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What Are The Best Acrylic Paint Brushes? – Top 7 Picks & Reviews 2019

Paint brushes matter very much, especially when the art on which you are working upon is so delicate. Some freshers think that all brushes serve the same purpose. These are wrong assumed interpretation. If you ask an experienced artist, he seems to know so much that he can easily write a book on it.

So why do these paint brushes matter? Though all brushes are made up of same components, the quality of elements used differs. A paint brush is one of the most important criteria in producing quality work. Most brushes these days use synthetic fibers. The material used is mostly nylon. These brushes offer two benefits: They are durable, and they are economical.

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Top 5 Best Watercolor Brushes in the Market 2019 – Reviews and Ratings

Watercolor paint brushes or acrylic paint brushes are one of the essential elements of a painter who uses watercolor as a medium, of course. But choosing the best watercolor brushes needs thorough research so that you won’t regret buying those that are mediocre in quality, class, and standard.

I remember buying one with substandard quality. The first time I used I had no complaints. But the second time was a different story. The color stains were still there and the bristles were on disarray, no matter how much I tried to gently stroke them back to their shape.

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Best Screws For Particle Board

Particle Boards are not the best things to work with, especially when it comes down to drilling and inserting the particle board screws. More importantly, you need to master the technique of inserting the screws.

With the right technique and of course, the right and the best screws for particle board, your life will be a lot easier when it comes to handling a particle board. Let us take a look at the things you need to know before your hands take over.

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30+ Must Have Painting Tools That Every Painters Should Have

Are you about to start your painting project? Then, you have to know about these painting tools. Some of them are obvious, while the lesser known tools are there to create unique effects.

Watch them before you start and make your next painting project an original and unique piece of art. There is no need to paint a landscape to become artistic. You can create unique effects with paint using certain rollers or sponges.

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Best Sawzall Reciprocating Saw (July 2019): Top Picks & Reviews

Are you looking for the best sawzall or the best reciprocating saw? Actually, they are the same thing. As a bloody DIYer, I love doing things myself rather than asking for professional help. I believe the joy of making something on your own does not exist only on DIY project but also in other fields of your life.

Yet as you only do it yourself, there are many stupid moments we’ve all been through. I once made an indentation on the walls with my hammer. It looked horrible and ruined the beauty of my walls. It’s like there is an extremely ugly in a group of cheerleader that forces the cheerleader effect to say: “Screw this, I give up”.

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  • Updated March 24, 2019
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Best Circular Saw (July 2019) – Editor’s Top Picks & Reviews

“Honey, we need a new table, could you please somehow… make one?” We were a young couple, and I was not into DIY project at that time. So I had no idea what to do. I guess we all have been through that moment once, right?

Thank god my father is a DIY enthusiast. He told me to use a circular saw and suggested me the best circular saws of all circular saw brands. He even borrowed circular saws from his friends for me, what a great father he is.

At first, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information. There are many types such as worm driver, sidewinder, cordless circular saw etc. Even more, there are circular saws for right handed/left handed people. Also, you need to choose the right blades for your work. Last but not least, safety should be your first priority that you should not take it lightly.

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  • Updated April 21, 2019
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Best Miter Saw (July 2019): Editor’s Top 3 Picks and Reviews

Why would you need the miter saw when the table saw can do whatever a miter saw can? Because as a homeowner, there are many home projects you want to accomplish within a day, therefore you need something handy to perform the cut as quick as possible.

Miter saw can perform 4 types of cuts, which are cross cut, miter cut, bevel cut and compound cut (combine miter cut with bevel cut). These cuts are suitable for projects like picture framing, crown molding, laminate flooring, finish carpentry and trim work.

There are many miter saw brands in the market, so which one is the best? I’ll answer you with my list of best miter saw 2019. With my experience, I’ll pick out the miter saw to buy. I hope you can rely on the information I provide to get the miter saw for your DIY projects.

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  • Updated April 7, 2019
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Best Caulking Guns (July 2019): Editor’s Top Picks And Reviews

The best caulking gun is always necessary tool for every homeowner. Everything in your house will be depreciating over time, thus, you need a tool to seal the cracks or gaps on them. Usually, the items we need to seal are a sink, tub, window, damaged wall, basements and other appliance that need to be sealed. The purpose of sealing those objects is to keep the water out.

Buying a cheap caulking gun should not be considered as an option since it tires your hands quickly, wastes your caulk, and usually, leaves a mess. A higher end tool will allow you to squeeze evenly, providing more control for the amount of caulk used.

It also has ergonomic grip so you won’t tire your hands quickly. More importantly, it drips less than the cheap one, so you don’t waste your caulk and create a mess.

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Best Paint Roller Frames (July 2019): Top Editor’s Picks And Reviews

Whether you paint, stain or varnish with normal paint brushes, you might take a lot of time and effort, not to mention the right technique. As a result, we want something easier that takes less of our time so we use paint roller instead.

A paint roller usually helps you accomplish the task faster. However, if you get the one with lousy a frame, instead of saving your time, you’re gonna spend a lot of time pushing the roller cover back to the frame and those awful finishes might get you frustrated in no time.

In this article, we will help you select the best paint roller frame by providing a list of the top paint roller frame so you can base on this list to make your own decisions.

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Best Paint Brushes (July 2019): Editor’s Top 5 Picks And Reviews

Imagine painting a house with low-quality paint brushes and get screwed up the work after a few minutes, then you have to replace that equipment with the new ones, clean up the mess and repaint it all over again, would be painful right? That’s the reason why choosing the best paint brushes is an essential task of painting. 

There are plenty of products come in different shapes, sizes and materials making it difficult to choose the best ones. So today we decided to make a comparison of the best paint brushes for painting to help you to make the right decision and please don't confuse with the artist paint brushes.

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