Wall Creations: 20 DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home and Room

Your room is where you have the freedom to create ideas on how to make your home look unique. And DIY wall arts are one of the inexpensive and fascinating ways to decorate your walls.

WallCreations adds personality and unique styles in your rooms. At little cost, you can make your walls a masterpiece. The best thing about wall arts is that you can make most of them in your home, and by yourself or by the help of your kids.

Some of the tips choosing the right feature wall your home include determining the wall decors that matches with the furniture in your house. Also, consider a variety of wall arts that can fit well in different rooms.

From hot air balloon decals to incredible cross-stitched art, you can choose a wall art creation that gives a relaxing, a rustic, or a woodsy feel. These arts also give you an excellent way to design your picture wall. Here’s a list of 20 DIY wall art ideas, perfect for your home or office walls.


Wall Creations: 20 DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home and Room

1. Easy Popsicle Shadow Box

The best thing about this wall art is that nobody will notice it’s made from a Popsicle stick at first glance. It takes mundane materials and converts them into different shapes, creating unique art.

2. Super Simple Fired Ink Art

Ink wall projects always look like mixed watermelon paintings. Wall art is easy to make.

Just pour and rub alcohol-based inks on a glass and then transform it into a stunning collage of shapes and organic lines. You can also add an inexpensive frame to make a great wall creation.

3. Easy DIY Giant Confetti Mosaic

These days, geometric shapes and metallic colors are becoming two of the most popular features used in modern interior designs. This wall creation combines both the elements, giving your walls glamorous looks.

4. Simple Framed Twig Homemade Wall Art

If you’re a nature enthusiast, this project is a perfect idea for your home. It will bring the outdoor feeling, experience, and touch on your walls.

You can use fallen branches and lumber to treat this gorgeous framed twig arts. It’ll fit well in both your bedroom and your living room.

5. DIY Floating Flowers and Leaves

Framed Faux Pressed Leaves -- Create an upscale look without the cost.

The project is excellent for your windows and walls. It can fit well in all rooms, especially in well-lit areas. Additionally, it’s doable in summertime and spring as you can collect leaves as you stroll nature.

6. Easy DIY Geometric Wall Art

An Easy DIY Geometric Wall Art fits well in the modern and contemporary home design. Its clean lines and geometrical shapes give it a professional touch.

However, anyone can create this wall art, including amateur artists. You can select the colors of your desire that adds a unique style in your home.

7. Pretty Watercolor Collage Art Project

Making a watercolor paper is fun for you and your kids. Many people are liking this project as it adds colors and beauty on your walls. Also, it created an attractive solid-colored decal and furniture.

Wood arrow decor ideas are one of the trending walls projects these days. They’re perfect in various wall spaces and can be made in multiple styles. Just switch color palette to match with your wall or furniture.

8. Colorful Wood Arrows DIY Wall Art Decor

Wood arrow decor ideas are one of the trending walls projects these days. They’re perfect in various wall spaces and can be made in multiple styles. Just switch color palette to match with your wall or furniture.

9. DIY Bamboo Skewer Wall Decor

DIY wall sculpture made from bamboo skewers (which I have a ton leftover from another project...hello, this is happening!)

If you love mid-century and retro interior decor designs, this is one of the best wall decals for you. The spheres are easy to make and will ensure your walls pop. If you’re tired of staring at your empty walls, furnish them with these three-dimensional arts.

10. Woven Paper Wall Art

Weaving is a trending DIY idea because woven artworks are timeless. This wall decor will capture the beauty of a traditional woven basket. They’re homemade, and your friends will adore it because of its glamorous look.

11. Super Simple DIY Abstract Paintings

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The Abstract Painting wall project is also gaining popularity in modern home designs. This beautiful art adds a mixture of color shapes on your wall. It can create a nice contrast on flat white walls.

12. DIY Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror

DIY Paint stick sunburst mirror tutorial. So cheap & easy! 

This is another mid-century idea for persons who love retro decor designs. The metallic metal palette and soft rose gold will make your walls look unique and stylish. It converts a dull appearance by adding a gorgeous touch to the room.

13. Colorful Citrus Wood Painting Trio

They’re among the best and trending dining room and kitchen wall decor ideas. The project is simple to create and can fit into houses with small or large walls.

They create a summertime feeling and are excellent for mild winter homes. You can also personalize the colors to match with your current decors.

14. Easy DIY Paper Dahlia Decoration

Everyone will love a paper wall decor idea. These elegant floral busts are delicate decorations for every wall in your home. Additionally, they’re perfect for adults, teens, or children bedrooms. You can select the colors of your choice such as grey, white or pink.

15. Decoupage Animal Photo on Painted Canvas

This project is among the best decor ideas on the kid’s wall. If you’re expecting to have another baby, decorating the nursery for your kid with this wall art is a great idea.

They also make excellent baby shower gifts. You can prepare them by adding a variety of animal pictures and create a gender-neutral art for the baby.

16. Cut Out Paper Leaf Art

This excellent project can fit well in the office and home walls. These leaves patterns look like a singular entity, and you’ll appreciate the creativity on this project. Combination of layered and colored papers and their strategic cuttings create an impressive leaf.

17. Wash Tape Geometric Wall Art

This art combines Geometric Shapes and Washi Tape DIY walls decor. It has clear lines that give it a professional print appearance. It also has three-dimensional shapes, making it appealing.

18. Faux Flower Wall Art

Now that Fall is here, we're thinking about redecorating our homes here at Brit + Co, which means it's the perfect time for some DIY inspiration. There are literally thousands of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office (along with posters and prints). But we narrowed it down a little to our top 100

If you’re a bouquet enthusiast, but not always able to buy fresh flower bouquets, this walls art is excellent for you. It enables you to combine your favorite flowers in one stunning design. You can also use it alongside your event banner.

19. Washi Tape Skyline Wall Decoration

City landscape outline on the wall, bed head, bedroom. 20 Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas - A Little Craft In Your Daya Little Craft In Your Day

Washi Tape is an excellent art, and it displays an outline of a big city on the walls. The lines aren’t permanent, making this project ideal for renters.

20. DIY Lace Flower Art

If you love flower arts, you’ll probably like this project. The soft pastel canvas and lace doily combine to make a fascinating county vibe.

21. Hot Air Balloon Decals


If you’re looking for different ways to decorate your rooms, these 20 wall arts will help you furnish your home. Most of these projects are homemade and easy to make. Choose one or more of these arts and improve the beauty of your walls.

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