Best Misting Fan For Your Outdoor Leisure (January 2020) – Reviewed

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Summer is fast approaching, and you can’t wait to go outside with folks and enjoy leisurely hours under the sun. But you know the day will eventually turn hot, and that’s why you’re looking for the best misting fan.

When searching for the best misting fan for any outdoor activity – may it be camping, a party, or a picnic, etc. – there are several designs and factors to consider such as fan type, a water input mechanism, battery or electricity, commercial or standard, and many more! Thus, finding the right misting fan can be a challenge. With that in mind, we’ve provided you with a review of the best misting fans. Read the reviews to learn more about these models. We will recommend the most sought-after brand once you’ve reached the last part of this post.

The pros and cons section will help you determine which item will suit your needs and which ones don’t. In the later section, we also discussed the different factors to consider when choosing the best misting fan.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of the best misting fans for your outdoor leisure.



1. K'ul KUL Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan



• Long run-time

• It may not be as portable as many would hope it to be

• 3 fan speed settings


• Rust and UV resistant


• 40,000 BTUs cooling power


I’ve been hooked into the K'ul KUL Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan the first time I saw it. It’s not hard to see why this item got great reviews. First, it comes with 3 fan speeds - a tender, low, soothing medium and a forceful high setting to give three options for comfort. Another very crucial aspect is the rust and UV resistant feature that promotes safety at any weather condition. It also offers a fantastic 40,000 BTUs cooling power and a built-in ground protection plug.

I’ve always loved silent misting fans and this adjustable item delivers misting cooling with no machinery noise. That, plus its other features make this the perfect misting fan for different locations.

2. Welltop Handheld Misting Fan



• Portable and lightweight, one can easily use it in different settings

• The plastic construction may not be as durable as many would prefer it to be

• This is a real miniature misting fan, besides the novelty.


• 20 ml tank provides balance and water storage space for quality misting


For me, this item is an epitome of a miniature misting fan. I immediately got sold out to its great features - dual misting modes, variable fan speeds and the ability to utilize separate or in sync mode. As a portable device, it has a rechargeable battery and refillable water tank.

The mist is projected from the center part of the fan’s head, enabling more coverage with a mist pattern rate of 30 ml/hr. You’ll relish almost an hour of operation in between fill-ups. A rechargeable battery with a 2-6 hours run time helps ensure that you enjoy continuous use.

3. OPOLAR F304 Handheld Misting Fan



• The overall feedback from buyers is quite good

• You have to hold it close in the strong breeze or the mist will be blown away

• The misty fan functions well and is very quiet


• Lightweight and easy to carry


• Comfortable to carry


• Rechargeable battery


I was very much interested in the OPOLAR F304 Handheld Misting Fan because of the good feedback from buyers. The misting fan includes three fan speeds and two modes of spraying depending on your choice. You can use it as simple as a humidifier or independently as a fan.

My favorite feature of this magnificent item is the brushless motor that reduces the noise of up to 40db. High mode would be just a whisper while low mode would give you silence. Add the beauty humidifier and mini cooling fan and you get a convenient misty fan for cooling under the sun or after an exercise.

I also love how the built-in rechargeable battery or USB battery is easy to carry and connect to the device such that recharging becomes fast and effortless.

4. Lasko-7050-Misto



• The fan is easily portable and compact

• Small-sized, it doesn’t have the necessary high pressure, making the most inadequate

• The misting fan functions well, and mostly so does its mister

• There were individuals who claim they get wet from using the fan

• The Misto isn’t very noisy and doesn’t obstruct much on a daily talk

 • The hose fitting length is rather short, so you will require a longer garden hose should you wish to move about

• It does its job well, cooling air temperature around - cooling you down during the hot, scorching, summer season

• Since the misting fan is rather small, it does not really cover a huge area, so if you have a patio or large outdoor space, then you might require something a lot more powerful than the Lasko 7050 Misto

The Lasko 7050 Misto captured my attention because it is among the most in-demand outdoor misting fans, and this is entirely based on the item’s blower fans. With its compact and tiny feature, it can function simply a fan. The fan’s setup is quite easy and does not require any tools. The misting unit directly connects to a hose fitting.

I also got hooked to the product since it is also ETL-listed for the user’s safety and utilizes a GFCI cord along with three prong plug which provides extra safety. I believe in Lasko’s brand and my confidence only grew when it claimed that their fan cools air temperature in any outdoor areas by 25 degrees although this will depend on many different factors.

I am also impressed with the products three speeds, wherein the Lasko 7050 Misto can be altered to match the level of airflow you want. It also oscillates. Note that the oscillation works only over the fan and not on the misting. The accompanying misting kit can be easily detached, making things easy whenever you wish to wash the mister. You can also control the pressure on the hose using a tiny handle over the hose, giving you control on the amount of mist you want to release.

5. Arctic Cove Misting Fan



• There are no problems with its batter or pump

• There are several common problems with the water pump working and with the battery charging

• It doesn’t require electricity, so it is so more portable than a card-based version

• For some buyers, the pump would break down fast. Numerous individuals put this down to faulty design

• It’s easy to transport around and is preferred by campers because of the battery-type feature

• Others state this was due to not utilizing clean water, which winds up clogging and damaging the pump

• You can upgrade the battery to run the fan longer. It also contains a pump, which makes it more effective than the average misting fan

• Several other consumers experience problems with the battery not recharging, thus making the unit useless

I like the Arctic Cove MBF0181 Misting Fan for its unique design and functionality. The outdoor use has its main misting mode rested over a bucket of water with a pump that falls towards the bucket of water to pull the liquid up and within the fan’s mister.

I also like the fact that the product features two speeds for the fan and the mister and operates on battery instead of electricity like numerous other popular misting fans.

You can also upgrade the battery for a more superior one and to give the device a longer life. And if you happen to be uninterested in buying a bucket, you can still choose to attach the misting fan to a hose.

How to Choose the Best Misting Fan

While having the best misting fan can indeed make a difference in your day – especially during the summer – choosing one may not be as easy as you think. While shopping for the best models, you’d find thousands of models; each with something good to offer.

To make sure that you are making the right choice – the one the meets your needs, you need to put these key points into consideration:

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Take note of the misting fan’s construction

Misting fans are made either of metal or plastic, with the former being more durable and expensive. While attempting to buy a plastic unit with the hope of saving some dollars, remember that your fan will probably be utilized outside the house where the elements can be harsh. You can at least consider one with an all-metal blade and head for a bit more sturdiness.

Check the motor

The fan’s motor must have enough power to turn the blades and push the air efficiently. Remember that the outside air may be more resistant, and that’s why a powerful motor is a must-have feature for a fan.

Choosing between the nozzle and the centrifugal system

There are several pros and cons to both. At the onset, fans with nozzles yield mist that you can easily feel, although the nozzles may occasionally clog due to hard water. Centrifugal systems utilize misting plates which are the reason why they don’t clog although the mist might become drier and finer.

Don’t make noise for granted

Misting fans are generally not silent, but you should at least settle for models that make the least possible noise. You wouldn’t want a loud fan to ruin your silent and relaxing moments. Except for extra-powerful motors and heavy-duty industrial mister, misting fans that aren’t too noisy are generally built for accuracy and precision.

How cool is cool?

The technology that works with the misting fan is the same as that of an evaporation cooler – with water as its product. Misting fans contain high-pressure pumps that create water pressure. Misting plates or nozzles reduce such pressure to small droplets.

This creates the mist which evaporates once it collides with sunlight and air and results in the cooling effect (at least 20 – 30 degrees Fahrenheit) we enjoy from the fan. Make sure the machine creates this ideal cooling effect and no less than that.


While misting fans aren’t always a must since they do not apply to each type of climate, those who are living in dark and dry climates find that these machines help enhance their satisfaction while enjoying the outdoors with the sun.

We intended to provide you with the information you need to choose the best misting fan for you – one that will give you the most satisfaction. Hopefully, our reviews have provided you with the tips and information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. While each of the items we’ve reviewed on the list is great in their own right – there is but one which will truly satisfy your needs. Which among the five products is your top choice?

I personally like the Lasko 7050. Buyers of the Lasko 7050 Misto have given a high rating to the product. I like the fact that aside from being very functional, it is also not very noisy under operation. Because of its three fan speeds, I am confident it would do well in different humidity.

If you’re looking for the best misting fan, then I think this product is worth considering. But I also understand that you have your own choice. Feel free to explain why you’ve made such a choice in the comments. We would love to hear from you. And if you think you’ve made the right choice, then we also know that you have paid close attention to this post.

Now, go forth and get a misting fan. Add it to your deck, patio or outdoor space and spend more time outdoors than ever before. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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