Best Impact Sockets For Mechanics 2020: Reviewed

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Mechanics, being in the area where strength is a necessity, there are certain courses of action that they will need a tool to assist them in such. Like an artist needs a ruler to draw a straight line, mechanics need something to help them too.

In this reading, we are going to talk about impact sockets and everything you need to know about this tiny yet powerful tool.


What are impact sockets?

Impact sockets are generally used in fields such as automotive repair and overhauling, heavy equipment repairs, construction developments, or any other job that would entail using an electric or hydraulic wrench to tighten bolts. These impact sockets use torque, the unit of measurement of force that can cause an object to rotate in an axis, gives you the idea that by rotation, nuts and bolts are tightened and secured. To make it simple, impact sockets are like your hands trying really hard to open a jar of jam, so you get a rubber to assist you in opening – your hands being the wrench, the rubber being the impact socket, and the jar cover being the nut and bolt. It is the one which absorbs the high impact of every twist or rotation, technically speaking. That is the reason why it is named the impact socket.

For your information, apart from impact sockets, there are also regular sockets that can be used by bare hands. The greatest difference with the regular socket and the impact socket is the torque it can handle. As you know, impact sockets can handle higher force that the regular sockets, which means that there is a lesser risk for it to shatter when tightening nuts and bolts. There is a lot more difference between the two but this difference is the most important as it tells us about what impact sockets can really offer.

Impact Sockets you can choose from:

You may be reading this right now because you need something that can help you decide what set of impact sockets would suit you and your mechanic jobs well. So, here is my personal list of top impact sockets which you may consider getting for yourself.


1. Tekton 4888 Impact Socket Set



• Comes in a sturdy case which protects every piece of the set

• Although contains a lot of sizes, not all sizes are available but no set contains everything, anyway

• Extension bars are available yet at an additional cost

• Case design looks common

• Contains a lot of socket sizes


• User-friendly


• 38 impact sockets in the case


• Labeled in two different measurements: Metric and Standard


• Does not wobble while being used with an electric or hydraulic wrench


This one is my top pick for a whole lot of reasons. Even a lot of people give this a 5 of 5 star rating because of how it serves them well. Weighing a good 13 lbs, the set of Tekton 4888 Impact Socket offers a lot of great things. First of all, it comes in a case where all of the pieces of impact sockets are secured with a cushion inside. Also, every impact socket has dual labels allowing the user to choose sizes in metric or standard measurements.

The most important thing I personally like with Tekton Impact Sockets is how secure it is during the action. What I mean is they do not wobble or move around while applying torque.

Although it is not part of the set, there are also extension bars available in addition to the main set. With this, it allows you, the user to apply and tighten what needs to be tightened even in hard to reach areas. Warranty is also always guaranteed since products like these needs service contracts assuring the users that it can be benefitted for a long time. Great deal, I must say.

2. GEARWRENCH 84934N Impact Socket Set



• Great looking case

• Has only 19 impact socket sizes

• Offers a decent service despite the price

• A little bit heavy at 27 lbs. in total including the case

• Identifiable sizes indicated on the lower side and on the side of the socket

• A little more expensive than the previously mentioned product

Almost similar to the Tekton 4888 mentioned above, the Gearwrench 84934N Impact Socket Set offers a lot to the mechanical savvies. The best feature I like with this set is how the case offers a very sturdy look and actually is sturdy. Some cases just look sturdy but are not really that strong to hold the impact sockets inside.

However, one of the things that I don’t particularly like with the Gearwrench 84934N is that it only has 19 impact sockets. A little bit inconvenient for those who need more sizes during repairs and maintenance jobs. This is highly recommended for personal use, like your car, at home, and other places where not much size of impact sockets are needed.

Since the impact socket itself is made of Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel, the durability and strength of each impact socket are ensured.

3. Craftsman 48 Piece Master Laser Impact Socket



• A wide range of choices for the sizes of each impact socket

• Relatively light making you think that it is not strong enough

• Light-weight because of the alloy material used

• More expensive than other brands

• Heavy-duty case to hold all the impact sockets


Weighing at 10 lbs. in total, this beauty from Craftsman is a great value for money. However, considering that it only weighs 10 lbs. and has 48 different sized impact sockets, I thought that isn’t it too light for a set that contains a lot of impact socket inside? Then, I saw that it is made of alloy which justifies its weight. Alloys are relatively lighter than other metals, and despite its lightness, it offers a strong job.

Since it is made up of alloy, the risk for it to get rusty is lesser than other types of metals. But despite this fact, taking care of every piece of impact socket is still necessary for it to last longer. When talking about how it can take up large forces, the technical way of this Craftsman model is that it absorbs large impacts than repel it reducing the risk of the metal being shattered.

4. Hiltex 02444 14-Piece Impact Socket



• Made of an alloy which ensures high-absorption of large forces

• A limited number of sizes for repairs and maintenance jobs

• Handy, perfect for day trips and personal use


• Sturdy case for 14 pieces of impact sockets


• Engraves impact socket sizes


• Relatively light, weighing 6 pounds in total including the case


What we have here is the Hiltex 02444 14-Piece Impact Socket, which I find perfect for road trips. Since it has only 14 pieces of impact sockets inside the set, the case is relatively small that is very suitable for a transient business like in cars. The best thing I like about this one is that the size of every impact socket is engraved on the bottom which ensures that it cannot be erased.

Although it being handy, 14 different sizes of impact sockets may limit possibilities of how far it can give you. But, if you are getting it for personal use, then it would not be a problem at all.

5. Stanley 97-126 11 Piece Impact Socket



• Relatively light since it only contains 11 different sizes of impact sockets

• A limited number of sizes for repairs and maintenance jobs

• Great value for its price


• Very handy considering its size


• Engraved sizes on the bottom of each piece


Stanley is one of those impact sockets that are very economical yet does it does its job quite well. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts who are looking for impact sockets for personal use, this one from Stanley does wonders. Since it is one of the most affordable impact socket sets out there, you would expect that it does not offer much compared to other brands with a wide range of impact socket sizes. With this one, only 11 different sizes are offered.

Unlike the other brands, the Stanley 97-126 is made of Chrome Vanadium steel, steel that is heavier than alloy ensuring that it gives a decently study job. And like the previous product in this list, the sizes of each impact socket is also engraved.


Listed above are 5 different impact sockets from different brands. Some are sold in a complete set that is perfect for home or shop use, and some are perfect for transient use. You may be considering many factors in helping you decide but the most important factor, in my opinion, is where you are going to use it.

So there, I hope this writing has somehow helped you in choosing your new, or maybe next impact socket for your mechanical jobs.

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