Radial Arm Saw Vs Table Saw: Which Ideal Saw Is Worth Owning?

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The most precious thing in the present times is time and money. We are always in search of kinds of electric saws which could help us in conserving these two precious facilities. But sometimes we could add accuracy and precision to these qualities.

We in our day to day life tend to form a certain opinion about the different types of equipment available to us all around. One of the greatest inventions of all times is Saw. One may think why is it so? Their constant ability to perform tasks at a pace greater than humans with much more precise effort makes them the most sought appliance for a DIY enthusiast.


Saws are an essential and most evitable part of life. Important for most of the beginner’s woodworking projects, these saws have proven a great boon for them. They help in working with much greater ease with at homes too.

Making the woods work seem easier, these saws are of different designs and are made according to the work criteria. The main classification of the saws covers Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw, Miter Saw. Further classification is there depending on the type of work they are being employed for.

Carpenter in wood workshop using table saw. Mature man i casual clothing. Space is full of working tools and wooden planks.

These classifications are the on the basis of the era they were designed in and the advancements made upon by different inventors. Now, for the comparison between anything, one has to form a certain basis, which may include all the topics needed to have a much better evaluation.

But as we all know that nothing is perfect in this world and that to machinery involving various parts. So one may draw a line of conclusion which one could look upon in order to evaluate which technique or machinery he/she may select for optimum results and proper working.

As we all know, considering all the aspects before finalizing a result is as much necessary as the feeding of the top and quality raw material for the generation of best output. Saws are definitely a part of the basic accessory which is an integral part of the woodwork.

These have helped reduce the time, increased accuracy and precision in the respective field by reducing the efforts done by the laborers. Humans tend to have a lot of errors while working on minute applications, but a machine reduces such errors and helps to create masterpieces.


A table saw consists of a blade usually circular which are fitted over an arbor and is driven with the help of an electric motor with gears or a belt. The blade comes out over the table and makes the cut on the material which is cut like the plastic, wood or even metal.

The extent of cut depends upon the protrusion of the blade on the table. If there is higher protrusion of the blade above the table, the cut would be deeper and if the protrusion of the blade is less than cut will be shallow.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity - 120V via Amazon

Mr. Samuel Miller has been credited with the famous invention of circular saw used in the Table Saw in 1777. These are further classified into five types

  • Benchtop
  • Contractor
  • Cabinet
  • Hybrid
  • Mini and Macro

All these are having their own advantages and work based use. Contractor Table Saws are the most sought for table saws by the hobbyists and the beginners due to their low power operation.

Cabinet Table saws offer more of the advancements in the Contractor Table saw with the addition of durability and increased scope of work. Furthermore, Hybrid Table Saws offer the best of advancement in the innovation chain by competing with the Cabinet table saws being less expensive and more scope.

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw via Amazon

Mini and micro table saws have gained the most popularity with building contractors as they are cheaper than normal table saws and can be easily carried over the shoulder. They are very light and are suitable when the task is small like cutting small wooden pieces or trimming some wooden object.

That is the reason Mini and Macro Table Saws have garnered more hype with the Beginner’s Woodworking Projects and hobbyists.

Table saw is divided into some categories, as you can find here.


Radial arm saw consists of a circular saw blade fitted in the form of a machine in such a way that the blade runs over a sliding arm in a horizontal manner. Before the invention of the radial arm saw, hand saws and table saws were used for cross cutting lumber.

The problem with a table saw was that even though it could rip the stock easily, but it was difficult to push a long piece of stock through the blade of a table saw. This problem was solved as in radial saw, the stock remains stationary on the table as the blade passes through it.

This Saw went to the height of its popularity at the time of its making justified with 23 models being made for different purposes. These 23 different models have clearly increased the scope of the working of Radial Arm Saw as all of them have various modifications in them.

Also, they better the safety precautions for the workers by innovating the self-feed of material in the Saw, which prevent the fatal injuries related to the fingers of the laborers.

Radial Arm Saw via machinemart

Radial Arm Saw via Machinemart

A Quick Look at the De-Merits of Table Saw?

table saw

  • They are very much heavy in their weight making their transport a major problem.
  • They require a huge power supply for their operation.
  • They are not safe for use by individuals as one has to feed the sample to the cutter resulting in injury due to exposure and contact of fingers with the blade.
  • They are not efficient in their working as the blade tends to turn dull very quickly.
  • They are not durable in their use as compared to other saws.

Demerits of Radial Saw?

Radial Arm Saw via Ebay

Radial Arm Saw via Ebay

  • The most prevalent problem with this type of Saw is the dull saw blades as the saw tends to self-feed the material due to the saw blade rotation. Also, the solution to such an issue is to use a negative hook blade which eliminates this problem.
  • Also, a firm grip can help in the resolution of this self-feed material problem.
  • Its less versatility as compared to the Cabinet Table Saw combined with the high prices proves to be the most important disadvantage.
  • More modifications in the existing technologies can lead to the replacement of the older techniques such as power Miter saws did for Radial Arm Saw.
  • They are less convenient when cutting through the means of lowering the table for making cuts with a depth.

Which One’s Better: Radial Arm Saw Or Table Saw?

  • For the purpose of use in homes, Radial Arm Saw is surely a better and much more considered option as compared to the Table Saw.
  • Both of the Machines can perform simple and more complex tasks, but Radial Arm Saw have a better edge due to their accuracy.
  • Table Saw occupies more space as compared to the Radial Arm Saw hence preferred more for purposes involving less space.
  • Due to the addition of more of accessories the self-efficient Radial Saw could be used for more and more operations while Table Saw has limited capabilities.
  • Radial Arm Saw lose tolerance as it is modified to work with tuning only hence Table Saw takes a better advantage.
  • Radial Arm Saw has a very smooth functioning and better locking mechanism as compared to Table Saw.
  • The safety level is much more increased with the invention of self-feed in the existing Radial Arm Saw as compared to the Table Saws saving a more important human life.

Overview: Winner-Radial Arm Saw Or Table Saw?

As we now come to the end of the discussion, we may have to choose upon one of these inventions, that whether Radial Arm Saw or Table Saw has in a way revolutionized the world better mainly on the basis of work, durability, use, modification, configuration.

On careful observations, we conclude that Radial Arm Saw has a better hand than Table Saw. The primary reason for drawing such a conclusion is the safety criteria. As human life should be given more priority as compared to any other criteria, and Table Arm Saw clearly fails on the mark of judgment as the worker has to feed the material, i.e., wood to the Saw leading to severe accidents involving cutting off fingers and many others.

As Radial Arm Saw provides the much-needed safety it clearly has taken a well-deserved lead in the contest. But being more expensive than Table Saw it certainly has a weak point in its stride, but the durability, size, and weight, compactness of Radial Arm Saw again take a step forward.

Also, the classification of Radial Arm Saw into 23 models covering various areas of work which clearly are a step forward in the innovation making. The scope covering which is greatly enhanced by such efforts leads to the emergence of Radial Arm Saw as the clear winner.

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