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Best Caulking Guns (August 2019): Editor’s Top Picks And Reviews

The best caulking gun is always necessary tool for every homeowner. Everything in your house will be depreciating over time, thus, you need a tool to seal the cracks or gaps on them. Usually, the items we need to seal are a sink, tub, window, damaged wall, basements and other appliance that need to be sealed. The purpose of sealing those objects is to keep the water out.

Buying a cheap caulking gun should not be considered as an option since it tires your hands quickly, wastes your caulk, and usually, leaves a mess. A higher end tool will allow you to squeeze evenly, providing more control for the amount of caulk used.

It also has ergonomic grip so you won’t tire your hands quickly. More importantly, it drips less than the cheap one, so you don’t waste your caulk and create a mess.

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Best Paint Roller Frames (August 2019): Top Editor’s Picks And Reviews

Whether you paint, stain or varnish with normal paint brushes, you might take a lot of time and effort, not to mention the right technique. As a result, we want something easier that takes less of our time so we use paint roller instead.

A paint roller usually helps you accomplish the task faster. However, if you get the one with lousy a frame, instead of saving your time, you’re gonna spend a lot of time pushing the roller cover back to the frame and those awful finishes might get you frustrated in no time.

In this article, we will help you select the best paint roller frame by providing a list of the top paint roller frame so you can base on this list to make your own decisions.

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Best Paint Brushes (August 2019): Editor’s Top 5 Picks And Reviews

Imagine painting a house with low-quality paint brushes and get screwed up the work after a few minutes, then you have to replace that equipment with the new ones, clean up the mess and repaint it all over again, would be painful right? That’s the reason why choosing the best paint brushes is an essential task of painting. 

There are plenty of products come in different shapes, sizes and materials making it difficult to choose the best ones. So today we decided to make a comparison of the best paint brushes for painting to help you to make the right decision and please don't confuse with the artist paint brushes.

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Best Step Ladder for Multi-Purposes (August 2019): Editor’s Top Picks And Reviews

Sometimes, a paint roller’s reach might not be sufficient to touch the ceilings or high walls, and it could be frustrating. To solve this problem, people use the best step ladder for additional reach. Depend on the height you want to reach, there are particular sizes of ladders for certain heights. The larger the size, the further it can reach.

The moment you step onto the ladder, you put your life at risk. So unless you want the ladder to collapse, pay attention the limit weight capacity of each ladder to see how much weight it can withstand. Also take into consideration the anti-slip feature of the ladder, and the material it is made of.

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Best HVLP Paint Sprayer (August 2019): Editor’s Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Are you looking for the best hvlp paint sprayer? Let me tell you a story. I’m not a smart person because once upon a time, I purchased a whole HVLP (high volume low pressure) paint spray system just to paint… a scratch on my car. Of course, I managed to finish the job with it anyway but it cost me around 300 bucks for that HVLP paint spray system. After that, I put it in my basement and I just used occasionally. About 4 years past, I took it out and realized that it didn’t work anymore.

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Best Artist Paint Brushes 2019 – Editor’s Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Do you know how the artist paint brush affect image quality? Best artist paint brushes are available in various sizes and shapes. The selection of the paint brushes should be based on the type of painting, quality and budget. 

There are water-finish brushes as well as oil-finish brushes. As it is very tough to select the right brush to fulfill your needs, you can go through the well researched Artist Paint Brushes as presented in this article.

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