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11 Awesome DIY Gifts For Friends And Family On Holidays

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The advertisement industry has introduced so many festivals and occasions in our lives that it has become difficult for us, the gift-senders, to cope with it. I mean, c’mon, how many pens, diaries and books can one person handle?

There is this question of budget too; so we do what we think is clever: pass on the unused pens, books and diaries to some other friends of ours (don’t tell me you haven’t ever done that in your life!).


But what if I tell you that you can make little some-things on your own, which would be both thrifty and unique, to give to your loved ones?

Here Are 11 DIY Gifts For Friends

Abstract Art

Tadeusz Machowski via Abstract Artist Gallery

Tadeusz Machowski via Abstract Artist Gallery

If you are into wild colors like me you will love this idea of DIY birthday gifts! Take a canvas, an artist paint brush and just unleash your passions; go crazy with the colors and at the end you will get nothing less than magnificence.

Make sure you experiment enough with the colors: if you are using a white canvas use the brighter tones and for black go red!

Check out this tutorial video for some idea:

Abstract Acrylic Painting "Chaotic Clarity" Part 1/3 by Randy Alcasid via Randy Alcasid

Creative Cookie Jars



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For all those folks who love giving homemade birthday gifts this is your chance to go up a notch. Not only do you make your own cookies but you also get to decorate the jar. You can make as pretty as possible and open up your creative side.

And if you want a little hint as to how to do this here’s a tutorial for you:

Mandi's DIY Christmas Cookie Jars! #12DaysofGS | Gardiner Sisters via GSLife

Mobile Phone Covers

DIY hand lettering on cell phone case via MAKE ful

DIY hand lettering on cell phone case via MAKE ful

We all have this thing ringing in our pockets these days: cell phones. And phones need phone cases and these days there are so many types of them. So how about you make one as a diy gift?

You can recycle stuff (thus making use of your environment-lover side) or get a few different kinds of stuff from the market and get down to work. Video for you sweetheart:

DIY 10 Easy Phone Projects. DIY Phone (Case, Pouch & More) via SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

Cool Aprons

This is one of the best handmade gifts that you can give to your food-lover friend (who also like to cook hopefully!). You can buy a white apron and make designs and motifs on it or you can make the whole thing from a scratch. For white aprons you can check out this place:

And here are some people ready to help you make one:

DIY Anthropologie Aprons w/ MyCupcakeAddiction | ANN LE via Ann Le {Anneorshine}

Serving Trays

Imagine bringing a tray full of cookies for your friend and then giving him the whole thing as a gift! I can already imagine the look on my friend’s face. These are beautiful if you make them right and so easy to make too.

This can serve very well as a cheap thank you gift. Here’s a video for you to see:

DIY How to make a wood Serving Tray from scratch via SolomonTribe

Tea-tin Candles

Reusable Planter via ebay

Reusable Planter via ebay

Candles are such pretty little things and I don’t know if you have done this but my sister and I used to make candles in those little moulds when we were little kids. Here‘s a way for you to re-live your childhood and make DIY birthday presents. It is also a very good way to recycle things that are too pretty to be thrown away but can’t be used as anything else either.

A video to help you out in case you feel lost:

DIY: Lace Trimmed Tea Candles Using Recycled Tin Cans via Awbee's Corner

Tile Coasters

On Custom 4x4 Tile Coasters via ZAZA GALLERY

On Custom 4x4 Tile Coasters via ZAZA GALLERY

If you can get your hands on a few pictures of your friend, this is perhaps one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for best friend. For your best friend you would obviously like to go as personal as possible to show your love and care and what’s better than this?

Not only are you gifting her memories but on a useful thing and made by you yourself! A little help to get you going:

DIY Home Decor Photo Coasters | Gift Idea | ANN LE via A?nn Le {Anneorshine}

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Embroidered handkerchiefs via ART'ANNA

Embroidered handkerchiefs via ART'ANNA

If you think gifting handkerchiefs is very last century then look at these pretty little things and think again.

You can embroider or use acrylic to write anything you want on them and they are super easy to make; all you need are plain handkerchiefs and a few bright ideas: they can be witty, inspiring or just personal facts of the person you are presenting them to!

Here is a link to help you get little things right:

DIY : How To Make a Handkerchief via Stitching Mall

Teapots For The Tea-lovers

. Teapots for the tea-lovers via WikiHow

. Teapots for the tea-lovers via WikiHow

Just buy a plain teapot: I prefer the dark colored ones that make other colors pop. You can draw motifs, write whatever comes to your mind or draw quirky pictures on it.

Treat it like a canvas that is capable of holding liquor and the idea won’t seem so hard-to-imagine anymore. Check out these people making one:

How to paint a Tea Pot set!! via Natalia Montalvo


DIY Pillow via my Sister's Suitcase

DIY Pillow via my ?Sister's Suitcase

These are the cutest thing ever and just make my heart melt every time I see them. All you need to make these comfortable fluffy things is a good fluffy pillow and cool ideas to decorate it.

Depending on the person you are giving it to you can come up with different ideas: for example if you are giving it to your grandparents you can come up with nice quotes or if you are giving it to a chic friend of yours, you can just glam the pillow up.

See how:

DIY Doughnut, Macaron, & Cupcake Pillows | Belinda Selene via Belinda Selene


Bookmarks via PEQUEOCIO

Bookmarks via PEQUEOCIO

These make amazing cheap thank you gifts: they are quirky, fun, easy-to-make and require hardly any expense at all. Papers, scissors, and dainty hands – that’s all you need.

Especially if your friend is a book-lover he or she would rejoice having these’ believe me, they hate folding the pages of their books (I know I do) and this is perfect because we often tend to lose these. Look at this person making a few of this fun stuff:

DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks via makoccino

Amaze your friends with these ideas and share with them too; no one loves giving or getting boring gifts: they need not be costly but make them priceless!

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