Best Shower Curtain Rod (January 2020) – Reviewed

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Is your bathroom looking tired? Now is absolutely the best time to install shower curtains to make it appear tasteful.

Shower curtains are nowadays used a lot rather than shower doors and they have proven to be more efficient. They will not only add style and personality to your bathroom but will also help minimize the risk of any bathroom accidents as they prevent the spread of water as much as possible, which makes your investment worth even much more.

But in order to use a shower curtain, you will absolutely need a shower curtain rod which might seem like an easy choice to make. However, the market is offering so many choices that you’ll eventually find yourself overwhelmed by all the possibilities that you have.

So to help you find the best shower curtain rod that will compliment your bathroom, I’ve listed down below five products that will suit your needs and preferences. Please keep on reading below.


?Best Shower Curtain Rod (may 2020) – Top 5 Picks & Reviews

top 5 Best Shower Curtain Rod Reviews (January 2020)

1. RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain Rod



• It is quick and easy to install

• It comes with plastic end grips that are not that durable

• It’s highly recommended for big spaces


• It comes in quality construction


• It comes in a durable and unbeatable design


On top of my list is the RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain Rod which is an attractive and affordable rod that will perfectly fit different bathrooms. What's great about this rod is that there is no drilling required to install it and will present you with an easy and creative way to hang curtains within minutes.

This curtain rod has actually been designed with extra strong hold. It can be installed with the use of spring-loaded tension between walls and hold strong with grips and clear rubbers. It's definitely great to have a clean installation.

2. AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod



• It comes four different color and wide size range

• The end caps tend to have difficulty holding on textured surfaces

• It comes at a reasonable price

• Some lengths are available only in selected colors

AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod comes in various color choices, this includes Black, Nickel, Bronze, and Chrome. It has simple yet sleek styling that will any bathroom theme and can at the same time serve as an all-purpose closet or window curtain rod.

What I like about this tension rod is that it has a very simple set-up, just twist and hang. It will also give you the option to manually adjust its length so it will quickly adapt to its surroundings at the same time provide a solid enough grip.

It comes with a 7/8-inch diameter so you can just glide curtains effortlessly, even over the beveled edge where the two rods meet in the middle.

3. Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod



• It comes in an attractive curved design

•The extension distance is limited

• It’s ideal for in-shower spaces

• It’s available in three different finish

Don’t you just hate it every time your shower curtains keeps on touching your arm while you’re taking a bath? Well, I’ve got some good news for you. This curved shower rod by Zenna Home comes with 6.5 inches of extra elbow room to any shower space.

This product is made from aluminum, which unlike steel and even stainless steel, is guaranteed to be 100% rust-proof; rest assured you won’t be dealing with any rust spots in our bathroom and you will have a curtain rod that will look beautiful even for years to come.

This is also the reason why this curtain rod is incredibly lightweight, weighing for only about 2.5 lbs, making installation a breeze without any unnecessary strain on the person installing it. It also features the patented TwistTight technology which makes installation even easier as you can just extend and twist to secure the rod.

Moreover, I was pretty impressed to find out that this product offers a variety of finishes so you will absolutely find the one that will compliment your home. The three finishes are Oil Rubbed Bronze, Chrome and Satin Nickel which totally looks good for every bathroom.

4. InterDesign Astor Metal Expandable Constant Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod



• It is very affordable

• It may rust over time with hard water

• Installation is a breeze


• You can choose from three different lengths


• It comes in a sleek, modern design that makes it look expensive that it really is


Here's one of the most popular tension rods you will find in the market today. It offers both practicality and style. You will also be able to make your bathroom look much tastier with this durable rod. This is actually a brushed stainless rod and it looks like it cost so much more than it actually does.

When it comes to installing this item, don’t fret! It’s really very easy. All you have to do is adjust, twist and it will be ready to use. There’s no need to drill holes in your wall, it comes with non-slip feet which were designed to not add any damage; this really makes it a good choice if you are just renting in your current place.

Moreover, this rod does not rust and it’s also very secure – you can hang your heavy shower curtain without worry.

5. Moen CSR2155BN Inspirations 5-Foot Decorative Curved Shower Rod



• It features a classic yet beautiful design

• It will only fit 59 to 60-inch spaces

• It is very secure when it is mounted


• You can cut this to fit into smaller spaces


• It comes with detailed instructions to install that are easy to follow


Here's another way you can expand your bathroom's elbow room. You will get more space with this curved shower rod, which is much more affordable than spending your time and money renovating your shower just for extra space.

What I like about this rod is that there are multiple holes drilled into it to make sure it can provide ultimate security. There are also matching end caps included to cover up the holes made upon installation.

Once you are done installing it, you will be able to enjoy an additional six to seven inches of space in your shower.

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