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Rabbits are incredible little pets to have at home. They are extremely fun, playful and the less-demanding creatures you will ever have. However, they are also fragile creatures that need your attention to make sure of their well-being.

So when you decide to get new tiny, fluffy friends for you or your children, you have to make it certain that you have the perfect home for them. As a good rabbit owner, you should be able to provide your pet with a comfortable and happy life.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the best rabbit hutches in the market as well as the things you need to consider when choosing one. Please keep on reading below.


Best Rabbit Hutch ?(January 2020) - top picks & reviews


1. Pawhut 91" Deluxe Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch



• It comes in a very large size

• Some areas can be difficult to clean

• Its price matches its quality


• The entire structure is covered by a roof with a special waterproof layer


• It can be easily accessed at the same time secure enough to protect your pets from elements


On top of my list is this large wooden hutch by PawHut which can absolutely be an amazing home for your bunnies. It is big enough to provide the size requirements of your pets, giving even two rabbits spacious room to eat, sleep and play around.

On the top of the hutch, there's a spacious and secure place for the bunnies to hang out and from there, there are two ramps that will lead to the attached run which is kept protected by galvanized wire mesh.

PawHut used durable wood to build this hutch, it is waterproof and sloped to make sure it will be able to withstand harsh conditions. I like that that there are two large doors that will allow you to easily access the whole of the hutch. In addition to that, there's a slide-out tray that makes cleaning the top shelter a breeze.

Overall, this is a great hutch that ticks all the boxes for necessary features.

2. Petpark Rabbit Hutch



• It has a durable built that makes it stand the test of time

• The assembly instructions it came with is not clear enough

• There were no toxic paints used to build the hutch


• The hutch is raised so your pet will not be sitting in the cold


• You will not be spending time cleaning this hutch as it’s easy to clean


This wooden rabbit hutch can be the best place for your beloved companion to finally feel comfortable and safe. This product features raised perches so your pet no longer has to be sitting in the cold, wet ground which is the best way to protect your pet from any illness; it also comes with a unique high-foot design.

What I like about this hutch is that it comes with a removable bottom that has been equipped with a sliding tray, making it easy and quick to clean the bedding. Another thing I like is its fencing which is perfect enough to provide plenty of ventilation for your rabbit.

This hutch can be accessed both from the side and the top, you can use the most comfortable position for you to take your bunny out of the hutch. Moreover, you might also want to know that this product features a weatherproof design; don’t worry, there were no toxic paints used to make this possible so it will be completely safe to accommodate your pet.

3. TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run



• It has been built with quality material

• It is bulky so it is quite hard to move around

• It is spacious enough to be home to several rabbits


• It can be used as either residential or commercial breeding pen


• It comes with a number of accessories to make sure your pets’ comfort


This is a two-story rabbit house that comes with plenty of space and accessories for your pets’ comfort. It’s actually designed for the outdoors and is big enough to accommodate up to four rabbits. If you want, you can transform the entire structure into a commercial breeding pen.

The main hutch can be found on the upper level where the bunnies can sleep. It comes with the perfect height to keep these little fur balls safe from any uninvited guests. In addition to that, there's a non-slip ramp that connects the hutch to the meshed screen area underneath. The rabbits can hop their way down to the bottom where they can play on the grass feed or be able to do their business.

Both the hutch and meshed area are provided with a roof to make sure the rabbits are well protected from the direct sunlight or rain, making this rabbit house perfect for outdoor use. There are also two doors that can be found on the upper hatch and the mesh play are below so you can check on your pets.

Another advantage of this hutch is that it has solid overall construction which has been designed to be weather resistant. Cleaning the pen is also a breeze since the bottom part of the top hutch is made of a pull out plastic tray.

4. Petpark PawHut 64" Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Playpen with Run and Enclosed Cover



• It’s a single-level spacious hutch that provides maximum outdoor play

• It does not come with carrying handle

• The top and side doors can be easily opened and closed for easy access

• It has no legs to raise the hatch from the ground

• It comes with excellent ventilation and visibility so your rabbit can enjoy the fresh air


If you value the health benefits of playing and exercise more than a spacious bedding area, then this is the best hutch for you. It features only a single level which is composed of a big area for your pet to play around on the ground as well as a comfortable shelter in one corner. Promising exceptional protection, the mesh also features outstanding visibility and airflow.

This spacious playground for your rabbit and warm home is built with all-weather resistant materials that are of excellent quality and guaranteed to last for a great many seasons. Firwood has been used for the main construction while the roof is made of composite asphalt. Galvanized steel has also been used for the fences, latches, and hinges of this hutch so you don't have to worry about corrosion.

The mesh is also made with rabbit-friendly wire and comes with a tight wire spacing design to make sure your rabbits are well protected from predators; but make it a habit to check the mesh from any signs of damages, tears or dog bits so your rabbits will stay absolutely safe.

This hutch comes with two access doors, one on the side and the other one at the top for easy access. There’s also one rap that will allow the rabbits to go down into the outdoor space to play. However, it only has a solid rood above its sleeping area and the other parts of the hutch are open and are only enclosed with a mesh. So to make sure you install this hutch under a shade during summer to keep them cool at all times.

Cleaning and maintaining this hutch is also super easy, thanks to the pull-out tray installed on its indoor sleeping box.

5. Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Hutch



• It comes with three lockable doors that prevent any predators from getting into the hutch

• The package comes with a number of tiny components, make sure you keep them away from your pet as they might accidentally swallow it while you are composing parts

• It is made of natural cedar and has been painted with water-based paint


• Cleaning is effortless thanks to its easy-to-open roof


• It is quick and easy to assemble


I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this outdoor rabbit hutch the moment you will see it since it’s totally different from every other model you will find in the market. It comes in an eye-catching, white and green design that will serve two purposes: being a cozy home and playground for your bunny and at the same time a decorative element that will make your garden even more gorgeous.

This hutch is made of natural cedar and has been treated with safe, water-based paint.

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