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Best Router Lift (April 2019) – Top Picks & Reviews

If you’re really serious about the use of your router table, then you would benefit from having the best router lift.

With a high-end router lift, you can make the height adjustments from over the table rather than below. And to change things a little, you do not have to take out the router entirely from your table.

Essentially, router lifts are router-table plates mounted with a carriage attached to keep the router in place. The detachable clank holder is then inserted into the plate. This will lower or raise the carriage with great precision.

Also, there is a dial built in the mounted plating or attached to a crank, measuring height adjustments to 1/64-inches or thinner. As you will find, most of the router lifts do not provide a collective readout. Meaning, that you will have to monitor the crank’s revolutions while utilizing height changes 1/16-inches or higher.

Other lifts have height indicators - a great feature for pre-setting the bits to a uniform height every time you use it. Several people think this is a useful feature when creating rails or stiles for the panel doors.

In this post, we reviewed five of the best router lift on the market today. We also provided tips to help you choose the best product in the later section.

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Best Router Table (April 2019): Top Rated Great Units For Making Best-designed Cuts And Woodwork Creations

Top choices of routers, bench top router tables, bench dog router tables, and more!

Woodworking and fine wood designs have been famous around the past few years as this contributes very well to home designs and home furniture. With the use and the help of great router tables, you are sure to be able to make the best-designed cuts and woodwork creations.

We have here the best router tables for woodworking!

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  • Updated March 12, 2019
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