Best Heat Gun For Your Next Project (January 2020): Reviewed

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There will always be something you need to do or fix around your house, so it is very important to make sure you’ve got the right tools that will help you out with these tasks.

For instance, a heat gun is a versatile yet budget-friendly tool that can fill a number of roles. It is one of the handiest tools that you can have at home for its numerous applications whether you will be stripping off old paint, drying some wood, removing old tiles or thawing frozen pipes, a heat gun could be very helpful.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best heat gun available in the market and some of the important factors that you need to consider when shopping for one. So if you want to learn something new today, please keep on reading below.


Top 5 Best Heat Gun Reviews

1. Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun



• Its body will remain cool while you are working

• There’s a seam on its front handle that is pretty uncomfortable

• It heats up quickly


• It is a lightweight model


• It comes with nozzle attachments that will securely fit


Best seller

This is a dual temperature heat gun which means it is capable of emitting 572/1000 degrees of heated air. This is already enough to let you perform a variety of functions like stripping paint and varnish, removing adhesive labels, thawing pipes, softening caulking, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, speed-drying any wet surfaces, along with other functions. In addition to the basic functions of a heat gun, Genesis GHG1500A can also be used in lighting your charcoal grills or warming up your RC engine so it quickly starts up.

This heat gun also comes with three different nozzle types. These are deflector nozzles, reflector nozzle, and air reduction nozzle. Deflector nozzles make sure your glass will be protected while you are stripping the paint. While the reflector nozzle helps in speeding up the procedure of the work you are carrying out. The air reduction nozzle, on the other hand, contributes to keeping the ideal amount of air based on the work you are doing.

This model also has a flat back which will allow you to stand the unit on its back when you are not using it and to avoid burning any surfaces. It also comes in an easy to use a design that makes it possible to use with just your one hand. If you're afraid your hand will tire out, don't worry. This heat gun only weighs about two pounds so it is light enough to enable you to complete any task without straining.

2. Porter-Cable PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun



• A support stand has been integrated that allows you for a hands-free use

• If you have smaller hands, you might find this unit difficult to use

• It’s light and easy to use


• If you have smaller hands, you might find this unit difficult to use


• It comes with a very wide range of temperature settings; this means it will allow you to perform a wide range of tasks


Porter-Cable PC1500HG is a bestselling heat gun and has been praised by both customers and experts alike. Well, you will immediately know why just by taking a quick glance on its list of features.

First of all, it has the most notable dual fan settings that will allow you to complete various DIY projects. The ‘low' fan setting, for instance, will give you an airflow rate of 10 to 11 CFM and since it features a power of 1500 W, you will be able to get a heat gun temperature range of 120 to 900-degree Fahrenheit. There's also a temperature dial for more precise temperature settings.

Now, if you want to switch to a higher setting, the air flow will go up to 16 to 19 CFM. This means the hot air will even get hotter, ranging from 130 to 1,150-degree Fahrenheit, making it even more effective, especially when you're stripping paint as well as removing adhesive tiles, twisting plastics and even shrinking plastic tube.

And to make things even great, this unit only weighs about 2 pounds and has a cord with 6-feet length so it's easy to use. Plus, it has integrated hands-free support stand as well as an integrated hanging hook for convenient storing.

3. DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display



• Its kickstand support is very handy

• There is no backlight on its LCD display

• It has multiple accessories

• It does not come with a cool-down feature

• It comes with an LCD display

• Can only be adjusted in 50-degree increments

• It has customizable heat settings


• It comes with convenient storage, either the hanging ring or the case


The DEWALT D26960K with LCD Display is one of the favorite heat guns of most handymen and DIYers. This is because it can deliver some good performance that users want and is among the most powerful heat guns on the market, making it perfect for a wide range of projects.

For instance, its LCD screen will give you the present temperature readout and will allow you to adjust the temperature by 50-degree increments. I was also impressed with the 12 accessories that it comes with. This means you no longer need to purchase additional nozzles and can be very helpful if you are planning on using it for multiple jobs.

In addition to that, this model is lightweight and ergonomic so it will be easy to hold and control. It also comes with a built-in hang ring that will allow you to easily store the heat gun whenever you are not using it. It also stands out for featuring the best kickstand support which provides your heat gun the best stability; it will less likely to tip over.

Another thing I like about this heat gun is that it comes with automatic overload protection feature which will automatically shut itself once it overheats to avoid burning or for any other problems to occur. So if you want a heat gun that offers more than the usual, then this is your best bet. Though the price tag is a bit more expensive than most but you will get what you pay for.

4. BLACK+DECKER HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun



• There’s a built-in stand for non-stop heating or for cooling down

• There is only one airflow setting that might limit the tasks you can perform

• It is lightweight and portable


• It has a powerful motor


• It has an extremely long cord


What makes this heat gun incredible is that it is very compact and extremely lightweight; it's actually much smaller compared to most heat guns. This makes it a perfect choice if you are always on the move.

I also like its simple and straightforward design. For instance, it only has one airflow option that helps make it easier to use, though this may limit its efficiency on certain tasks. This model also comes with two different heat settings, you can either set it to 750-degree Fahrenheit or 1000-degree Fahrenheit; making it fast to get up and running.

To make this tool more portable, Black+Decker incorporated an extremely long cord with a full 6 feet in length. This will allow you to speed up your job as it is now easier to reach all over the room or workshop and you will no longer need to unplug it or use an extension cord.

Another amazing feature of this heat gun is the little kickstand on its handle which serves a dual purpose. If your job requires heating the same area for a long period, you can just set up the heat gun with its stand for a non-stop heating. At the same time, it will also serve as a safety feature whenever you are setting the gun to cool down; this will help you avoid the risk of burning any surfaces while it’s still hot.

5. Astro 9425 Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit



• It can go from hot to very hot within just a few seconds after you adjust the controls

• The cord along with the accessories can be a bit tricky to find inside the case

• It comes with case


• It cools down relatively quickly


• There’s only low vibration and noise during operation


Just like DEWALT D26960K, this model also comes with several accessories like a reduction nozzle, reflector nozzle, small deflector nozzle, and large deflector nozzle. These accessories expand the applications of the heat gun; so whether you are a skilled DIY enthusiast or a part-time contractor, you will find this unit more suitable whatever your project will be.

There are also two heat settings you can choose from, 572-degree Fahrenheit and 932-degree Fahrenheit which are already sufficient for most home improvement jobs. Double insulation has also been added to make sure the heat gun will be safe to use.

When you take a look at the model's overall design, including the construction, you will see that it is solid and stable, it will make you confident that can withstand frequent use.

Things To Consider When Buying A Heat Gun

Now that I've already shown you some of the best-selling heat guns out there, I will be sharing with you a helpful buying guide that will tell you exactly what to look for.

1. Built-in LCD Screen

You will only find this feature in most premium models, but they are actually very handy especially if you need precise temperatures as it will allow you to control and change the temperature with the utmost degree of accuracy.

2. Multiple Nozzles

Another important thing you should keep in mind are the nozzles. The best heat gun should come with multiple nozzles that you can interchange depending on the task you want to perform. Some of the common nozzles include scraper, glass protector, flat, cone and reflector nozzles.

3. Adjustable Temperature

The temperature a heat gun can produce is very important as it determines how suitable it will be for your project. Well, even the most basic heat guns come with temperature adjustment control which may be two or three fixed settings. However, for the more advanced tools, it will have infinitely variable controls that will allow for much more precise temperatures.

4. Integrated Stands

For certain applications like bending pipes, it will be more convenient if you place the heat gun standing still on a workbench and just hold the material over it. This is why most heat guns have been designed to be used freestanding. So if you think you will have to use a heat gun this way, then you should opt for models that come with integrated stand or those with flat backed motor housing.

5. Safety

Of course, we should not take the safety of the user for granted. Most heat guns come with safety features that make sure the user will be protected at all times as well as the heat gun itself. The most common safety feature is the overheating protection feature that protects the heat gun from overheating which may likely cause bigger problems.

Final Thought

With a good heat gun, you will be able to perform lots of stuff. But choosing the best heat gun is the only key to successful projects. Don’t worry, all of the models I've mentioned above are cost-effective starter models that will allow you to complete the task.

So what do you think? Did this help you pick a heat gun for your needs? Don’t forget to share this article if you liked it and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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