10 Must Have Gardening Tools and Their Uses: For Beginners

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Gardening is both fun and fulfilling. Other than the recreational part where you spend time doing what you love, you also grow healthy and fresh foods for your home. However, to have a truly rewarding experience, there are certain tools that are a must have.

The list of gardening tools is endless. Also, there are few that are truly necessary for making work easier. Here is a list of the 10 must have gardening tools.



Gerber Gator Machete Nylon Sheath, Black

Gerber Gator Machete Nylon Sheath, Black via Amazon

A machete is one of the oldest gardening tools in most parts of the world. While there are numerous cutting tools that one can use while gardening, none is quite as fast and efficient as the machete. The biggest benefit though is the number of cutting jobs that the machete can do.

It can be used for clearing bushes, chopping vegetables, cutting down tall plants and hanging branches.For example, for gardeners who plant taller plants like maize, sugar cane, or sunflower, the machete is their ideal cutting tool.

With a machete, it’s possible to cut down a few stalks without affecting the rest of the plants. The fact that it requires no batteries or power makes it easy to use and costless. The machete is a tool that is also easy to find in any reputable farm supply store.


Folding Shovel

Folding Shovel via Amazon

Shovels come in many shapes and sizes. Regardless, they are undeniably important in gardening. The jobs that a shovel does can become very difficult with any other tool not customized for the job.The first type of shovel is the one with a flat blade and a straight front edge.

This is called a straight spade and is ideal for shaping lawns or seed beds. There is another type that has a rounded tip and it’s shaped like a Gothic arch that is upside down. This is ideal for digging holes, scooping soil, sand, gravel, or manure.

The smaller sizes of this type of spade is useful when working in smaller spaces.Just like when buying a trowel, ensure that the blade is made with high grade material such as steel. Metal handles are also more durable compared to plastic or wood.

Also, ensure that the handgrip is well shaped lest it grinds against the hand causing blisters.


Fiskars FiberComp Trowel

Fiskars FiberComp Trowel via Amazon

Unless you intend to dig out plants from the soil with your hands, you won’t miss a trowel in your gardening tool box. There may be confusion on what exactly a trowel is due to the many names that are used to refer to this tool.

The most common ones include a small shovel, hand shovel, hand spade, or digger.Whatever the name you use, the trowel looks like a miniature shovel. A shovel is very useful when digging up weeds and transplanting small plants. It can also be used to scoop small amounts of manure, fertilizer, or soil from one place to another.

When buying a good shovel, there are certain factors you ought to consider. First, the best shovels are those with a steel blade. These are the strongest and the most durable. Secondly, ensure that the handle offers comfort and proper grip. Those with handles that are coated with rubber are often the best since they offer proper grip and comfort during work.

Gardening Gloves

Working Gloves for Women and Men

Working Gloves for Women and Men via Amazon

Gardening gloves play a vital role in protecting your hands when working in the garden. There is very little you can do in the garden when your hands are injured. The type of glove you choose will often depend on the type of work that you are doing.

For example, rubber gloves are the best when dealing with sprays and chemicals. They protect the hands from the effect of toxic substances.When doing heavy duty work, goatskin, cowhide, and canvas gloves are the best. 

They give the hand space to breathe and also protect from any injury. Jobs such as weeding, pruning, spraying, and digging will require these type of gloves. They even have covers to protect your wrist from harm.

When doing jobs that are less heavy duty, such as using a trowel or a rake, lighter gloves will do the job. In this case, the gloves keep the hands clean and warm. Polyester or cotton gloves are ideal.


Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart

Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart via Amazon

Modern wheelbarrows are a far cry from the olden types. Almost everyone had the experience of this handy tool, only that at the time, they were often squeaky and poorly balanced for carrying heavy loads.

Today, wheelbarrows have longer handles and bigger wheel, helping to keep the user from stooping.This handy device is a must have for carrying heavy stuff. Moving plants, tools, soil, manure, and anything that may require transfer from one part of a garden to another.

Depending on the type of work you intend to do with it, there are various sizes in the market that may fit your work.You also need to consider durability alongside cost.

You do not want to buy a tool that will only last a few months. If used properly, quality wheelbarrows can last for years. It is also not an expensive tool, to obtain.

A Leaf Vacuum

Ultra Blower/Vac

Ultra Blower/Vac via Amazon

There is a beauty that comes with summer and the falling of leaves. However, this quickly turns into a displeasing chore if you do not have a proper leaf collection tool. In the past, the rake was the only device one could use to gather and collect leaves.

Not anymore because we now have leaf vacuums. A good leaf vacuum will make an otherwise boring job of collecting leaves to feel somewhat enjoyable.There are certain factors that make a leaf vacuum a superior tool in leaf collection.

First, it is easy and efficient to use. Whether you are using a handheld or one you push around, the job can be completed quite fast. Secondly, because leaf vacuums are automated machines, very little energy is applied, thus making it ideal for people of all ages.

Additionally, since a leaf vacuum sucks in leaves into a bag, there is no chance that the foliage will get blown into a neighbor’s yard. Disposing the leaves is also easy because one just needs to empty the bags carrying them. iGardenPlanting?.c?om gives you some clear specifications on choosing a good leaf vacuum.


Handle Hand Pruner via Amazon

Pruners work like scissors, only that they are made for cutting plant stalks and soft stems. There are various types of pruners including anvil, bypass, and ratchet pruners. To reduce the pressure that can quickly build up on the hand, ensure that you get pruners with cushioned handles.


Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose

Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose via Amazon

If you intend to irrigate your garden, a hosepipe is a tool that you cannot do without. It is ideal for both small urban gardens and bigger farms. It is the best way to convey water from one part of the farm to the other.

Due to the nature of the flexible tubes, hose pipes can be spread to great lengths.Other than transporting water, hosepipes are ideal for cleaning surfaces, equipment, farm trucks, and even animals. In some countries, these pipes are used for drip irrigation.

They are made porous along their length by punching holes.Hosepipes that are connected to drinkable water supply should have backflow prevention devices.

This prevents the backflow of possibly contaminated water when pressure drops. In some places this is a legal requirement. A hosepipe can be attached to sprayers or sprinklers.


Sprinkler with One Touch Width Control & Flow Control, waters up to 3,900 sq.ft

Sprinkler with One Touch Width Control & Flow Control, waters up to 3,900 sq.ft via Amazon

Sprinklers are great time savers when it comes to watering plants. They can be easily moved to water large areas within a short time. They are especially handy in sandy soil where water runoff is fast.

They are also useful in drier regions where one cannot rely on rain to keep a garden green.A sprinkler is way more efficient in comparison to using a hosepipe directly or employing a watering can.

Modern sprinkler systems are such that they can be programed to sprinkle at certain hours of the day only. More technologically advanced systems have sensors that release water depending on the time of day or prevailing weather.

A Hoe

Garden Hoe

Garden Hoe via Amazon

Who can ever do gardening without a hoe? Unless you have a large farm that can be ploughed with a tractor, then a hoe is a must. There are people who opt to use a machete or a trowel to till, but these can never outdo a hoe.

A gardening hoe also happens to be one of the oldest farming tools. Even in ancient times, a hoe was the mail tool for breaking the soil, weed removal, piling soil to the base of a plant, and harvesting root crops.

A hoe also serves as the tool of choice for making small trenches and farrows for planting root crops. Clearly, this is a must have gardening tool.

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