Best Power Tool Combo Kits (July 2019) : Top 10 Picks & Reviews

Whether you’re a DIY geek or you want to start your own personal repair service, a good and reliable power tool combo kit is a great thing to invest in. To help you choose the best power tool set, we’ll show you the things you need to consider for buying and an in-depth guide for the best products in the market.


Best Cordless Tool S​​​​ets 2019 - Reviews & Top Picks


What are the Things You Need to Consider?

Before buying, here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing the best power tool set that suits your need and budget.

1. Number of Pieces

Most tool sets come in 2 to 7 pieces where it includes different tools such as drills, impact drivers, circular and reciprocating saws, sanders, and flashlights. Choosing the tool counts depends on the nature of the work of that person.

2. Power Source

Tools in a set can be cordless or corded. A cordless tool gives you much portability and convenience when working – such as a cordless drill. In contrast, some tools such as saws are better corded for it offers much power compared to cordless ones.

3. Chuck

This part is responsible for holding the drill bits. It’s preferred to choose a toolset where the chucks are keyless so that you can manually loose or tighten it. Make sure it firmly holds the drill bit in place in order to prevent accident and ensure accuracy.

4. Additional Accessories

Most common accessories included in toolsets are bags, LEDs or flashlights, extra blades and drill bits. Take note, the more accessories included, the higher is the upfront cost for the set.

Cordless Tool Sets Reviews

1. DEWALT DCK240C2 20V (1.3Ah)

Tools included:

  • 1*DCD771 Drill/Driver
  • 1*DCF885 ¼” Hex Impact driver, built-in LED
  • Power source: 2*20V Li-Ion battery
  • Includes: charger, bag, 6-piece kit, 2*batteries



• Good price for the quality

• Base voltage is 12V

• Lightweight and easy to use

The tools are lightweight to use and really works for its job. It can install a 4.5” lift kit on a 92 Jeep. It has a long battery life which lasts up to 4 hours of continuous use such as loosening and tightening bolts. All parts have no problem.

The base voltage is 12V but it can accept batteries up to 20V. LED light of the impact drill can be seen under the bit which makes it hard to see the things on top of the bit.

2. DEWALT DCK277C2 20V

Tools included:

  • 1*Brushless ¼” Impact driver DCF787, built-in LED (20-sec trigger release delay)
  • 1*Brushless ½” Drill/Driver DCD777
  • Power source: 2*20V Li-Ion Battery
  • Includes: charger, bag, 2*batteries



• Ergonomic and lightweight

• No bit holder inside the kit

• Brushless, more power life

• Durable

The impact driver is amazing for its great power and lasts long. It can screw 118 3” deck screws before replacing its battery. It’s impact resistant and very durable for it can survive unintentional falls. The drill/driver has sufficient power, better clutch control and torque. Its brushless motor allows up to 57% more useful life.

Unfortunately, there’s no bit holder included in the kit.

3. Milwaukee 2691-22 18-V

Tools included:

  • 1*Compact drill/driver – 400 in-lb torque, 4 lbs weight, 7-3/4” tool length
  • 1* 1/4” Hex Impact driver – 4 frameless motor, 1400 in-lb torque, built-in LED
  • Power source: 2*18V Li-Ion battery
  • Includes: 1*charger, 1*belt clip, 1*tool case, 2*batteries, 2-piece kit



• Long lasting batteries

• Some kits don't include a belt clip

• Powerful drive and drilling

• Easy to use and durable

This set has an amazing driver. It has enough power to drive screws on medium and high-speed settings. It can effectively drive screws even on oak wood around 1.5” thickness without pre-drill. It’s very durable and can last up to five years.

Some kits don't have a belt clip included holding the bits when not used.

4. DEWALT DCK211S2 12V

Tools included:

  • 1*DCD710 3/8” drill/driver
    -7.5” tool length, 189W, 15 clutch positions, with LED around the barrel
  • 1*DCF815 ¼” Impact driver
    -3400 impacts per minute, 79 in-lb torque, LED around the barrel
  • Power source: 2*12V Li-Ion battery (1.5 h charging time)
  • Includes: 2*built clips, bag, 2*batteries, drill driver, impact driver



• Compact size with sufficient power

• Slightly wobbles to a very little extent

• Perfect for tight place repairs

• Very durable

This one works perfectly fine driving 20 to 10 3” deck screws or 20 to 10 3/8” lag screws. Tools’ size is great when working in tight areas, ladder, and cars. This is the perfect choice for small to medium repairs with its compact size, lightweight and sufficient power.

Not recommended for extreme heavy duty tasks. It sometimes wobbles to a very little extent only.

5. DEWALT DCK420D2 20V 4-Piece

Tools included:

  • 1*DCD780 20V ½” drill/driver
    -2 speeds (0-600/0-2000 rpm)
  • 1*DCF885 20V ¼” impact driver
    -built-in 3 LED lights, 20-sec delay
  • 1*DCS381 20V reciprocating saw
    -keyless blade clamp
  • 1*DCL040 20V 110 Lumens LED lights
  • Power source: 4*20V Li-Ion battery
  • Includes: charger, bag, batteries



• Perfect mix of tools for home repairs

• The saw isn't that suitable for heavy duty tasks

• Compact size with good power

• Durable and reliable tools

This is the perfect toolset for every homeowner for daily repairs and DIY. Compact size drill/driver and impact driver which perfectly delivers sufficient torque with its size. Its batteries pretty much last long for small repairs and the quick charging system complements it.

For longer works, you need to buy extra batteries aside from those included in the kit. The saw isn't that suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

6. Milwaukee 2492-22 M12

Tools included:

  • 2407-20 12V 3/8” Drill/Driver
    -1,500 rpm, 20 clutch positions, 275 in-lb torque
  • 2462-20 12V ¼” Hex Impact Driver
    -2,500 rpm, 1,000 in-lb torque, with LED lights
  • Power source: 2*12V M12 batteries
  • Includes: M12 charger, bag, 2*batteries, 2*power tools



• Reliable power

• Scratch drill chuck for some tools

• Quiet and smooth rotations

• Nice balance and handles

The tools run smoothly and quietly. They have good balance, comfortable handles and easy to use. You can easily adjust their speed depending on your work and the chuck firmly holds the drill bit while working. The built-in LED lights to come pretty useful when working in dark tight spaces and to ensure alignment. The bag is extremely beautiful and durable and has large tabs for easy grabbing of things.

Some models have bad drill chuck so better check it when the kit arrives.

7. Bosch 12V

Tools included:

  • 1*12V 3/8” PS31 Drill/Driver
    -2 speeds (0-350 rpm/0-1300 rpm), 20+1 clutch positions, Built-in LED lights
  • 1*12V PS41 Impact Driver
    -0-2,600 rpm
  • Power source: 4*20V Li-Ion battery
  • Includes: 2*power tools, 2*batteries, 1*charger, 1*bag



• Powerful can drive even without pre-drill

• A few experience very slight wobbling of the drill chuck

• Lightweight and easy to use

• Very durable and long battery life

This kit comes with lightweight tools but delivers amazing power. There’s a battery life display gauge which helps you see if it needs charging. Quick charging time, around 30 minutes. The LED light at the tip of the drill/driver comes really useful when working in dark spaces and when looking for things inside the bag. Impressive torque of about 930 in-lb delivered by its impactor. It can drive a 3” galvanized deck screws into a hardened dry Doug fir without any pre-drills.

Some experienced a very slight wobble with the drill chuck, probably because they weren’t able to tightly lock it or it’s misaligned.

8. Makita CT322W 18V LXT

Tools included:

  • 1*18V XDT11Z ½” Impact Driver
    -1460 in-lb torque, weighs 2.8 lbs
  • 1*18V XFD10Z ½” Drill/Driver
    -480 in-lb torque, weighs 3.3 lbs 
  • Power source: 2*18V Li-Ion batteries (BL1815N)
  • Includes: 1*18V LED flashlight, batteries, 2*tools, bag



• Compact and reliable torque action

• Doesn't have enough power to drive into treated hardwoods

• Lightweight and easy to use

• Durable and long battery life

Despite the compact size of the impactor and drill/driver, it delivers amazing torque and smooth rpm. The battery life is substantial for small repairs and it has a safety stop when it hits a very low battery level. Comfortable handles and the flashlight is really useful when working in dark tight spaces like under the car. The drill chuck firmly holds the bit, no problem with wobbling.

However, it does not have enough power to effectively drive into thick treated pines.

9. Ryobi P883 18V

Tools included:

  • 1*P271 ½” Drill – 24 clutch positions
  • 1*Circular Saw – cutting depth (1-9/16”) 
  • 1*P515 Reciprocating Saw
  • Power source: 18V Li-Ion (P102) battery



• Good tools for small repairs and DIYs

• Not suitable for heavy duty works

• Substantial power for a compact size

• Easy to use and durable

This is a nice mix of tools for any homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. It comes with a compact but powerful drill which gives consistent force in every turn and impact. If you have plans on cutting some 2x4 wood board, it has a circular saw with a cutting depth of 1-9/16 inches to get the job done. Amazingly, the tools’ batteries can last up to a whole afternoon use. The reciprocating saw is slightly heavy but effectively cuts through tree branches. It comes with a sturdy tool bag as well.

Therefore, the flashlight is not an LED but a bulb, still works though.

10. Porter-Cable PCCK619L8 20V Max 8-Piece

Tools included:

  • 1*PCC601 ½” Drill/Driver
  • 1*PCC641 ¼” Hex Impact Driver
  • 1*PCC650 Jigsaw
  • 1*PCC660 6-1/2” Circular Saw
  • 1*PCC670 Reciprocating Tiger Saw
  • 1*PCC710 Oscillating Multi-tool
  • 1*PCC761 Cutoff Grinder
  • PCC700 LED Flashlight
  • Power source: PCC680L 20V Max Li-Ion (1.5Ah) battery, PCC685L 20V Max Li-Ion



• Quality is good, not that far from known brands

• Trigger switch slightly doesn’t give smooth power transition

• Durable and good warranty service

• Great combination of tools for the price

This combo kit is pretty much more affordable compared with the same set from other brands. All the tools amazingly work well and are not that far from the quality of other known brands like the DEWALT. Just leave the 1.5Ah battery for the flashlight and use the 4.04Ah for the tools. For a $400 set, that would be $50 per tool, 2 bags, 2 batteries and charger included in the kit for free. Porter-Cable also has great warranty service.

One little setback is that the trigger doesn’t have a smooth transition from low going to high power, but still worth the money.

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