Best Pruning Saw (July 2019) – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

Know How to Choose the Best Pruning Saw

Pruning saw are a vital tool for keeping your garden clean and beautiful. This hand-held tool is a good choice for trimming branches of your tree and shrubs. You use this tool when cutting branches or trunk with a diameter of 1.5 inches.

There are several kinds of this tool in the market with a specific function. But the general features of this tool are its sharp and tough saw teeth, hard point, and comfortable grip handle.

Because of the various models of this saw tool in the market, even professionals are having a challenging time choosing the best one. Here, we are going to show you a complete guide on how to choose the right pruning saw for 2019. Likewise, we included a comparison chart and an in-depth product review of pruning saw for 2019.


Best Pruning Saw (July 2019) – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR The Best Pruning Saw

To choose the best one means understanding the essential features you need to look for. Here are the basic things you need to consider when buying a good pruning saw.

1. Types

There are various sizes and kinds of tool for different applications. The first type is the pruning limb saw. This one is used for cutting branches in narrow spaces. It has a shorter saw blade to accomplish the job flawlessly.

The second type is the curved pruning saw. This tool has a finer saw tooth compared to the first one which is good for cutting branches with a diameter of 2.5 inches.

The third type is the pruning pole saw. This type is used for cutting branches in high altitudes. It uses two blades; one is straight while the other is slightly curved. The latter is used for hooking on the branches in order to trim them.

2. Saw Blade Length

The rule of thumb for this one, you choose a longer blade for it allows you to have a longer reach. There are a few benefits from having a long blade such as better cutting capabilities and smoother trimming due to longer strokes.

3. Saw Tooth

For this feature, you have two things to consider: TPI or teeth per inch and its size. Both factors are closely related to each other.

In terms of tooth size, we have four types: extra-large, large, medium and fine sawtooth. If you are going to choose a fine sawtooth, the TPI for that is 11 at a maximum. It is a good choice for making smooth cuts on hard shrubs and tree branches.

The medium size tooth has a TPI of 8.5 which is ideal for softer kind of tree limbs and branches. The extra-large tooth size has a TPI of 5.5 which is commonly seen on curved pruning saw that gives an aggressive performance. Meanwhile, the large size tooth has a TPI of 6 and this is excellent for an overall pruning saw tool.

4. Grip Handle

A comfortable and non-slip grip handle is great for making the whole cutting process efficient and avoiding hand fatigue. The common materials for this are wood, plastic, metal, and rubber.

5. Durability

This types of hand saws are one that is mostly used at home or in any woodworking shop. To ensure a longer tool life, make sure your pruning saw is made from high-quality steel and the saw teeth have a carbide tip for enhanced durability and constant sharpness.

6. Weight

Because this is a hand tool, the unit weight of the pruning saw matters as this influences the riks of getting hand fatigue. A lighter but durable saw tool is most ideal as you can have an easier means of manipulating it.

Top 10 Best Pruning Saw reviews 2019

1. Corona RS 7245 Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 7 inches
  • TPI: 6
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Handle: comfortable
  • Blade lock: latch blade lock



• Sharp and durable blade

• Folding the blade, some part of its teeth are not fully covered

• Easy to manipulate

• Ergonomic and anti-slip grip handle

Best for Overall

In our list of the best pruning saw, this one is our top pick. In all facets, this model provides excellent performance for being a pruning saw.

Let’s first look at the material of this one. Its 7-inch 6 TPI saw blade is made from top quality Japanese SK5 steel. This blade is able to cut down 4 pcs of 6-inch diameter and 25 feet long hard tree limbs in 2 hours.

The excellent blade is paired with an anti-slip grip handle that fits the hand. Its pistol type handles able you to get a good grip for easy manipulation of the tool. Likewise, it is a folding saw, so there is no hassle from storing it and the latch blade lock work as expected.

Overall, we find this saw tool efficient for cutting small to medium sized limbs, branches and trunks.

When you fold the blade for storing, some part of the teeth is not covered which might be dangerous if placed inside the bag without further covering it with a thicker material.

2. EverSaw Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 8 inches
  • TPI: 9
  • Weight: 10.1 ounces
  • Handle: comfortable
  • Blade lock: gear style lock



• A rugged and sharp blade

• Tightening and loosening the bolt

• Comfortable and anti-slip handle

• Reliable blade lock

Best for Camping - best seller

If you ever plan to go on camping, bring with you this pruning saw as it will make your task of cutting limbs and branches easier and faster. You will be able to cut lots of woods needed for shelter and firewood.

The rugged and tough feature of its saw blade provides an ideal feature for the camping experience. It has a blade length of 8 inches and TPI of 9, perfect for doing the flawless cutting with medium to large size limbs and branches. Likewise, it can cut a 2.5 to 3-inch diameter branches without any problem.

Other features worth noting are its comfortable grip and the gear-like locking system which works as expected. When dealing with harder woods, make sure to tighten the bolt in order to have a tighter grip of the blade and it won’t wobble while stroking back and forth.

Besides that, the tightening and loosening of the bolt seemed to be a bit hassle, but it really works as expected.

3. Silky Professional Series BigBoy 2000 356-36 Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 14.5 inches
  • TPI: 5.5
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Handle: anti-slip
  • Blade lock: yes



• Long blade length, great for smoother cutting

• Nothing so far

• A durable and sharp blade

• Anti-slip grip handle

Best for Blade Length

If you want a smoother cut by having a longer stroke, then you will need a longer blade. In that case, the third pruning saw in our list best suits your requirement.

The BigBoy has been popular for making quality and sharp saw blades in the industry. This model has a blade length of 14.5 inches which is slightly curved so the limb won’t slip off upon reaching the tip of the blade.

In comparison to Bacho Laplander, this one provides a better and faster cutting experience with the blades sharpness, length, and TPI rating. It can quickly cut a 12-inch diameter limb faster than the Bacho Laplander saw.

The grip handle and the blade lock works as expected for this one and there’s no hassle from manipulating it.

4. Silky 270-33 Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 13 inches
  • TPI: 6.4
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Handle: hard plastic
  • Blade lock: yes



• Durable and sharp curved blade

• Nothing negative about it so far 

• 13 inch blade length

• Soft rubber grip handle

Best for Curved Blade

This model has a slightly shorter blade length compared to the third saw in our list. But when compared to other curved blades, this one made an excellent stand.

The features of the blade of this saw are capable of cutting a dead 12" diameter pine tree limb. Just go nice and slow but still, the rate of cutting using this tool is much faster compared to others. The thickness and flexibility of its blade are right for cutting medium to large size tree limbs and branches.

The aesthetics and functionality of this saw tool are quite impressive and we love it.

5. Tabor Tools T7A Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 7”
  • TPI: ---
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Handle: soft rubberized handle
  • Blade lock: quick click lock



• Durable, three-angle straight blade

• The handle seems to wobble at some point

• Anti-slip and comfortable handle

• Reliable blade lock

Best for Straight Blade

This may not be the longest blade, but the quality of this straight blade will help carry out the task in a more efficient manner.

The blade lock of this unit works well and completely keeps the blade in place in its full open orientation. The blade quality, the length, and the grip handle make a good synergy to provide convenience when cutting light to medium size limbs and branches.

The three-angle razor blade claimed by this tool works as expected and is able to drive smoothly through a 3 to 4 inch diameter branch or limb. Overall, we find the total construction of this saw tool decent and fair.

Note: the handle seems too flimsy but workable.

6. Felco F-600 Folding Saw

  • Blade length: 6 inches
  • TPI: ---
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Handle: soft rubberized handle
  • Blade lock: quick click lock



• Anti-clogging blade

• Blade length not that long but workable

• Anti-slip and comfy grip handle

• An effective blade locking mechanism

Best for Anti-Clogging

The nice thing about this saw is its anti-clogging function. Sometimes when sawing, you are faced with the problem of having your saw caught in the middle and it is slightly hard to pull or push through the wood. Its anti-clogging feature is attributed to the varying thickness of the blade. The tip portion is thinner while traveling to the handle is thicker already.

The blade of this saw is capable of cutting rose and hedge trunks, and cedar. In order to flawlessly do this, you need to maintain an open cutting gap aside from the varying thickness of the blade.

The anti-slip feature of the handle works as expected together with its blade locking mechanism.

The only trouble is that suitable not for cutting harder woods and blade length not that long.

7. Tabor Tools TTS31A Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 8 inches
  • TPI: ---
  • Weight: 9.9 ounces
  • Handle: comfy handle
  • Blade lock: yes



• 8 inch straight blade

• No serious negative effects

• Solid grip handle

• Capable of cutting 3 to 4 inch diameter limb

Amazon's Choice

This straight blade has a standard quality for pruning. All features work as expected and the strength and sharpness of the blade are capable of 3 to 4 inches diameter of limbs or branches.

The handle is solid and comfortable to hold. Likewise, the blade locking mechanism is able to constantly maintain the position of the blade.

The angle of its blade razors is great for delivering a smooth cutting action on medium to hardwood pieces.

Works as expected.

8. Rexbeti SK-5 Steel Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 11 inches
  • TPI: 7
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Handle: comfortable
  • Blade lock: quick lock



• Rugged saw blade teeth

• Not a negative thing but always tighten the bolts before sawing

• High-quality SK-5 steel blade

• Effective blade lock

Best for Landscaping

The material of this blade is made of high-quality SK-5 steel with enough sharpness. The overall feature including the ruggedness of its blade is excellent for landscaping.

Before you do your work, make sure to tighten the bolts first so it won’t wobble along the way. Moreover, it provides a smooth cutting action that is comparable to those expensive pruning saws.

So far, all the features and function of this model is good.

9. Coher Folding Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 6.7 inches
  • TPI: ----
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Handle: comfortable grip
  • Blade lock: yes



• 6.7 inch blade length and excellent sharpness

• Nothing so far, great standard pruning saw

• Solid handle

• Blade lock works effectively

We love this pruning saw because of its simplicity, convenience and durability. It is a standard saw tool but the strength and sharpness of its blade are great for all around works.

The grip handle of this tool looks solid and we like that. It also feels comfy in the hands and no slippage happens despite instances of being sweaty.

10. Flora Guard Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 9 inches
  • TPI: ---
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Handle: comfy and solid
  • Blade lock: reliable



• Economical unit with standard quality

• Nothing so far

• Good aesthetics

• Smooth cutting experience

Best for Budget

The best thing we found from this pruning saw is that it offers the best economical price but still provides the standard quality of cutting.

There is nothing so extravagant with this one. You have a decent blade and its sharpness is able to maintain through several cuttings. The blade locking system of this unit is able to keep the position despite harsh stroking.

Remember to tighten the bolts first before sawing so that the blade won’t get displaced during the whole process. Likewise, the handle of this saw is solid and its anti-slip property works as expected.

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