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Tutorial On How To Clean Hepa Air Filter And MORE!

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For those of you with reusable air filters within their homes, and still are not sure on how to clean out the accumulating dirt, you do not have to worry! It is about time you went and cleaned it up.

In this article, I will explain to you in quick and easy steps, about how you are supposed to clean a reusable air filter.?

The recommended times you are supposed to clean an air filter monthly is a minimum of one time.?


What Is An Air Filter?

Hepa air filter via ArticleCube

Hepa air filter via ArticleCube

First, we must establish what an Air filter is. An air filter is a device that was designed to clean the air of solid particles such as dust, pollen, and other bacteria from the air. Air filters are used mostly for places that require absolute cleanliness in the atmosphere around them.

Look at your air filter. Is it dirty? That is the question. Most of the time, the more dirty a filter gets, the better it works… HOWEVER, if it gets too dirty, there are many consequences.

Filters are not supposed to be just ignored, sure they would keep working, but do not blame me when it breaks down.

HEPA And ULPA Filters

TYPES OF HEPA / ULPA FILTERS via AM Cleanroom Build and Performance

TYPES OF HEPA / ULPA FILTERS via AM Cleanroom Build and Performance

In this tutorial, we will be talking about the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particular Air). This type of air filter is used for many things, but mostly, you can find it within medical facilities, aircraft, and homes. HEPA is not the only filter that you should be looking out for, though.

?HEPA filters are one of the most efficient air filters out there, which is why they are classified as HEPA. Keep in mind that HEPA filters are able to remove 99.97% of the particles that passes through their filter. That is just how guaranteed your air is going to be clean.

There is also the ULPA filters. ULPA filters are quite similar to HEPA filters, the only difference being that they are able to filter the air more efficiently compared to HEPA. Their efficiency rating being that of 99.999% of all types of particles passing through their filters.

HEPA ULPA filters performance via AM Cleanroom Build and Performance

HEPA ULPA filters performance via AM Cleanroom Build and Performance

Is it not just so amazing? They are only different by a few percentage, but it is obvious that the other is still better.

Usually, HEPA filters are used to clean up the air after a disaster like, perhaps, a fire has occurred. Other times, it can even be used during a manufacturing process. However, HEPA filters can also be used for the areas that I have mentioned prior.

Now that we have that established, let us move on to the next step! To begin the tutorial, we will start with the first step just at the bottom!?

What Type Of HEPA Air Filter Do You Have?

One of the best HEPA air filters around is the Alen BreatheSmart



An Alen BreatheSmart Air filter was rated as the number one HEPA air filter in LiveScience. What is so great about this filter, you ask? Well, other than its beautiful, simple, and modern design, I has a BreatheSmart air sensor that is able to detect particulate matter.

What does that mean for a filter? It means that it is able to tell you with its light button, if it air is clean or if the air is dirty. You can tell, because dirty means orange or red, and clean is blue. Is it not helpful?



The sensor is also able to change its rate in cleaning the air, according to the cleanliness of the atmosphere around it. If the air is clean, it will filter the air at its regular rate, however if the air is dirty, it will automatically adjust to a faster filtration rate.

It can filter up for one thousand and one hundred square feet of space! It even tells you when the filter might need a change, or when it has already too much dust accumulating within itself.

There is a reason why it was rated as the number one air purifier, and these are the reasons why! So if you were looking for a great air purifier to be put inside of your home, then this is one of the options you must definitely try on considering.

There you have it! The end of our tutorial! Did you find it useful? I hope you did! Don’t forget to comment any questions are thoughts at the bottom of the article! Thank you for reading!?

How To Clean Hepa Air Filter?

Step 1: Take Out The Air Filter

Shop Air Filters by Size via  Air Filters Delivered

Shop Air Filters by Size via Air Filters Delivered

Usually, when receiving an air filter, you are given a manual. You may still have it (if you have not thrown it away). Look through the manual and follow its guide on how to remove the air filter from its place.

You must not just pull it out! That would damage the device! Treat it with care.

Step 2: Vacuuming Or Washing?

Wash Air Filter

Wash Air Filter

Which do you prefer best? Both are fine for their specific reasons, however, since you are still new to this, I would recommend that you vacuum your air filter. Why do you ask? Here is why:

  • When washing, you may accidentally cause damage to the filter, something you are not supposed to do. There are many expenses you must spend in order to fix a broken filter you know?
  • Washing the air filter takes a lot of effort, and with that effort, your time is consumed. When you are in a rush, or if your schedule is full, this would not be the method you would search for.
  • When washing, you must handle the filter with as much care as possible. If not, go back to the first reason why you must not use the washing method to clean up your filter.
  • For HEPA air filters, it is not recommended for you to wash the filter. The water would damage its quality, and if you add washing detergent, it would just make it worse.
Cleaning HEPA Pure Air Filters via WEB Products

Cleaning HEPA Pure Air Filters via WEB Products

If your air filter were not a HEPA type, then perhaps it would be fine to wash it. If you have experience with cleaning filters, it is up to you to decide whether it will be all right or not.

Pay close attention to my words, because if you do not follow them, you may end up making a mistake that will make you wish you had paid attention.

Remember, when vacuuming, it is a lot faster, easier, and a lot safer.

Yes, you may not be able to get rid of the tiny tidbits still stuck in the filter as you would be able to when washing, but remember “better safe than sorry”.?

Step 3: Vacuuming

After taking the filter and placing it outside of its container, you have to place it down with care on the proper and right surface, and go ahead on starting up the vacuum of your own choice.

Vacuum cleaner on carpet via Health

Vacuum cleaner on carpet via Health

Next, is running the vacuum over both of the filter’s sides slowly, because you would not want to break anything, right?

Make sure that most of the small piece of dirt, like dust, are being sucked in by the vacuum. However, if there are big pieces of dirt stuck, it is best for you to remove it manually by yourself. You cannot just let your vacuum take it for you.

Please be reminded that you must also be taking care of your vacuum’s filter. The effects of it not being cleaned is the same as what would happen if you left the air filter alone.?

Step 4: Returning The Air Filter

After you finished vacuuming the filter, and you are sure that it is already clean, it is time to return it to its place. Take the filter, and put it back.

How to Replace a Heat Pump Filter via

How to Replace a Heat Pump Filter via

Do not forget the most important thing: care. Do not go throwing it back inside like it would magically fit by itself. You are cleaning your filter, not breaking it.

Now that you have finished cleaning up your air filter, and putting it back, you are all done! So how was your first time cleaning up an air filter? Tiresome, I bet, but the end result is always satisfying to look at.

Plus, it’s worth it, since it will lessen the chances of your air filter breaking down or self-combusting.?

How to Replace a Heat Pump Filter via

How to Replace a Heat Pump Filter via

There are many reasons as to why you must always make sure to clean your air filter. Here is reason number one:?

  • Allergens and dust will start to flock to the area. If this were to happen, it can do some damage to a person’s body. You would start having a hard time breathing, bad headaches, you would get tired easily, and sneezing would be unavoidable.
  • If you have a dirty air filter, that means that your device would need to work a lot harder to make sure that your air would be clean.

    What does this mean for you? It means that you need to start working overtime, because your bills are going to increase beyond your monthly salary.
  • Reduced air flow. Air purifiers are meant to help cleanse according to a specific flow of the air, but if those requirements are not met, then it would be safe to assume that your filter will start to break down, malfunction, and basically just fail.
How to Change a Furnace Filter via The Family Handyman

How to Change a Furnace Filter via The Family Handyman

It is always important to clean up your air filter. Especially when your air filter is a HEPA air filter. HEPA filters are expensive, and for the right reasons too. You must have just treat it as if it was just like any other air filter around.

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