Best Sander For Deck Refinishing (July 2019) – Top 10 Picks & Reviews

Know How to Choose the Best Sander for Deck Refinishing

To get the best finish from your old dusty deck, you will need a reliable and efficient sander. This power tool makes your work very easy and efficient. You don’t need to put on so much time smoothening the surface manually. All you need to do is grab your belt sander, varnish and everything will be done in a shorter amount of time.

There are several sander models in the market and choosing the right for you takes so much time. In order to have a quick and easy picking, we have here a simple and comprehensive guide for you to choose the right sander that will meet your requirements.

We have also included a comparison chart and in-depth product review for the top 10 best sanders for deck refinishing. All you need to do is sit back and read through the whole section.


KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR The Best Sander For Deck Refinishing

Choosing the right sander means knowing the essential features and factors needed to have efficient performance. Here are the common things you need to look for in choosing the right model.

1. Sanding Area

The sanding area of the unit is dependent on the type of wooden deck you are going to work on. If the deck has several edges and curves, then your sander must be versatile enough to work on those various surfaces.

2. Sander Type

You have two options for this: belt sander and an orbital sander. For deck refinishing, we would highly recommend a belt sander because it has more power and speed.

In contrast, orbital sanders are still functional and more inclined to control and precision works. The setback of an orbital sander is its lack of power and a small sanding area. This model is best used for sanding intricate and smaller wooded areas.

3. Power Source

Here you have two options, that is, battery-operated and corded ones. The corded electric type provides better power but lesser portability. Its portability is dependent on the length of the power cord. In contrast, battery-operated types are highly portable but has lesser power and operating time. The longevity of use is highly dependent on the battery capacity used for the unit.

4. Dust Port Extraction

Sanding works to create a sufficient amount of dust particles. For convenience, choose a model which has a built-in dust port extraction to readily absorb dust particles created during the operation.

Top 10 Best Sander for Deck Refinishing ​reviews

1. SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat 6Amp Belt Sander - Top Pick

  • Motor: 6A
  • Belt: 3” x 18”
  • Dust system: Microfiltration dust port
  • Smart features: pressure control tech, auto track system



• Pressure control technology

• None so far

• Auto track system

• Dust port extraction

• Soft grip handle

• Easy to use

Best Choice

There are some imperfections for this unit but the benefit it offers outweighs those cons. Here are the things you would love about this model. First, it has an auto-track system which keeps the belt centrally aligned even at high speeds. Second, its pressure control system gives you early warnings if the pressure you applied is too much already. Third, worry-free with dust because it also has a microfiltration dust port system which absorbs debris during operation. Lastly, this unit comes at an affordable price.

2. Tacklife PSFS1A Belt Sander

  • Motor: 5 Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 18”
  • Dust system: Vacuum adapters
  • Smart features: 6-speed level dial adjustment knob



• Very affordable price

• Sometimes the detachable dust collection box pops off

• Solid construction

• Decent power and 6-speed levels

• Detachable dust collection box

• 13 pcs sanding belts

Best Budget

The great deal you will get from this unit is its really affordable price with the inclusion of 13 pcs of sanding belts. Despite its low cost, the quality of this unit has never been undermined. The speed and power of this belt sander are comparable to other known brands. It has 6-speed levels which can be adjusted with a dial knob. Thus, you can adjust the speed depending on the nature of your work. Likewise, it has a detachable dust collection box so you have a clean area while working.

Some experienced slight difficulty securing the detachable dust box.

3. Makita 9403 Belt Sander

  • Motor: 11Amp
  • Belt: 4” x 24”
  • Dust system: dust bag
  • Smart features: low-noise operation (84dB)



• Wider sanding area

• None so far

• Powerful motor and blower

• Soft grip handle

• Solid construction and parts

Best Motor Power

The great thing about this belt sander is its wide belt sanding area and powerful motor. With this unit, you can save thousands of dollars by saving your old deck instead of getting a new one. The overall construction and buttons of this unit are sturdy and reliable. It has a soft grip handle which prevents your hand from getting tired if you will be doing long sanding hours. Likewise, dust is the worse enemy for the motor of any sander. Good thing, this one has a powerful blower to push the heat and dust away from the sander.

4. WEN 6321 7Amp Belt Sander - Best for The Money

  • Motor: 7Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 21”
  • Dust system: dust bag
  • Smart features: lock-in safety trigger



• Strong and reliable motor

• The vent of the dust collector easily clogs up

• Strong dust collector

• Easy belt removal

• Lock-in trigger switch so you don’t need to push down the trigger button always


For an affordable price, you will get a strong belt sander which is priced below $100. With a good sander, it helps you save a lot of money by refinishing those old decks instead of getting new a one. Using this sander, it is best if you will use 36-grit sandpaper. The motor and dust extraction system is really reliable and strong. The motor does not overheat when working for a couple of hours.

Else, the dust collector's vent gets easily clogged when larger dust or debris goes in. However, cleaning is easy and straightforward.

5. Black & Decker DS321 7Amp Belt Sander

  • Motor: 7 Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 21”
  • Dust system: dust bag
  • Smart features: 3-position handle adjustment



• Narrow front roller

• The trigger button is sometimes hard to push down

• Innovative body design

• Strong motor

• 3-position handle levels

• Solid built

Best for Tight Corners

This sander has a narrow front roller and innovative body which is suitable for sanding vertical surfaces and tight spaces. For working convenience, its handle has 3-level positions which you can adjust depending on the nature of work done. The power of the motor is strong and its blower is effective at keeping a clean working surface.

Else, some experienced technical difficulty with the trigger button.

6. Topvork 5Amp Belt Sander

  • Motor: 5 Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 18”
  • Dust system: dust collection box
  • Smart features: variable speed 360-560 rpm



• 5Amp 600W motor

• Motor overheating for some units

• Durable body and parts

• Reliable dust collection box

• 7-speed levels from 360-560 rpm

• Can be used as a sanding platform

There are several things to love about this unit. First, you can use this sander as a sanding platform when you turn it upside down on a flat surface. It has a decent 5Amp motor which delivers 600W of power. The speed can be easily adjusted ranging from 360-560 rpm depending on your need. In case you need to change the belt, it comes really easy and hassle-free.

Some experienced overheating of the motor which is greatly dependent on how they have used the unit.

7. Bucktool Belt and Disc Sander 3/4HP

  • Motor: ¾ HP
  • Belt: 4” x 36”
  • Dust system: 2 dust ports
  • Smart features: motor direct drive system



• Dual function as a belt and disc sander

• Not suitable for heavy duty works

• 2 dust ports

• Strong solid base

• Quick change belt

• Safety lock trigger switch

2-in-1 Function

The thing you would love about this unit is its 2-in-1 function: a belt sander and disc sander at the same time. There is less maintenance because the sanding belt is directly moved by the motor shaft which also saves you time for adjusting its tension. Extra work versatility is also attributed to the angle adjustment 0-90 degrees of the belt. Worry-free with dust because it also comes with 2 dust ports.

However, not capable of handling heavy duty tasks.

8. SPTA Belt Sander

  • Motor: 5Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 18”
  • Dust system: dust box
  • Smart features: can be turned over and function as a bench sander



• Decent motor power

• Not suitable for heavy duty tasks

• Affordable price

• Solid construction

• Smooth dial knob speed adjustment

• Can be used as bench sander when turned upside down and place on a flat surface

It might be the best sander unit but you get more than what you pay for this one. This unit can both as a belt and bench sander. Other convenient features include the lock-in trigger switch and variable speed adjustment of the belt sander. It also has a dust collection system which protects you and the motor from foreign particles. The motor delivers decent strength as well.

9. Porter-cable 352VS 8Amp Belt Sander

  • Motor: 8 Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 21”
  • Dust system: dust cloth bag
  • Smart features: variable speed level 850-1300 sfpm



• Easy to adjust the speed level

• Dust collection system

• Easy to change the belt

• Strong motor power

• The grip handle is soft

• Solid body construction and parts

Best For Balance

The best asset for this unit is its well-balanced body and ergonomic design to accommodate vertical surface sanding. The overall construction and body parts are solid and smooth. It is not that lightweight. The grip handle is soft to the hands and motor delivers sufficient power.

However, the dust port system seems to be problematic.

10. Ridgid R2740 Belt Sander

  • Motor: 6.5 Amp
  • Belt: 3” x 18”
  • Dust system: dust cloth bag
  • Smart features: electronic feedback system to maintain speed with the presence of a load



• Decent motor power

• Warranty service is not that good

• Ergonomic design and handle

• 12-ft power cord

• Solid construction

There are things to love and gripe about this belt sander. First, it delivers sufficient power and easy to control when working. The grip handle fits the hand and prevents discomfort with its soft rubber coating. The belt changing process is hassle-free. Likewise, it can decently keep its belt on center when working. Surprisingly, its dust collection function operates well.

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