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Table saw blades go hand in hand with your circular saw. As a carpenter or woodworker who enjoyed using the circular saw, you should know the value of having the best saw blade for it. I found the beauty of the best table saw blades back in the day when I needed some good replacements and an extra blade.

Getting an extra blade will not only lengthen the life of your first blade; it would also serve as a back-up in case you need to do a very big project that requires a lot of work. And if you’re replacing an old blade with a new one, the best blade will do better cutting and more efficient work.

Thus, selecting the best table saw is a very crucial thing to consider. With several styles and options available in the market, that could be a challenging task. It is for that reason that we reviewed the best saw blade in this post for you.

Our reviews and recommendations should save you the time and effort in trying to find the best table saw blade for your needs.



1. Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II Saw Blade



• Reduces wood splintering

• Doesn’t function well with a 0-clearance setting

• Measures ten-inches across with 40 teeth around the edges

• Moves sufficiently fast that it can heat or burn a few wood types

• Its kerf design prevents wood loss


• Delivers nice clean cut that doesn’t need sanding


• There is no runout into the blade


• ATB teeth at a 30-degree angle aid it to come to a quick, complete stop


The Forrest Woodworker landed first place in our list because numerous customers refer to it as a luxury saw blade. It features a standard ten-inch tooth that works well with the majority of tables from various manufacturers and includes 40 teeth around its sides. Its ABT teeth 30-degree angle aids it to reach a full stop when you cut the power, making it safe to use.

I also like that the blades were designed to reduce the splintering that can occasionally occur during woodworking. The product also cuts the jump that takes place when transporting wood because you can feed boards through it very easily. It features a kerf design that aids to stop wood loss as well.

You can use it on the table saw as well as a slide if you’re doing a tremendous amount of cross cutting. But this blade will rip solid stuff up to an inch and a half – a perfect glue-line rip that requires no sanding. And best of all, you can use it for a very long time because of its durability.


The blade is designed to do cross-cutting, ripping and even cutting plywood – it’s a general purpose blade. You can use it on the table saw as well as a slide if you’re doing a tremendous amount of cross cutting.

2. Amana Tool 510801C Electro Blu Carbide Tipped Aluminum Saw Blade



• High-quality product

• Some customers think it’s a little bit heavy

• Meets safety standards


• Applied with the electrostatic bonding process


• Minimizes heat build-up and resin accumulation


• Carbide ends remain sharp for a long period


• Optimum blade efficiency for superb cutting quality


• Micro-thin blue-tinted coating throughout the blade


This trim blade is applicable for miter saws, radial arms, sliding table saws, and table saws of all varieties and that’s why it is second on our list. It makes a smooth finish while cutting soft and hardwood. It is perfect for sizing and trimming laminates and veneers in single stacks and or sheets. The alternating high tooth counts and bevel grind result in superb, chip-free cutting. Effortless feeding is provided by the hook angle.

Highly engineered Carbide Tipped Saw Blades provide the smoothest cuts and prolonged blade life. These blades constitute industrial copper plug tech to reduce vibration and noise, and big carbide teeth can be resharpened multiple times.

Amana Tool is among the industry's leader for four decades and specializes in industry-standard insert carbide, solid carbide, and carbide cutting tools for metal, composite, aluminum, plastics, and woodworking industry.

They provide solutions for cabinet and display professionals, fabricators, and manufacturers.


The brand provides a set of high-quality, application-specific saw blades for general use to satisfy the industry’s standards and your personal needs. You will find these blades being used by woodworkers inside cabinet shops and factories. It would be a fantastic addition to your toolset.

3. Freud D1040X Diablo Saw Blade



• Can use with laminates and woods

• Teeth can wear out after many cuts

• Freud utilized lasers to cut sideways fast

• May leave scorch or burn marks on certain wood types

• Blades enable you to do different types of cutting


• The surface coating protects against rust and build-up


• Moves through the majority of wood types smoothly and cleanly


Whether you cut wood for your project or flooring for home improvement, the Freud Diablo option is an excellent choice since it’s quite effective when utilized with various wood types and laminates. The product can cut through that wood cleanly and smoothly but can leave burn marks on specific wood types. It 40 teeth around its sides offer smooth and fast cuts without wood splintering.

Freud utilized lasers to cut every tooth in the tool, making the sides way smoother and keep the teeth from attaching to wood. Also, it comes with a surface coating, keeping sawdust from accumulating on its surface, and making it rust resistant.


The Freud 40-Tooth is excellent for different types of saw – table saw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and anything that has a spinning blade on it. The higher tooth count is possessed make it applicable not just on hard, thick wood but also on soft plywood.

4. DEWALT Series 20 10-Inch Saw Blade



• Includes two products of similar dimensions

• Thin compared to others

• DEWALT makes use of computers to make the ideal balance

• Teeth will last through a couple of sharpening stages only

• Tips’ wedge shoulder design adds more strength


• The angle of blades makes it less grabby and therefore safer on the material


Thinner and finer than other similar tools, the DEWALT Series features a standard ten-inch size and features two models of the same dimensions in every package. The manufacturer made use of computers to make the product perfectly balanced to each one, allowing for smoother cuts. Each one has 6o teeth, spaced evenly around its edges.

Teeth have a distinctive wedge shoulder design that offers a tiny shoulder behind every tooth, which puts more power behind the teeth during the cutting process and makes smoother, finished cuts that splinter and chip less along the sides.


The Dewalt Saw Blade is great for cutting hardwood. It has a lot of teeth for making nice clean cuts. With its good backward angle, you can guarantee a safe cutting work with this tool. Its triple-chip grind feature makes it great for cutting abrasive materials.

5. Oshlun SBW-100050 Combination Saw Blade



• Affordable

• The blade can tear off when exposed to extreme strain.

• Great quality and sharpness


• Safe to use because of the kickback feature


• The saw’s blade comes with brushing to fit several saws


• The blade lasts longer since it is made from high-grade carbide


These combination saw blades were manufactured for crosscutting and ripping all kinds of plywood, particle board, softwood, and hardwood with radial arm saws, table, chop, and miter virtually. There’s a big gullet beside the raker that separates every tooth set and assists in chip ejection. The specialized tooth configuration was specifically designed for crosscutting and ripping operations.

The sturdy micro grain carbide not only ensures smooth finished cutting; it also results in accurate cutting and prolonged use.

This 4 and one grind has four alternate bevel teeth and a top raker tooth with anti-kickback feature. Accidents may take place inside the workplace, and this safety feature protects the users while using the machine.

It has heat vents that dissipate built-up heat throughout the cutting process, and this extends the quality and durability of the saw blade.


This combination blade isn’t just a jack of all trades but a master at cutting. The integrated 50 teeth can cut clearly through several kinds of materials. It is a high-value tool for your money. It’s a great sharp knife for flat bottom kerfs.

Choosing The Perfect Blade

Choosing the perfect blade for your table saw isn’t as straightforward as you may think, but it does require some things to consider.

1. Number of Teeth

If you want to buy the ideal blade, then think about its number of teeth. You will often require those that have 40 or 80 teeth. While a lot of individuals assume that more teeth mean stronger, the distance between each tooth can, in fact, make the material chip or splinter because a tooth goes over an area which is already cut by another.

2. The Kind You Require

Frequently, the products that are intended for framing application have approximately less than 25 teeth, but those made for plywood use have more than 100 teeth. The reason is that plywood is thinner and weaker than the materials for framing. Having a tool with numerous teeth aids in cutting the wood smoothly without splintering the material.

Moreover, there are hollow ground models that feature thicker teeth and hollow body, which keep the product balanced. Also, you may wish to check out lightweight, thinner, kerf models to diminish any wood waste you produce.

3. The Size Your Table Needs

Constantly look at the blade size your table utilizes before buying a new one. The majority of them need a ten-inch size, but a few require one with 12 inches. There are a few compatible with the two sizes as well.

Bigger 12-inch blades are far better for use with thicker and harder kinds of boards and woods. These bigger sizes can make cuts faster too.

4. The Teeth’s Configuration

Certainly, the teeth’s design or configuration matter a lot. You may require a flat top configuration when carrying out rip cuts since these teeth’s flat design offers a smooth cut that will not damage your wood. Others feature a beveled or alternating beveled or a combined designed that makes use of more than one design.

Also, you will encounter something called a shoulder design, where the manufacturer includes more metal to each of the tooth's top portion to make a piece that appears as though a shoulder behind each.

This manufacturer design put additional force behind those teeth, which in turn, keep the teeth longer and sharper.

5. The Better Material

A few of the least expensive products you see available online as well as in home improvement stores make use of aluminum. While once a valuable and costly metal, aluminum is currently one of the cheapest materials around. Products made from aluminum may last for several months or less.

The top material used now is carbide because it lengthens the life of the plate and teeth. You will also find products that make use of titanium or steel.


Whether you want to keep one as a replacement or as back up, be sure to have the best blade for your table saw. As such, we have come up with this summary and review to help you make a wise purchasing decision.

I personally like Forest Woodworker II. Aside from doing the exceptional cross cutting. You can use it on the table saw as well as a slide if you’re doing a tremendous amount of cross cutting. But this blade will rip solid stuff up to an inch and a half – a perfect glue-line rip that requires no sanding.

Even though it’s not a blade designed to cut plywood, it still does a very good job on it. If you didn’t want to change the blade and you didn’t want a tremendous amount of plates to cut, run the blade down, so the gullet is at the top of the material. What this does is it gives you a shallow stroke and, again – beautiful cut on plywood.

Final Words

Do you agree with our list? Which among the five best models is your top choice? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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