There is no better way to make yourself a relaxation zone that your family will love than creating a cozy window seat in the room. You can enjoy the scenic view outside the house just at the comfort of your house.

A window seat is simply a small bench fixed below a window, usually has thick cushions and may also have some storage space. You can create a window seat for every room so that everyone in the family can enjoy the luxurious feel of relaxing on a window seat.

If you want the window seats to be fitted professionally, you can hire any of the firms that offer skilled interior design and architecture services such as Purdy and Associates Design.

Not only will the window seat offer comfort but it will also bring more charm to the room as you can always ensure the upholstery has eye catching details that blend with the décor in the room. Therefore without further ado, I have listed some of the best cozy window seats that your family will love.



1. High Rise Views Window Seat

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This window seat is ideal if you are living in a high rise apartment as it allows you to get unlimited view of the skyline past the expensive windows. It also has a built-in bookcase whose length fits through the living room and the bench is covered in a leather cushion with a soft texture.

2. Guest Friendly Seat

Set a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests with this window seat that allows you to hold great group conversations. With an arched doorway for the kitchen you can easily get a silhouette of the window seat.

3. Kitchen Window Seat

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This window seat offers good storage for kitchen equipment as it has inbuilt drawers. Its cushion is covered in strong fabric that does not fade easily as it can withstand any harsh conditions.

4. Angled Alcove

This another cozy window seat design with ample storage such as a drawer that is deep enough to store extra beddings, pillows and blankets. It is framed by slanted walls and ceilings,and the cushion can be covered in checked fabric that is in color blue and white.

5. Fashionably Social

This window seat is suitable for those who have a spacious room and would like to create a personal assembly area. You can place a coffee table next to it to allow you get a convenient space to sip on a cup of coffee as you enjoy the spectacular view outside.

6. Corner Pocket

Get a uniquely designed curved window seat that utilizes the corner of a feminine dressing room perfectly. It is also fitted with drawers and has a deep cushion which provides comfort as you get dressed up and put on your shoes.

7. Get Soaked in the Sun

The bathroom area is not left out as you can have twin window seats that are drenched in sun for you to relax. They have storage cabinets for any bathroom garments and have the cushions covered in soft suede.

8. Second Floors Sanctuary

Although this window seat would not be deep enough to allow you to get a good nap, it has a long cushion and ornamental pillows that offer comfort. It’s framed by two columns where you can place family photos in black and white.

9. More Serenity

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You can use a window seat to separate the master bedroom from other rooms instead of making the window seat the main focus. Do this by setting up stylish drapery panels of alpaca and silk to give the room an enveloped-like effect. 

10. A Heaven for Children

Let your children experience the comfort of the window seat which can be used as a hangout spot for their friends and where they can play with their favorite dolls. It offers storage as it has deep drawers that can store toys and clothes and gives the children easy access to the contents in them.

11. Cool Calm and Collected Window Seats

This amazing window seat in the master bedroom area is composed of ruffles, swags and hues inspired by the ocean. The sitting area has this fresh and flowery aura. Its cushions are covered by floral fabric in cream and blue that match with the pillows, and the bed’s head and footboard.

12. Elegant Disguise

Other than offering a sitting area, this window seat provides a nook for storing wet shoes and briefcase. It has been framed by a vintage wall which has hooks attached to it for hanging backpacks, hats and purses. Its comfy cushions also offer a cozy area for putting on shoes.

13. L-shape Window Seat

This interestingly designed window seat is a great spot for family and friends to unwind. It has a gaping bench with cushions which are upholstered that provide enough space for readers and guests who want to spend over incase all the bedrooms are fully occupied. 

14. Built-in Window Seat for Dining Area

Get a built-in window seat or better off an independent sofa with a dining table and chairs to provide a multipurpose expanse for dining and hangout. 

15. Luxurious Lounge

This window seat framed by slanting walls and ceiling has a feminine ambience and can be a good retreat after having a hectic day. It also provides a cozy space for reading and can be used by guests who want to stay overnight. 

16. Bold Reading Recess

This window seat that is in between two book-filled shelves offers a pleasant ultra-modern reading niche. The vibrant color such as bright pink on the graphic wallpaper gives the green window seat some great contrast and the hanging chandelier adds charm to the room. 

17. Entertainment Center

This built-in window seat in the bedroom can be used as a daybed and the comfortable sofa would be perfect for those who wish to have a movie marathon. 

18. A Built-in Gallery

With a combination of bright white walls, ceilings and bed bunks you get to generate a light and fresh feel which is characterized by the coastal style. It has marine accessories that makes it perfect for a home located near a beach. 

19. Expensive Window Seat

This window seat which is very wide is almost as big as a king size bed and its usually fills up an entire side of the living room.

20. A Feature Window Seat

Capture the picturesque view outside by getting window seat in a spherical design. Add some colors by getting pillows which will bring some contrast to the bright white walls. 

With all these incredible window seat ideas, you can try embracing one of them and you will notice the significant change it will bring to your home.

With the several developments being made in interior design, you can never go wrong on getting one of the window seat ideas incorporated in your own space.Therefore,do not let that space near your window to be under-utilized.

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