makes you choose when to turn off automatically; waterproof candles, and a flickering lights that make the candle look realistic.

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Outdoor Indoor Candles Waterproof Battery Operated candles with Remote timer 12-H Flickering Flameless candles set of 3(4"5"6")-Burgundy-Comenzar via Amazon

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Outdoor Indoor Candles Waterproof Battery Operated candles with Remote timer 12-H Flickering Flameless candles set of 3(4"5"6")-Burgundy-Comenzar® via Amazon


  • Light can flicker
  • Battery-operated
  • Has a remote control


  • Not made of true wax

Antizer Flameless Candles Review

candles are made from real paraffin wax and a flickering LED light to give a very realistic appearance. It is battery-powered and each candle cam lasts up to 50,000 hours of bulb light.

It also uses high-grade AA batteries that can produce a good lighting even after 450 hours.It also comes with a 10-key remote control for efficient use and control of the light. The remote has a variety of timer.

You can schedule its time in 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 8 hours of lighting.

Because it uses LED light, and at the same time uses a real wax, the product can be used anywhere without the fear of messing your place with drips and accidents caused by open fires.

The candles come with three individual pack and design that is nature-like and unique. The remote control has a wide array of options compare to other products.

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Antizer Flameless candles via Amazon


  • Battery-powered
  • Nature-like design
  • Made from real wax


  • None so far

The Winner

The best flameless candle is the Vont Flameless LED Tea Light Candles. It comes with the features that make it convenient to use – remote control to turn the candles ON and OFF, a timer to save battery life. The design is also very versatile and can be used in any occasions. The candles that are made of real wax and come with different sizes also look realistic.

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