Hammer Drill Vs Impact Driver- Which is Better For Woodwork Projects-

Hammer Drill Vs Impact Driver: Which is Better For Woodwork Projects?

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For any type of woodworking purpose, the most indispensable tool is a drill which is often needed for performing minor jobs. Thus the right choice should be made while purchasing a driller.

The utility and versatility, these drillers provide make them apt for amateurs which have very little idea about their usage. The choice of driller totally depends on the purpose for which it is needed.


Different tools are used for different purpose and one cannot compare them on the basis of their usage. While designing a tool, it is taken care that one tool should not resemble the other that is what is called as innovation.

So each and every tool is designed in such a way so that it can overcome the challenges that were faced by the previous tool.So the basic function of both the instruments is same. The only differences are in its purpose, appearance, weight, expense and method of operation.

What is The Major Difference Between
The Two Types of the Drill?

Hammer as the name suggests hard. These types of drills are used for drilling into the hard substance like brick or any type of masonry. Few hammer drills are equipped with such features which will turn them into a normal drill.

While impact drills are used for fastening screws and nails. It can also perform minor works like drilling holes. In fact, it can even work as a regular drill.

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Disadvantages of an Impact Drill?

These are not recommended for woodworking plans for beginners as extra power may be exerted while being operated thus the item on which it is being used may get damaged.

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How They Differ in Appearance?
Which Is More Appealing?

The impact drill is stouter and shorter in appearance. It even possesses an adaptor into which bits may be attached. Impact drill being light weighted is mostly preferred over hammer driller. It contains a spring, impact mass and an anvil.

On the other hand, the hammer drill is heavier and bulkier in appearance. It has drill chuck which may take different forms of shape. And in fact, it may acquire different size as well as when needed.

How Drill Work

Do They Differ Only In Appearance?

No, apart from appearance they even differ in their manner of operation. The hammer drill uses more pressure as compared to impact drill. It vibrates with a loud sound which resembles a hammer being hit on the hard and firm object.

Hammer drill moves in a back and forth direction. It resembles a hammer hitting a nail in a slow motion as these drills make use of electricity for drilling thus they perform the work at a faster pace.

Besides this, to overcome the problem that impact drill possesses they have got an adjustable clutch so that too much force is not applied, unlike impact drills which damage the item on which they are being used. This additional adjustable quality is of greater importance.

Hammer Drill

The mechanism of action of impact drill is different from that of the hammer drill. It makes use of the rotatory mechanism. As resistance increases impact driller finds it difficult to drill deeper. Few people refer them as a cordless screwdriver.

It resembles the screwdriver, but the only difference is that the drill makes use of power/electricity. While the screwdriver makes use manual power. The rotatory motion allows easy penetration as well as deeper penetration so usually used for fastening a nail.

So it is the direction of the force which will determine what type of drill it is. Thus, both exert a perpendicular force so in a case of impact drill it appears that a screwdriver equipped with an electrical connection is being used.

Rotation motion helps the nail to drive into the hard object with ease. The main drawback of impact drill is that they do not possess adjustable clutch thus force cannot be controlled manually.

So care should be taken while using them as they may harm the object which is being drilled by them.Cordless driller is convenient and easy to carry. And they are lighter in weight as well.

What is a Special Feature of These Hammer Drills?

Hammer drills are equipped with lithium batteries, thus these will provide more power and hence make the task easier. Thou lithium batteries provide additional power, but besides that, they even require lots of maintenance.

Which is Economical?

Hammer drills are expensive as they have lithium batteries, thus if one is having a low budget, he/she must opt for impact drills. So a carpenter or an electrician can make use of impact driller if they find a hammer driller bit expensive.

Though both of them will serve the same purpose the only difference is that hammer driller is more efficient than impact driller.

Which Should Be Used On a Daily Basis?

On a daily basis, the instrument which is cheaper and lighter is preferred. Obviously, a user- friendly instrument would be preferred thus impact drill, which is a cheaper, as well as lighter, would be more appealing.

So for convenience on daily basis impact drill should be used. And a plus point with these types of the drill is that they do not require much maintenance as they do not possess lithium batteries.

Advantages of Hammer Drill

Each and every tool made possess some pros and some cons. So now the question arises how to choose between the two?

One would obviously investigate about the tool before purchasing it and secondly, what reputation it holds in the market. Previous reviews matter a lot while purchasing any object. Thus its pros should be more than cons and a good reputation in the market is most likely the deciding factor.

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  • The main advantage is that it serves two in one purpose as it can be converted into an ordinary drill as and when required.
  • Adjustable clutch so it prevents damage to the object as it can manage the amount of power being exerted on the object.
  • Thus the speed of a tool can be manually managed this is the only reason that they won’t damage the item on which it is being used. Work on the principle of multiple speed setting mechanisms.
  • It is suitable for multiple purposes as it can work on a wide variety of bit styles and size thus most apt for woodworking.
  • They require very little efforts and low-power units make use of “percussion” hammering mechanism. This provides additional benefits.

What are The Advantages Offered by Impact Drills?

  • The most important advantage of these impact drills is that they are non-reactionary.
  • These can even perform minor works like drilling holes and even well suited for driving fasteners.

Which Possess All The Desired Qualities?

Hammer Drill
  • Hammer drills can solve the wide range of purposes as they can drill in any type of material thus are possessing broader spectrum.
  • The downside is that they are heavier and inconvenient to carry.
  • On the other hand, impact drill is compact and lighter and primarily used for driving fasteners.

Impact make a mechanism called anvil which provides additional force besides rotatory force. So apart from pushing the bit harder, it also spins the bit with more power. This allows fastening of very long nails into the walls with utmost ease and comfort.

The main use of these impact drill is to drive bolts and screws. These are used for fitting the cabinets and most importantly used for driving screws through the strokes, but besides this, there is a major drawback with its usage that they can impart excessive force at times without being manually controlled by the user.

Thus it may damage expensive cabinets and sheetrocks. So a perfectionist or a professional should deal with them.

How to Choose Between Impact Drill and Hammer Drill?

One should take reviews about the tool before purchasing it, then only one can choose between the two products and secondly the product which is meeting your demands and need is considered apt for you.

The choice can only be made while considering each and every factor. The main deciding factor is the purpose for which the tool is being purchased. Though both the tools can perform the minor functions, for major and specific task specific tool is required.


What Are The Specific Uses of Each Tool?

  • The impact drill as they function as the most powerful drill will be used mostly for repairing purpose, but special care should be taken while using them.
  • The hammer drill can be used on hard objects that are basically needed for masonry. So a woodworker would definitely require it on daily basis for performing his daily task.

?These days it is a big dilemma to choose between the two drills that is hammer drill and impact drill thus a combo kit are also available.

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