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Air purifiers are electronic cleaning devices that help in the elimination of most of the indoor air pollutants present in a room that can cause harm to people living there.

Although such pollutants can be minimized by eliminating the source or ventilating the house so that outdoor air can circulate effectively, usually bad weather conditions and worse outdoor air quality can become a big problem.

Installing an air purifier helps in purifying the indoor air and helps you breathe contaminant-free air. Read on to find the uses of an air purifier.

What is an air purifier used for? The answer to this question is simple- air purifiers help in filtering the indoor air for pollutants that may cause adverse heath effects. It is usually needed for


Eliminating tobacco smoke

Cigarette smoke can be as harmful to everyone around as it is to the person smoking. If you have small children at home, ensuring the quality of indoor air becomes essential to eliminate the risk of second-hand smoke.

It can cause respiratory diseases at a young age. Tobacco smoke may also attack and worsen asthma patients. If you smoke inside your room the odor may stick on the wall and furnishing reducing the freshness of the room.It is essential to keep your indoor air quality free from any smoke.

Quitting smoking - male hand crushing cigarette

Air purifiers reduce such risks by instantly eliminating the smoke from the room and exchanging it with clean, fresh and odor free air.

If only smoke is your concern, go for specially designed tobacco smoke air purifiers that eliminate most of the toxic gasses and odor associated with it.

Removing germs

Air purifiers with enhanced HEPA filter and an antibacterial filter work well in eliminating germs from your surrounding making the environment clean for breathing.

Some devices use ultraviolet light to kill the pathogens when they pass through it while some feature a sterilizer that kills the germs by heat. Such purifiers are a boon to people concerned with pathogens are having health issues due to them.

Vacum cleaner hepa 13 filter XXXL

The diseases caused by germs such as viruses and bacteria are infectious. If not taken care of, these pathogens may cause severe illness affecting a lot of people.

For some home daycare, it can be of great help to keep germs from circulating in the air and causing harm to anyone spending time there.

Minimizing odors

Any unwanted odor in your indoor air is extremely difficult to deal with without an air purifier. Fortunately, most of the devices are designed to eliminate odor but the one with an ionizer and activated carbon is sure to do that.

It absorbs the unwanted particles that cause bad odor and provide you with fresh air to breathe.

It not only reduces smoke smell coming from cigarettes and cooking but also is effective in reducing strong food smell that tends to stay back for hours.This may keep your house from smelling fresh.

young woman in red holding her nose because of bad smell from food near refrigerator at home

Besides, purifier helps in eliminating the smell of forgotten garbage that emits unmanageable bad odor right into your rooms.

Families having small babies may also need an air purifier to eliminate the smell of dirty and soiled diapers to keep their baby's room smelling fresh. If you have a pet at home, an air purifier is a must-have to get rid of pet smell touching your nose all the time.

Reducing allergies

Air purifiers are great for combatting dust and pollen allergies that can cause serious health problems. If nothing else works for you, an air purifier with mechanical filters will provide a big relief.

The special screens in such filters trap minute particles present in the indoor air which includes pollen, dust mites as well as pet dander.Electronic filters also work well in capturing allergens.

Shot of a young businessman suffering with allergies at work

An electrical charge is used to attract the particles that get captured in the system itself. For this reason, it is great for people fighting with asthma. In absence of an air purifier, the allergens are known to settle down on nearby surfaces and must be cleaned by vacuuming to get rid of it.

Reducing dust

Dust is everywhere and we can't get rid of it completely, although an air purifier may help you to minimize indoor dust to a great extent. Some people might think that it will collect dust from the surfaces which are completely false.

Though air purifiers reduce the amount of dust in your room, it cannot collect deposited dust from the surfaces. Instead, it only cleans off the dust present in the air. You will still need to vacuum the carpet and wipe off surfaces to get rid of dust entirely.

How to get dust particle out of the air

How to get dust particle out of the air

With regular use of an air purifier, there will be less dust in the air and very little will get a chance to settle down. So, air purifiers definitely help in reducing dust when used appropriately.

Effective High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) may trap up to 99.97% of dust and other airborne particles to provide you clean air.

Eliminating mold

Is mold affecting your health? If the answer is yes then you must definitely go for a mold air purifier. Usually, the smell of mold is a sign of severe mold infestation in your home and must be tackled immediately.

If your home is already infested with mold, you might need a mold removal. Mold spores are present everywhere and are meant to decay dead organic matter such as leaves and trees. Infestations should never hit your home, especially indoors.

Extensive mold growth throughtout the walls and ceilings of a home

Spores may enter your house through open windows and gaps and may find a suitable place to breed. Usually, molds settle down over wet and damp areas and grow rapidly causing severe illness. If you discover a musty smell in your house, find out the spot.

An air filter will continuously check for mold spores present in the air and kill them. HEPA filter is dry and sterile which captures the spores and prevent them from circulating in your room.

Fresh air means different things to different people. Some feel fresh when their rooms smell good, while some like the dust-free environment to live in. Whatever the cause is, an air filter is a must have luxury home stuff for a better health. Click here to find out more about air purifier.

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