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Rockwell Jawhorse RK9003

Rockwell Jawhorse RK9003 Review: A Complete Buying Guide in 2017

The saying goes that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. You give him the tools he needs and he’ll be at his crafting best. One of the basic requirement for a craftsman of any nature is a workshop. If you are a DIYer than you need it, without any doubt, more than anyone else as a workshop can give you focused time and environment for crafting your creative ideas.

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Best Paint Stripping Tools

Top 13 Paint Stripping Tools: Which One Is The Best Paint Scraper?

If you are on verge of painting your home or fence, or door, etc. you might need to look it more graceful and shining than ever before. This is only possible if your new layer of paint deposits evenly and smoothly. However, before you include another one, the old material must be expelled.

This where the paint scraper comes in but what is exactly the best paint scraper? is it a putty knifes or electric paint stripping machine. The paint scraper is the most important tool in painting work for expelling the residual old paint and clearing the loose surface layerings so that new paint receives a solid hold from the surface.

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Best Colored Pens

Best Colored Pens 2017: Editor’s Top 7 Picks And Reviews

Why do we need to choose the best colored pens? Colours convey something extraordinary to your art work. Colors has that lively effect to impart freshness to your piece of work and render it classic. On other hands pens are never considered something to be associated with any art piece.

Rather pens have a long history associated with formal and academic writings. Now color pens are also available that can not only serve as pens for writing but equally contribute in your elegant art work.

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Best Markers For Coloring 2017- Editor’s Top 6 Picks and Reviews

Best Markers For Coloring: Editor’s Top 6 Picks and Reviews

An artist is one whose ideas are broad and different from normal people. He can see this world with a different perspective and color it by the mean of different art tools. Color markers are the basic tools through which artists represent his beautiful thoughts to us, after that he chooses a different tool to present his art work.

A type of thin pen and consist of liquid ink inside of different colors and shades. These pens are known as Marker colors; they are different from pencils, but its texture and result is more effective after using it. There are so many marker brands available in the market like Crayola markers, Prismacolor markers.

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best paint roller cover

Best Paint Roller Cover 2017: Editor’s Top 7 Picks and Reviews

When it comes to home decoration and renovation, painting is the least affordable thing you can do. It does not only change the entire look of your home, but also makes your walls and surfaces more protected and long lasting.

Though, paint colours and its types are the first thing we start to consider in all this process but there is one thing that just can’t be simply overlooked, paint roller cover for paint roller.

If you are planning to paint a lot and on a verge to buy a paint roller cover or paint roller frames then lots of options are available to choose from. Just standing in store and confusing yourself with all these options won’t get you any benefit unless you know which one is the best out there.

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Best oil paint brushes

How To Choose The Best Oil Paint Brushes? – Top 7 Editor’s Reviews 2017

Though art is a creative idea born in the mind of an artist, it requires colors to express that art to outside world. Oil paintings have been the most demanded ones. Though it requires lots of skill to express thoughts through colors, the role of a paint brush can’t be underestimated.

We took a close look at many oil paint brushes in the market and selected super seven among them. These oil painting supplies can enhance your art. Read on to know which best oil paint brushes to add to your carts. Also, we have articles about watercolor paint brushes, artist paint brushes and other paint brushes which you may want to take look at the same time.

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Best acrylic paint brushes

What Are The Best Acrylic Paint Brushes? – Top 7 Picks & Reviews 2017

Paint brushes matter very much, especially when the art on which you are working upon is so delicate. Some freshers think that all brushes serve the same purpose. These are wrong assumed interpretation. If you ask an experienced artist, he seems to know so much that he can easily write a book on it.

So why do these paint brushes matter? Though all brushes are made up of same components, the quality of elements used differs. A paint brush is one of the most important criteria in producing quality work. Most brushes these days use synthetic fibers. The material used is mostly nylon. These brushes offer two benefits: They are durable, and they are economical.

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best watercolor brushes

Top 5 Best Watercolor Brushes in the Market 2017 – Reviews and Ratings

Watercolor paint brushes or acrylic paint brushes are one of the essential elements of a painter who uses watercolor as a medium, of course. But choosing the best watercolor brushes needs thorough research so that you won’t regret buying those that are mediocre in quality, class, and standard.

I remember buying one with substandard quality. The first time I used I had no complaints. But the second time was a different story. The color stains were still there and the bristles were on disarray, no matter how much I tried to gently stroke them back to their shape.

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clipped head vs round head nailer

Clipped Head vs Round Head Nailer – Which Is The Best Framing Nailer?

A clipped head nail is a nail with a head that has been ‘clipped’ away. On clipping the nail, it becomes a half circle. You can call it “D” shape also. A person may think that that this is due to some manufacturing defect.

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best screws for particle board

Best Screws For Particle Board

Particle Boards are not the best things to work with, especially when it comes down to drilling and inserting the particle board screws. More importantly, you need to master the technique of inserting the screws.

With the right technique and of course, the right and the best screws for particle board, your life will be a lot easier when it comes to handling a particle board. Let us take a look at the things you need to know before your hands take over.

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