Modern Living Cube All-in-One Bed

People nowadays want to be fit in a new trend just like a new Living Cube all-in-one bed, There is a lot of architects, engineer, and artist but only Till Konneker come up with this idea so he made his own living cube. The Living Cube is accessible in numerous and custom sizes, and Könneker is investigating alternatives for use in live-in schools, inns, and the military.

 So what is living cube concept? Actually a living cube is an all-in-one bed or can be used as a guest bed also where there’s an organizer or minimize a space and where you can put all the important things that you want to use, if you want to make your own design well you’re lucky because they can customize your dream living cube like different kinds of things you want to put like if you want to design the wall as a bookshelf or if you want to put a closet or design your bed with walls and have a mini office. So you can design or customize your own living cube.

Living Cube is a new trend you can also see it on facebook as many teens are inspired to have their own living cube as a survey I saw the comments why they want a living cube? Because you can get all the things you want by not walking around the house anymore or they want to have a new environment.


Where you can build your own living cube? Well, obviously you can build your living cube inside your house and also if you have an apartment or condo. This is an easy room that is organized by all the things are labeled in its walls.

What if you don’t have one? you can build your own Living Cube by searching through online via youtube. Make sure to have all the woodworking tools that are needed to make the living cube.

Living Cube Furniture

The concept of the Living Cube is the need to feel comfortable in your own home and find bright solutions for dealing with the apparent shortcomings of a space. It’s a piece of compact multi-useful furniture that consumes room proficiency at the following dimension.

its Accessible as a Mini Cube, an Urban Cube, a Living Wall or your custom wish. Living Cube storage space can be added to any space to expand the usefulness and overhaul visual intrigue. Dim and smooth, putting the accentuation on your enhancements, the exquisite moderate state of the Living Cube guarantees to sort your things effectively and make a place for everything, so that everything can be in its place.

You can also make your own Living Cube furniture without a bed if you don’t want to so here is the following pictures of living cube furniture;


The Black Box Living Cube Furniture

This is a black box living cube that is designed by Till Konneker is a space efficient box it includes a platform that accommodates shelves with books and magazines and a closet with all the clothes to wear.

Living Cube with workspace underneath

This is a living cube that accommodates a workspace underneath in the living room and can hold a 42 inches flat screen tv racking, an overlay down work area, stockpiling for garments and shoes, and even a minibar in a progression of compartments.

Here is the video of the tutorial to have a living cube

Here are some awesome living cube examples

Since I know you most likely like these multi-useful types of furniture. I needed to demonstrate to you these Living Cube examples designed by Till Könneker and by other companies.

It’s a sleeping and capacity solution that is hand built. It additionally can be your diversion focus, room, wardrobe, and capacity unit. What’s more, it’s functioning admirably in miniaturized scale lofts however it can likewise be utilized in other little spaces. A few people may even need one in their room to improve utilization of it or to change it into a multi-utilitarian room.

As micro-apartments turn out to be perpetually predominant in urban communities around the globe, designers and architects appear to have gotten a handle on immovably onto one thought: the “across the board” furniture arrangement that consolidates various capacities into one module. The reason is basic. By tucking in all that you need as minimalistically and keenly as could be allowed, you can capitalize on the little space that you do have.

Beneath, investigate the most champion Swiss Army blades of furniture we’ve run over as of late. A couple, similar to the Living Cube and Ori Systems, might be accessible to arrange soon, while the rest—a blend of custom tasks and coincidental ideas—can offer a lot of motivation for little living.

Customized 100 Sq. Ft. Living Cube for Sleeping & Storage

Here we see a Customized 100 Sq. Ft. Living Cube for Sleeping & Storage designed by Till Könneker. As you could see the Living Cube effectively fills in as a storage room for somebody with a moderately basic closet. When you open the folding door you have access to the capacity area or the storage room where you can put all that you need to keep from out of sight which is extremely useful when you don’t have that much wardrobe space.

It’s a splendid interpretation of the bunk bed that doesn’t finish up making his condo resemble a school apartment. The best cap sitting on the antique trunk is somewhat self-important, however, we’ll let that slide since the utilization of dim recolored wood and open racking on the Living Cube enable it to mix into the condo’s style.

Domino Loft

Here we see another living cube/domino loft Intended for a couple living in a little San Francisco condominium, this custom space is somewhat less cubic however similarly as multi-functional. The void in the middle conceals an overlay down dining table, Murphy bed for visitors, minimized workstation, and bunches of capacity. A stepping stair that paves the way to the fundamental resting zone. The entire thing was pre-assembled off-site.

Ori by Yves Béhar and MIT Media Lab

Maybe the most cutting edge of the cluster, Ori is a line of automated multi-functional furniture modules constrained by the push of a catch. An Ori framework contains different parts that float, extend, or contract to shape unmistakable spaces like a front room, office region, or room. Click here to view more bed frame ideas like this. The item is relied upon to start taking off at some point this year and will be accessible to engineers and building proprietors too.

View actual video here

The Kammerspiel

From the German creator behind this tricked out Volkswagen trailer comes another across the board furniture answer for little condos. Much like the Living Cube, Kammerspiel offers a bed up best and a lot of capacity found inside the solid shape and on the outside racks. There’s likewise worked in seating and a foldable kitchen counter, and a bicycle rack. The Kammerspiel is still in the prototype stage thou.

Casa Collection’s Urbano Loft Bed

The champ of New York City’s 2013 adAPT NYC rivalry to structure the city’s first small scale unit loft building, Carmel Place is currently practically prepared to respect its first occupants.

Structured by nARCHITECTS and created by Monadnock Development, Carmel Place is a 55-unit, measured loft building situated at 335 E 27th Street in the Kips Bay zone of Manhattan. The pilot venture was first presented under the Bloomberg organization so as to address the interest for moderate single-and twofold inhabitant homes in the city.

The exceptional pre-assembled building offers 250-to 370-square-foot lofts with a portion of the moderate units leasing for as low as $950 every month. Market-rate studios begin at $2,000.

Loft bed/Living Cube with Workspace

Loft beds/Living Cube are astounding space sparing thoughts for little rooms. Nothing superior to anything a space bed makes a little room increasingly open, useful and agreeable. On this example, we see the simple type of Loft bed where the bed is raised above in order to have a workspace below and it is colored in majestic white

Small Loft bed/ Living Cube with Home Library

Loft beds/Living Cube make additional room by building the bed upward and enabling the space beneath it to be reused. You can put dressers, racks or an additional bed under your space beds or you can utilize the space under your space beds as a perusing zone, a PC zone or even a space committed to your independent venture. On this example of Loft Bed/Living Cube here we have the bookshelf is located on the wall and the bed space is also raised up in order to have a bigger space for the living room

“Empire” beds with front drawers

The space sparing beds of Impero is the holder beds as per Cinius: a high structure made of strong beech wood that hides the extensive space-sparing compartment underneath.

The Empire bed surpasses the great stature principles of the holder bed: a high bed does not make specific mass, is tastefully satisfying and is perfect with a wide scope of removable drawers of different sizes. We utilize the part under the bed in an astute and functional way!

The parallel sliding entryways Shoji they keep running on aides processed with Japanese procedure that ensure a fixing impact, residue and wear verification.

In the event that the expected use is a genuine closet, we suggest the Empire bed with sliding entryways For the structure of the Impero bed with front drawers, we prescribe the tatami. its surface enables you to lay the sleeping cushion specifically to finish everything, permitting great transpiration and in the meantime getting a residue confirmation compartment bed.

It is anyway conceivable to prepare the Empire bed of slatted base or punctured wooden best.

On the two sides of the bed, you can consolidate distinctive kinds of stepping stools. the parapet is discretionary, however exceptionally suggested. The Impero Bed can be set beside a divider, situated in a side of the room or implanted in a specialty: the plan can be redone to gauge on a centimeter. Beating up the sheets is amazingly basic: you never again need to twist down!

If there should be an occurrence of the addition of the Empire bed in a corner or in a specialty, it is prudent to ask for a bigger structure of the sleeping pad to encourage the fortification of the sheets. Note that such a high bed may appear to be littler than ordinary, yet it is just an optical impact.

“Empire” bed with sliding door cabinet

The Impero space sparing beds are the holder beds as indicated by Cinius: described by a high structure in strong beech wood that disguises a substantial space-sparing compartment underneath. The Empire bed surpasses the standard tallness norms of the holder bed. The side sliding entryways are made of Japanese-style wood or wood (Shoji) keep running on aides processed with Japanese strategy, dust-evidence, and wear-safe.

The standard handles on the sliding entryways are vertical, processed on the privilege or left sides of every entryway.

“Impero” bed with removable trolleys

The Impero bed accompanies a removable trolley that is an amazing space-sparing, the extractable trolleys are in reality a helpful arrangement comparable to a low closet.

The prescribed tallness for this living 3D shape/Loft bed is 120/110 cm. The sliding of the trolleys is done on great mono directional wheels (without aides), perfect for clay floors or parquet not very sporadic, the cover the other way around does not encourage the sliding of the wheels.

On the off chance that the floor is exceptionally sporadic, additional wheels can be given to remunerate to contrasts in stature.

On the sides of each truck wooden boards are constantly given to manage the sliding.

The standard handle is made of trapezoidal-molded wood to encourage grasping

The profundity of the trolleys ought to be chosen considering the free space before the trolleys to separate them.

The most extreme standard profundity of the trolleys is 140 cm, however, trolleys under 90cm are recommended (the 90 cm more profound trolleys are surely substantial when loaded up with articles of clothing, accordingly progressively hard to remove).

When the trucks are expelled, you can get to the unfilled space under the bed that can be utilized to store bags and other cumbersome things


“Library” bed

Space bed made in beech wood, the Library bed is perfect for the individuals who love to encircle themselves with books: the structure of the Library bed itself is a cabinet, while it is conceivable to utilize within the bed as a capacity compartment.

Racks can be likewise custom fabricated. It’s a Space-sparing bed made of strong lamellar beech wood with storage room and

Incorporated cabinet with altered racks.

“Empire-Young” bed

The space-sparing beds of Impero are the holder beds as indicated by Cinius: a high structure made of strong beech wood that covers the huge space-sparing compartment beneath.

The Impero-Young youngsters’ bed surpasses the standard tallness norms of the compartment bed: an exceptionally high bed does not make specific space, is tastefully satisfying and is perfect with a wide scope of drawers, trolleys and sliding entryways.

We utilize the part under the bed in a smart and down to earth way!

In the event that your youngsters are under 8 years of age, you can utilize the underneath zone as a play zone and afterward transform it into a closet or furnish it with a haul out work area.

The trolleys slide on expert haggles Shoji side sliding entryways slide on aides processed with Japanese procedure that ensure a fixing impact, dust-evidence and wear-safe: you never again need those cumbersome cupboards!

Side Slide Bed Playhouse

Such a large number of space beds take into account young ladies. This one is charming in light of the fact that it could be unbiased yet it truly appears as though something a kid might want. I additionally believe that the full stairs going up are pleasant, particularly for more youthful children. In the event that you locate the correct arrangement, you could have capacity there too. As a special Bonus, it’s like have a play area inside.

Sleep and Study

I personally loved this. Because this image, or one comparative, turned out soon after my baby girl was conceived and I in a split second I began to fell in love with this. I think my most loved part is that there is so much stockpiling. Not specify the brilliant hues fulfills me. This is perfect for a child of all ages.

Beautiful Children’s bed

these wonderful kids’ beds from Saartje Prum out of the Netherlands. What I can assemble from the site which is in Dutch is that these beds are carefully assembled and they are so enchanting in light of the fact that they are altogether similar to little houses. I would have so adored a bed like one of these for my little girl. And of course, if you need woodworking projects for kids, view more here.

Bunk Beds with storage

Are you looking for storage problems for your room? then take a look at this loft bed where the sleeping area is raised above in order to make room for a workplace and it also comes with a wide range of cabinets for your storage needs.

The Zen Living

Living in a space the span of a washroom may not be for everybody, but rather it beyond any doubt is enlightening and enjoyable to perceive how individuals proceed and really do it – and hell, may even motivate one to give it a shot as well. Following up on a reduced restroom kitchen-hang unit, here’s a positively Zen-headed portable living 3D square by San Francisco-based engineering and inside structure firm Spaceflavor, which conveniently fits an office, room and contemplation space into an 8 foot-square impression.

San Francisco engineering firm SpaceFlavor has given minor living a Feng Shui makeover with its pre-assembled versatile shape. The eight-foot (2.4-meter) block was charged for Feng Shui master Liu Ming, and incorporates an office, bed, stockpiling and contemplation space. Drawing from the Chinese standards of Yin (private and shut) and Yang (open and open), the portable abiding was intended to humbly oblige Ming’s own exercises, for example, study, contemplation and rest.


So as I watched and viewed the woodworking projects on both video and picture tutorials. I realized that woodworking requires hard work and dedication at the same time it is fun, enjoyable and productive. If you haven’t done it yet I suggest you try it and see for yourself, and there are also a lot more different easy guide for woodworking/crafting around the internet. From simple storage boxes to TV shelves to luxurious loft beds/Living cubes. and If you are just starting out and feeling a bit displeased with your wood crafting don’t worry a lot of woodworking professionals didn’t get it the first try they got. As I have said woodworking/crafting requires hard work and dedication to get that satisfying result we all want.

When you comprehend what you need to escape a space bed, regardless of whether it is opening up floor space to just live in or merging a few household items into one, you will most likely discover a space bed that serves your necessities.

So you checked the videos and got interested in woodworking too. However, it happened that you don’t have enough tools yet to create a project. You could try visiting one of the sites that I provided or if you are having trouble purchasing tools online you could visit your nearest hardware store.

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