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What Is The Best Surface For Oil Paints – Comparing Pros and Cons

The first question that a painter comes across after selecting the desired medium for painting is what is the best surface for oil paints.

A number of criteria need to be fulfilled – strong enough to support the painting but not rigid enough so that there is a chance of the painting itself cracking, porous enough so that the paint holds but not absorbent enough so that the paint is sucked in.

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How To Remove Window Screens – From The Outside

Window screens are used to cover opening of windows and a lot of us use one but they, like other things in our life, need changing and that task can be quite tricky. Even though we are asked to remove our window screens in advance, we never do so till it is too late.

The important thing to keep in mind is how to remove a window screen without doing any damage to the window itself.

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