Track Saw Vs Table Saw- Confused To Opt For Better Ideal Saw-! (1)

Track Saw Vs Table Saw: Confused To Opt For Better Ideal Saw?!

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The track saw and table saw both are renowned tools as these are required in woodworking projects on a daily basis.

Whether it is a track saw or a table saw the basic purpose of this saw is that they cut hard material.They are mostly used for woodworking purposes and in other construction works.

 With the advent of technology, there are many different types of the saw being developed these days. Each saw serves a different purpose.When one product can’t justify or fulfill the needs of the people, then obviously new products would come up which are going to fulfill those demands.

Thus market works on demand and supply principle. Whenever the demand increases, supply also increases.

It’s a rule whenever a new product comes into the market it is meant to overcome all the flaws that were present in previous products. But still, a person can never be satisfied. He/she always hopes for further perfection. And yes, one should strike for perfection all the time.



When the length of the object which is to be cut is really longer than these track saws are the tools of choice. It makes the long and accurate cut with utmost ease.

Usually while using small size saw the main problem that arises is that the cut is not that clear and clean as it is expected to be. So track saw is used for such purposes.

A centered channel and two rubber edges on DeWALT’s track allow the saw to cut on either side for added convenience.

A centered channel and two rubber edges on DeWALT’s track allow the saw to cut on either side for added convenience via woodworkersjournal

They are light and portable and thus convenient to carry. They can be carried to any place as and when required.


Track Saws via woodworkers journal

Track Saws via woodworkers journal

  • It is not just a circular saw thus offers the variety of uses. Besides this, it possesses a straightedge which is quite fancy and appealing.
  • It has got a good dust collecting system and it actually works unlike another saw which just possesses a dust collection system but it never works.
  • Additional accessories like a vacuum hose can be connected to it and believe me, once you are done with this system it will do wonders. One can do multiple works using this system.
  • No slip-tracks-The track is most suitable as it possesses a rubber strip at the bottom. As these rubber strips don’t slip hence one need not waste time in clamping the track.
  • Instant set up and user-friendly: First, make few marks and then align the tracks according to those marks. The plastic edge will guide you where the blade will actually cut.
  • Suitable for tight spaces: It can make a big cut with ease. It can cut a big piece of plywood with utmost ease. It requires no additional indeed or outfeed space, unlike the table, saw. It is a space saver in a truck or a van.
  • Painless portability: Can be carried under your arm easily.
  • Clean and smooth cuts: These are designed to make a clear and clean cut. These are usually needed while dealing with long plywood and other woodworks.
  • Long miter: This is the biggest advantage it offers. The length and angle of the cuts are not limited unlike other miter ?saws, table saw which provide limited cuts. Table saw only allow the user to work with limited length, thus not suitable for longer plywood sheets.
  • Single stage plywood cutting and the best part above all is that though it is allowing the user to make a big cut if anyone wants to increase the length a connector can be used which will connect both the track saw together with ease.

    The ends of track saw are square. After locking the ends together the super large cut can be made with ease. The last cut will be of the same accuracy as the last cut. Thus, if one wants the work to be done with perfection, he/she must opt for track saw.
  • Cost effective and it is really easy to cut angles with the help of the track saw.
  • Besides this, it is safer to use a track saw. Safety is a prime concern when one is working on bigger projects as one has to meet few guidelines.


  • They don’t have a built-in miter gauge so the user may face difficulty sometimes while dealing with it.
  • If one needs to cut deeper then this type of saw are not the tools of choice. Plus motor cannot work for more than a few hours and thus not recommended for works of longer duration.
  • Unlike table saw, it requires an additional work piece to provide support. Thus additional cost is added.
  • Though it is flexible, still, it can’t be used with a large number of different tools. Flexible tools are really needed as they can be connected to any other tool with ease and hence reduces the burden of buying various other tools.


Table saw is divided into some categories, as you can find here.

Each and every tool has got its benefits and disadvantages. Thus, one has to look for his benefits while purchasing a tool. So all the desired quality which this table saw possesses include

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity - 120V via Amazon

  • The major advantage of the table saw is that it allows the user to make a straight cut on plywood and other hard material. As a beginner woodworking projects require great perfection so as to make their position in the market. So using a tool which is perfect for your work is the need of the hour.
  • These saw allow the user to make a precise and accurate cut, thus again necessary for doing a clean and perfect work. The market is full of the same tools, but when it comes to choosing a tool one look for two factors, one is his own budget and another is the quality of the product. These tools are not that cheap. While purchasing these tools a person go through its pros and cons in a detailed manner.
  • If one needs to cut a piece of wood at the same angle and of same thickness then for sure one needs a table saw
  • If one needs to make a slot like if one has to fit horizontal pieces or flat wood pieces then opt for the table saw. For every new beginner, the table saw is a boon.
  • The building of cabinets requires a lot of skills. Though every carpenter can make a cabinet but work done with perfection has got its own value.
  • A table saw can cut at ultra fast speed. In short, its deep cut speed and high speed is quite appealing.
  • So when deep cuts are desired table saw is required over track saw.

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw via Amazon


table saw

  • They are not safe and thus requires a lot of assistance and care while using them. One should take few safety measures while using such tools.
  • They are not portable, unlike track saw which can be carried from one place to another with ease. Thus they can’t be carried to the workplace.
  • They require indeed and outfeed space as well, so the person has a big working place can accommodate such tools. Space is a major problem these days as when so many tools are required to keep in a place, tools which require less space are needed.
  • Above all table saw is less versatile in comparison to track saw. Versatile tools are more preferred.

Bottom Line

th of them are good in few aspects and bad at another. But the only factor which decides what tool one should purchase is the requirement. As we all know “necessity is the mother of inventions” so as per our demands new tools and products are being manufactured on a daily basis.

Power tools have got several advantages over other manually operated tools. Manually operated tools require a lot of hard work and they are time-consuming as well, but these powerful tools have made the life easier and simpler.

If one is really very particular about safety so it is bit obvious that one has to opt for the track saw in comparison to a table saw. In fact, table saw does not follow few basic guidelines of power tools like regarding safety they are not appropriate.

With each new tool in the market older tool is being replaced thus the person should be various careful while choosing a tool. So being honest, if one has to work needs to make long cuts of minimum depth, then one should go for track saw. On the other hand, if one has to make deeper cuts then go to the table saw.

Closeup side view of a mid 30's man doing some carpentry work at a workshop.

A table saw can make a cut of variable length.As per safety, wise track saw is preferred over a table saw as a table saw are hard to deal with and requires a lot of assistance. Table saw sometimes may even damage the material on which it is being used.

Thus, proper instructions should be read before operating this table saw. And tools which meet all the guidelines are recommended.

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