Best Tanning Oil: Be Amazingly Gorgeous And Awesome Under The Sun

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Learn more about tanning oil, what is best for you, a guide how to buy them and choose from among the top best we have selected just for you!

Summer is here! It is time to get busy packing and dream of the good times you will have under the sun. A vacation in the most beautiful beaches, fine sand, coconut and sea foods all around. Imagine how gorgeous you would be with all the tan color of your skin.

Bring with you the best tanning oil you can find for better and more beautiful you. There are so many tanning oils in the market that is why when buying, you start looking for the top best to end up with the reliable product in such a short time. Let us see how we can help in your decision to choose what suits you.


 Best Tanning Oil (January 2020): Top Rated Reviews

What is tanning oil?

Ultraviolet rays are the radiation that comes from the sun. It is responsible in tanning your skin. What draws and direct them to our skin are called tanning oil. That is why they are called tanning oil it has characteristic that hastens the tanning of the skin by magnifying the rays.

At the time UV rays hit your skin, it speeds up the melanocytes’ capability to produce melanin. Melanin is the one responsible for creating color pigment to your skin. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin will become.

Cosmetic sunscreen products in jeans pocket on the background of sunglasses. Skin care cosmetics containing sun protection factor

How does it work?


You apply the oil to the area of the skin you want tanned. Usually, people apply it evenly all over their body. Here is a video on how to apply tanning oil.


Tanning oil uses bronzers to speed up the tanning progress. DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the most usual being used. The DHA in your tanning lotion would react with the amino acids that are found in the dead part layer of your skin.It is called the bronze or tanning effect. When your dead skin sheds, so do your bronze color.

Gorgeous Tan Look

Your tan look will start its effect after an average of 3 hours. Gradually it will continue to work for another 3 days the maximum. It would last for approximately 10 days so you might want to apply again if you desire. Tanning oils have moisturizers so it will keep you hydrated.

What are The Things That You Need to Consider When Buying a Tanning Oil?

Consumers have a different need when it comes to beauty products. Whatever yours may be, please check below buying guides to help you decide on what better suits you.

Bikini woman applying sunblock sun protection lotion on travel.

  • Moisturizers- since tanning can make your skin dry, you must remember to buy a tanning oil with moisturizer in it. Vitamin E content is one good moisturizer. Aloe and Sodium PCA are great natural moisturizer too. The moisturizer has the ability to bind water to your skin and the natural the moisturizer is, the more effective it is. So read the labels, look for moisturizer content.
  • SPF- there is tanning oil that comes with SPF. SPF protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Be sure that it has SPF when buying and choose the one that has the SPF level that you need.
  • Price Range- Buy wisely. Tanning products come with a costly price. When choosing what to buy, make sure it is the kind that you can use or is best for you.
  • Bottle Size- You’ve got to rub it all over your body, so needless to say, a large amount of it will be used in one session. Choose a large bottle size that has a practical price. You do not want to run out in the middle of your vacay, do you?
  • Suits your Need- What kind of tan do you want? Tanning oil comes with a variety of tanning shade. Spot one that you like to have. Available options are dark tan, bronze, light tan and other shades. May it be indoor or outdoor use, make sure you pick the one that works according to your need.

What are the Different Types of Tanning Oil?

You should know what type of tanning oil you are going to buy. Are you going to use it indoors, or outdoors? If it is not the time of the year and you need to use it inside salons, use the outdoor type. However, if it is totally summer and you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, you can definitely buy the outdoor type. Here is the difference between the two.

Indoor Tanning Oil- designed to be used indoors in tanning beds and salons. Tanning looks without sun exposure. This kind cannot protect you from UV rays if used outdoors.

  • Original Oil- since it is liquid, you need to spill it out to your skin then massage it all over. It greatly moisturizes the skin but could be annoyingly greasy.
  • Spray-on Type- usually comes in an aerosol can, you need to spray to the area you want to be browned before rubbing it all over. Easier to apply than original oil.
  • Dry Tanning Oil- it is still a spray-on type less the greasy feeling on your skin. It is oil-based so rubbing it on your skin does not make your fingers slimy.
  • Scented- if you do not like the oil scent on your skin, you can choose this type. Most commonly purchased is the coconut scent but other scents include chocolate, banana, and ocean.

Beautiful woman applying skin uv protection lotion

Outdoor Tanning Oil- specifically designed to be used outdoors, this is perfect for holidays and beaches where you are directly exposed to the sun. This type comes with SPF to protect you from UV rays and high level of moisturizer to keep your skin from being dry.

The Difference Between Tanning Oil and Sun Screen

A lot of people are misinformed and are confused between tanning lotions and sunscreen. They often think that tanning lotions are sunscreens as well. We are going to ensure that you will not be one of them. Do not be mistaken to choose one from the other. To enlighten you, we are explaining to you it’s big difference.

  • Tanning Oils- speeds up tanning your skin to your highest satisfaction. You have known all about it based on the above information we have given you. It simply adds base tan to your fair skin. However, there are products that come with SPF so be keen in choosing what to buy.
  • Sunscreen- Is designed to be used outdoors. It protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When you buy it, you would see that it has different levels of SPF. The higher the SPF, the more effective it would be. There are those that have SPF 30 and 45. Buy the one that suits your skin type.

There is an SPF table that serves as a guideline for you. It shows the SPF level that is good for your type of skin.

Top 5 Tanning Oil Contenders That Are Available in the Market

By now, you must be well-informed on tanning oils. We have given you the needed buying guides for you to easily decide on what to pick. Above list of tanning oils was carefully selected for this review. They are the products that had the highest positive rate and are trusted and popular brands in the market. Try to follow as we move on one by one to give you it’s pros and cons!

Maui Babe Browning Lotion Review

Maui Babe Browning Lotion

All natural tanning secrets from the tropics of Hawaii is specially designed for all skin types. This is specifically formulated to those who have fair and sensitive skin. Our best Tanning Oil/Lotion for fair skin is Hawaii origin and is good for outdoor holiday vacation!

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Maui Babe Browning Lotion via Amazon


  • It does not stain your clothes; You are not scared to stain anything you touch.
  • Strong Dark Chocolate Fragrance, yummy!
  • Leaves you with soft skin
  • Insect Repellent, I said so since the bugs are scared of me!


  • Greasy, yucky feeling on the skin and fingers.
  • Takes time to dry

OfficePro Electric Pencil Sharpener Review

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Australian Gold Dark Tanning Oil Intensifier via Amazon


  • It is composed of a motor far more powerful than an average sharpener
  • It is light yet heavy enough to resist any vibrations when sharpening
  • It is cordless sharpener and runs on batteries so you don’t have to worry finding an electrical system
  • After a few seconds, you’ll get a well-sharpened pencilIt has an auto-stop function for sharpening safety


  • It can only sharpen pencils at one certain size
  • Often reported that it doesn’t have a very long lifespan

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil Review

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil

A unique mix of nature’s tanning oil, this contender is made with bizarre moisturizing ingredients. It has a high level of skin conditioning agents, vitamins, and antioxidants. No need to worry about dry skin after use, and it comes with the tropical fragrance of coconut. Imagine yourself with tan, smooth skin within the most beautiful tropical island. This should be the best dark indoor tanning oil!

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Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil via Amazon


  • You smell delicious the whole day.
  • Skin-friendly, no irritation. Perfect smooth and soft skin.
  • Worth the price, affordable.
  • Best moisturizer never had a dry skin feeling.
  • Great tanning


  • Does not contain sunscreen, great for indoors only.
  • Easily runs out in stores, hard to find. You need to buy online and you have to wait for the delivery.

Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray SPF 4 Review

Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray SPF 4

This tanning oil contains SPF 4 that protects your skin and at the same time mixed with banana and carrot extracts to enhance nourishment and hydration. Like you are having a holiday vacation in the tropics, this gives a long lasting tan color to your skin.

Enjoy your swimming and water sports as much as you can since this type of tanning oil comes water resistant. No fear on washing away the oil when wet. It is so easy to apply, and it leaves your skin soft and radiantly beautiful!

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Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil Spray SPF 4, 8 oz via Amazon


  • Smells Good
  • Great Tan
  • Worth the Price
  • Spray cap works well, user-friendly
  • Available anywhere so it is easy to buy both from the store and online.


  • Greasy feeling, oil stick to your fingers and anything that you touch
  • Gives allergic reaction, skin itchiness, and reddening

Ocean Potion Suncare Dark Tanning Xtreme Amplifier Oil, SPF 4 with Carrots & Coconut Oil Review

Ocean Potion Suncare Dark Tanning Xtreme Amplifier Oil, SPF 4 with Carrots & Coconut Oil

This tanning lotion is designed for all type of skins. Rich in sea plant extract, moisturizers and antioxidant, it would leave your skin smooth and soft. It easily absorbs into the skin and contains 4SPF. This should be our Best Tanning Oil with SPF! It provides sun protection while gives you gradual tanning.

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Ocean Potion Suncare Dark Tanning Xtreme Amplifier Oil, SPF 4 with Carrots & Coconut Oil via Amazon


  • Smells Amazing
  • Worth the Price, affordable
  • Gives you soft skin after, rich in moisturizer
  • Beautiful Tan result in just a few hours
  • Not Greasy and it does not stain.


  • Pump spray does not work well. It stuck inside, it took me awhile to use it.

The Best Tanning Oil for This Review

?Know that all the products that we have presented to you in this review are among the top best in the market, most trusted brands and have the highest positive reviews from the consumers worldwide.

Price have been considered too and have proven to be practical and affordable. In this review, we have chosen the Best Tanning Oil to Maui Babe Browning Lotion!!!

A plus would be the good fragrance when I put it on and the moisturizing effect that it gives to my skin. I like it soft and smooth! I need also to hi-light the fact that it does not stain the clothes, the bed and the things that I touch.

It is a big impact to me since it really is bothersome, uncomfortable and embarrassing when you stain everywhere!

Basically, it has the most that I need that would make me gorgeous. So there it is, I have already told the necessary things about this tanning lotion, WHY I firmly choose to BUY it!!

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Maui Babe Browning Lotion via Amazon


Did you get what you wanted? Where you satisfied with our review? Was the review helpful to you and made your buying easy and convenient? Our reviews were prepared to specifically give you the ultimate buying guide for Best Tanning Oil. We are positive that we have given you the best. If you have more comments and suggestions, please feel free to like and post a comment here and stay gorgeous!?

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