Best Router Lift (January 2020) – Reviewed

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If you’re really serious about the use of your router table, then you would benefit from having the best router lift.

With a high-end router lift, you can make the height adjustments from over the table rather than below. And to change things a little, you do not have to take out the router entirely from your table.

Essentially, router lifts are router-table plates mounted with a carriage attached to keep the router in place. The detachable clank holder is then inserted into the plate. This will lower or raise the carriage with great precision.

Also, there is a dial built in the mounted plating or attached to a crank, measuring height adjustments to 1/64-inches or thinner. As you will find, most of the router lifts do not provide a collective readout. Meaning, that you will have to monitor the crank’s revolutions while utilizing height changes 1/16-inches or higher.

Other lifts have height indicators - a great feature for pre-setting the bits to a uniform height every time you use it. Several people think this is a useful feature when creating rails or stiles for the panel doors.

In this post, we reviewed five of the best router lift on the market today. We also provided tips to help you choose the best product in the later section.


Best Router Lift (January 2020) - Top 5 Picks & Reviews

1. Woodpeckers PRL-V2-420 Router Lift



• Solid build

• Fine adjustment requires numerous turns

• Easy adjustments

• Coarse height adjustment takes more practice

• Supports various router motors


• Simple to move up the router for fast bit changes on top of the table


The Woodpecker appears to be a favorite among customers – including me - due to several reasons. It features a dynamic motor that executes the lowering and raising. Additionally, the thumb wheel is easily accessible to make any minor adjustments required to the height of the motor. With these, you will observe ease in the operation that is not observed in other models.

Try to be careful when buying that you get the router’s correct version. With three available versions: 420, 414, and 350 along with a 9 ¼-inch or 8 ¼-inch plate, you have to purchase the lift that best suits your router model, as well as table’s insert size.

Due to the capabilities of the router plate and bulletproof lift device, you can save more time on your projects. The router lift is known for its precision and enables access for the different features coming from the plate’s top. There’s an easy-to-read scale constructed into the list's top.

Also, the patented wrench is included to bypass micro-adjustments. This enables you to increase the router collet’s elevation for using your wrenches on top of the table.


The router lift works well in heavy-duty workshops with routers that are frequently used. The router’s advanced features all add up to help you accomplish your daily routine tasks.

2. INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II Router Lift



• One-year warranty

• Dial can’t be zeroed

• Superior accuracy

• Expensive for an average user

• Premium feel and look 


• Incredible thread tensioning system


• Includes sealed ball bearings for comfortability and ease 


The INCRA Mast-R-Lift isn’t your entry level router lift, yet provides numerous features for a first-class lift at an affordable price. I particularly like its versatility features when you change the router’s heights and accuracy level. And what I like most is that all these are done from over the table, and the changing of router bits.

This system contains 5-sealed ball bearings, enabling ultimate user control. Also, there is the auto protection system from dust, in order for the lift to stay strong for years! The lift is lightweight at only 14 lbs. — so no need to be concerned about additional weight to the router table.

The product’s cam lock safeguards the router table once you turn it towards the right. As soon as it is set in place, you wouldn’t see any wobble. Also, the 5-steel reducing rings fit seamlessly towards the router. The flush fit essentially means less moving or vibrations as well as better comfort levels.

The product’s thread tensioning system regulates the lift’s height with smoother movements.

3. Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift



• Heavy duty

• Not a great choice for beginners

• Comes with a warranty

• A bit heavier compared to other brands

• Bits can be modified on top of the table


• Equipped with height adjustment handle


• Able to handle large materials with a 4.2-inch diameter


The Kreg PRS5000 Precision Router Lift is known for enabling precise over-the-table setup modifications for routers that are mounted on the table. I love that it features an 18.5-inch height-handle adjustment that aids you to maintain your work sturdily and stable over your table, and allows you to make the required adjustment from each side.

It can handle large materials well that have a 4.2-inch and 3.25 routers. It has over 3 inches of travel. You can also later the router bits over your table. It has a manufacturer’s warranty that you can inquire through their customer service.

And there’s no denying the products quality and durability. The hard-anodized aluminum plates are very resistant to scratches and won’t sag.


Any expert user finds that this is a great added feature to the workshop because of the superior accuracy and easy adjustments.

4. JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02120 Router Lift



• Solid build

• Not constructed from steel

• Less costly than others

• Might be too expensive for anyone on a budget

• Smooth adjustments


• Ball-bearing technology


• Nice design for a workshop


JessEm Mast-R-Lift II is among the best router lift according to customers and I personally like it too. It comes with the attractive additional features you’d expect from expensive choices. Also, it is famous among woodworkers in the industry. You will soon find out the reason for this.

I love how the bit change above table fits on the majority of industry standard bit sizes. Also, the lift is made with anodized aluminum for longer life. You will love that this router lift is compatible with the majority of routers in the market.


This is a perfect router lift for anyone who needs to make use of the router frequently but does not want to spend too much.

?5. Bench Dog 40-016 ProLift Max



• It makes use of bronze pre-load nuts to make easy adjustments

• It’s heavier than the majority of routers so you can hope for some weight changes on the router table

• It features cooling fins to offset excess heat


• Ideal for day-to-day usage on a cast iron plate


• It includes self-cleaning screws


• It has a double-ball bearing system for easy and comfortable working


For me, the Bench Dog Tools ProLift is quite different among other router lift brands. Firstly, it has speed, precision, and range in a single tool and the resulting product is one that makes the proper height adjustments. Aside from the bushings, the ProLift is perfect for heavy day-to-day use.

The product explores a belt-drive tool for creating smooth edges. It only requires simple steps to modify so that you will not be hassling with chains, belts, and gears. It excludes slow, sloppy functions, which can only deter or delay your work progress, and even make the entire adjustment process difficult to achieve. With a 0.001-inch precision level, you will not have to do the digital reading and making modifications using your naked eye.

I love the self-cleaning, direct-drive, lead screw, the router lift will not require constant upkeep. In turn, this will extend the device’s life. Also, it adds to the device’s speed with which it can carry out the adjustment because it doesn’t get stuck with debris and dirt.

Additionally, the integration of integral fins on its aluminum housing keeps the device cool; thus, its individual parts do not wear and tear as quickly as they would on any regular router lift.


The router lift is great for your routine routing job. It can handle fixed base routers with a 4.2-inch motor diameter. If you make use of smaller routers, then you will only need an adapter, so you can easily set the lift to use with the router

Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Router Lift

One of the most ingenious machines ever built are probably router lifts; they make your job easier! They are very useful whenever you need the highest precision level when utilizing the router bits. Also, it is even sensible to know what you’re seeking in a router lift prior to buying what’s new or popular.

Below are a few tips on what you should look for in a decent router lift.


You don’t want to buy a product that only lasts for a couple of months. The ideal machine must be able to handle tough routing and stay in good use. Never buy lifts made from plastic. Choose durable materials such as cast iron, aluminum, and steel.

Height Adjustment System

There are two lift types. The thumbwheel lift and the crank handle lift. Think about which one will make you feel comfortable throughout your project. Don’t also forget to consider the technology it is using. Smooth adjustments are mostly needed with ball-bearing technology.


Pay attention to the routers, which certain router lifts can handle and not just with the one you have. Will it recognize other router lines in case you want to change yours? Watch for the router table’s access to the lift controls. Do not work throughout the vibrations only because the lift doesn’t fit your router.

Locking Mechanism

As soon as you’ve found the exact heights for your router bits, you will have to secure it against changes. You can only do this with the right lift-locking mechanism. Seek readily available bolt or lever locks at the top.


Large router lifts may have numerous exceptional features, but if they cannot access or move, then you can make use of a machine that has a practicable weight.

Adaptor Availability

When you have several routers, perhaps, buying only a single router lift is the best choice. However, getting the router lift to work with other routers will require different adapters. For this reason, it is crucial to you make sure your router lift includes various adapters.


If you take part in a day-to-day taxing project using your router, then think about buying a router lift with advanced features that meet your needs and demands. This could cost you some money, but it is worth the price. On the other hand, if you only use it occasionally when you’re in your workshop, then do take consider the price of your next router lift. Also, you can get an excellent machine with important features; this can save you a few bucks.


Being an enthusiast of woodwork requires buying tools that will greatly enhance your craft. This article covers the best available router lifts in the market that will not just make work easier but aid in getting expert-quality work. I hope this article will aid you to select your next router lift better.

All the models we’ve reviewed in this section are excellent as they are among the best. Refer to the guide we’ve laid out in this post to choose the best model for you.

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