Idylis Air Purifier Reviews (January 2020): Reviewed

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Idylis may be a newcomer to the vast world of air purification systems but it doesn’t mean that they’d just be left behind in the dust while the leading brands are racing towards the top.

As we all know, air purification has been a norm in modern living.

A healthier supply of air within household, offices or any establishment has become a need and we aim to help you out in choosing the best there is.

On this article, we are going to discuss Idylis air purifier reviews so you can gauge on what models to look out for when getting one.


Reasons to Pick Idylis for Your Air Purifiers

They Have a History and Therefore, Knowledge

Idylis air purifiers are Korean made products being assembled by the Coway Company.

Way back in 1989, Coway made a name for itself in the Korean market for household appliances. It has been said that Coway has a huge market share in the water purification market.

Drill Press with Laser and LED Light via

Coway Overseas Business Unit via The Korea Times

On top of that, they are also the leading brand in the air purifier industry in Korea. With its humble beginnings, the company is taking steps to join the global market.

This would mean that they have to penetrate markets like the US and UK.

When talking about brands, most people would go for those that have a long history. Mature companies tend to learn from mistakes and then apply it to their products.

Idylis is no exception, judging from a 1989 start date, they have fair experience in the air purification industry.

Mandatory HEPA Filtration

Every Idylis air purifier contains HEPA filtration systems. This means that 99.97% of airborne contaminants are guaranteed to be eliminated.

If you have allergies to dust or have asthma, getting an air purifier with HEPA filtration is essential.

Technology and Power Consumption

Idylis air purifiers feature UV-C technologies which target airborne cold viruses, it also fights flu-causing bacteria.

With technology comes with efficient power consumption, the brand also has great Energy Star seals.

CADR Rated

Here are the CADR ratings for Idylis air purifiers and their estimated cost:

CADR Rating

Estimated Cost











  • Here’s a sample on how Idylis air purifiers work:

Our Idylis Air Purifier Picks


Product Name





  • Up to 140 square feet
  • CADR Rated 200


  • 4 timer settings
  • Filter change indicator


Air Purifier for the Cozy House

This particular model covers a household up to 140 square feet. Not for a mansion but suitable for a cozy home.

Idylis 194 Sq. Ft. 125 CADR Air Purifier IAP-10-125 Review

Impressive Features
  • Decent Coverage: With a coverage of up to 140 square feet. It simply does its job well. We even tried opening the doors and it could still hold up for a couple of hours. I think this particular model goes well with homes sized small to medium. It didn’t work well when tested in a 400 square-foot room.
  • Compact Design: The compact design makes it perfect to just put virtually anywhere in the hose and not obstructing anything. Tried it on corners, and it still performs. The best place we found it to be effective is in spots where you’d put your TV at.
  • Easy to Replace Filters: It only took me minutes to try and replace the filters. Even without reading the manual, the filter placement is intuitive. I also found a lot of dust trapped inside even if the air purifier was operated for only 3 days straight.
Product Name

Idylis 194 Sq. Ft. 125 CADR Air Purifier IAP-10-125 via Amazon

Overall, the IAP-10-125 is perfect for your cozy home. We don’t advise this on bigger rooms. Not powerful enough.

  • Up to 140 square feet
  • CADR Rated 200
  • Filter lasts long


  • Not good with a huge spaces

Desktop Air Purifier

This particular model fits right on top of your desktop. This is highly recommended for homes with office setup. You no longer have to worry on where to put it, it snugs perfectly on your desk.

Idylis HEPA Table Top Air Purifier Review

Impressive Features
  • Awesome Timer Settings: Since it stands on your desktop the interface is easy to access. The timer settings are awesome and convenient. You won’t have to worry if you’ve turned the purifier off or not.
  • Filter Change Indicator: The filter change indicator is perfect since it flashes right in front of you while working on your desktop computer or laptop. Keeps reminding you to cleanup your pre-filters on time. Haven’t tried this yet but I feel that this will be a very convenient feature in the near future.
  • Carbon Filter: On top of HEPA filters, the carbon filter helps eliminate airborne pollutants and odor. We tried this out with a cat and I haven’t sneezed during the test. Also tried it with smoke smells and cooking. Still works great.
Product Name

Idylis HEPA Table Top Air Purifier via Amazon

One thing I don’t like about this air purifier is that it’s a bit weak. Standing on top of a table, you can clearly judge its power and capability. Still, if you have a small home office, this will do fine.

  • 4 timer settings
  • Filter change indicator
  • Carbon pre-filter U


  • Still not great with huge rooms


There you have it, those are the two Idylis air purifiers that we’ve tried. From setting up, to using it for days, to replacing the filters, it was a great experience. Keep it right here to be updated when we can get our hands on more models.

Please send us your thoughts and suggestion on how we review our stuff via the comments section below.

As always, keep those rooms and workplaces air-purified. A city is a nasty place, you need to check on your air quality. In the meantime, here’s one model we wish to test very soon:

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  1. Peter Simmons

    Thank you for this piece, Kevin Smith.

    I found myself agreeing with a lot of what you’ve said. But I there’s one little point I’m not sure I agree with.

    One of your subtitles call the Idylis an “air purifier for the whole house.”

    My feeling is that at 194 sq. ft this device can only clean a room that’s not an inch larger than 14 X 13 inches. That should be a pretty small room, not the whole house.

    Still, I’ve learned a thing or two from your article. Keep writing, Kevin.

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