What Is An Ionizer? Big secrets For Healthy Improvement Through Ionizing The Indoor Air

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When it comes to ionizers and purifiers, sometimes there are always those things about it we ask ourselves with. Like for example, what is an Ionizer? What does it consist of?

We often know it as what others portray it to be. But it would be really great and helpful if we got to know it better.


“What is an Ionizer?”

Let’s first start off by getting to know what an Ionizer is. An ionizer is a product that can be commonly found inside your house, stores, malls, or even cars.

Its main function is to produce and spread ions all over the air with its electrically charged wires that make it possible to do so.The purpose of these ions is to spread and interact with any substance in the air such as pollutants, dust particles, bacteria, cigarette smoke, soot, and pollen.

Due to an electric attraction, like static, these ions and pollutants are able to meet and interact.

After they do, the ions purify and sanitize your air, reaping it from terrible air impurities. Then voila! You will then have cleaner, fresher and ionized air. Isn’t that amazing?

It contains a great amount of benefits for not just you, but to everyone! Here’s an example:

Types of air ionizer via The air geeks

Ionizer products have many forms to make it compatible and suitable for certain areas, situations, and environment. Like the picture for example. These are three of the ionizer’s forms.


Power Jointer via http://www.luxuryhomestuff.com/#luxuryhomestuff.com/#woodsmithtips.com

Fan via Botron

Water Ionizer

Hand Saw via woodandshop.com

Water Ionizer via Raw food life

Air Purifier

Hand Saw via woodandshop.com

Air Purifier via Ebay

Car Ionizer Air Purifier

Hand Saw via woodandshop.com

Car Air Purifier via Rediff

So you see, Ionizer products have been becoming more flexible to be more compatible with many situations and conditions. It can bring its convenience almost anywhere you possibly go. The car, the bathroom, your bedroom… well, any room!

“What does Ionize mean?”

Now, I have explained to you what ionizers are. But why are they called that? What does Ionize even mean? How is this related to the product itself? Well, I have just the answer to these questions.

It’s quite simple. The word ionize is a process itself. It is a process of converting atoms, molecules, or any substance in the air, into ions or ion by removing an electron or more electrons. But how does it do that?

You are probably asking. Well, this is when a negative and positive charge is involved.So in order to convert atoms or molecules, they must first acquire a negative or a positive charge by either gaining or losing an electron or a bunch of electrons to form an official ion.

And that is how Ionizing or ionization goes. Here’s a picture of how the process can take place:

Process of Ionizer via Engineering 360

This image is a small summary of what and how Ionizing can be. As you can see, the image consists of ions, both negatively charged and positively charged, stabled atoms and molecules, and positively charged objects. It also consists of soft rays as guides to where ions can be distributed from the ionizer.

  • First, negative and positive ions are being spread all over the air to interact with other substances such as the atoms and the molecules which depict as blue circles or bubbles in the image. As the ions are being spread, an electrical attraction is made which is similar to static.
  • Second, nearby atoms and molecules would become “stuck” to these ions and a chemical change would take part afterward, letting these certain atoms or molecules gain or acquire a charge either positive or negative which an ion carries.
  • Third, while the process is undergoing a chemical change, the atom or molecule would then gain or lose the electrons it contains, forming it into something else which we call an ion. An ionized atom is usually an atom that has lost an electron or more electrons.

Ionic Air Purifiers

?The thing about Ionic Air Purifiers is that there are some things to consider. First of all, we must know which is which. There are actually two types of Ionic Air Purifiers. These two are called Electrostatic Precipitators and Air Ionizers.

To tell the difference between the two, we have to get to know what they are really like. As for the first, the Electrostatic precipitator, also known as Electrostatic Air Cleaner, consists of positive and negative charged plates which function as collectors.

These particulates then collect on the plates as they pass through the air purifier. It filters just like that as it is a device that removes the fine particles such as dust, smoke, or any gas particles in the air. It will then use a force which can be induced in an electrostatic charge.

The Electrostatic Air Cleaner mostly relies on its plates. When the plates are well taken care of and cleaner, it would be able to function properly and you can guarantee that you will experience or even witness a good performance with the Electrostatic Air Cleaner.

Air Purifier via Sharp Image

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The second kind of Ionic Air Purifier is the Air Ionizer as mentioned. What makes it different from the Electrostatic Air Cleaner is that while the Electrostatic Air Cleaner is a filtered device, the Air Ionizer is not. It doesn’t have a filter at all.

The Air Ionizer in some situations does not even have a motor. You can consider this device more on as a generator than the Electrostatic Air Cleaner. The Air Ionizer is also considered as a negative ion generator for they emit a negative or positive ion charge that functions to attach to any airborne particle.

So you see, the two actually work differently and are actually two different things just placed in one category as Ionic Air Purifiers. That’s one thing that makes them similar.

Another thing that makes them similar is that they both purify the air and that they send out charged ions to make this task possible.

Ionizer Air Purifier

So now, we are finished with discussing what Ionizers are, what they do and how they function towards air particles.

What we are going to talk about next are the benefits of Ionize?r Air Purifiers and how they can help you with your household cleanliness and how they can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Ionizer Air Purifier via Trade India

First of all, we need to tell ourselves that Ionizer Air purifiers are not any different from Ionic Air Purifiers. They both have the same function and they both can be the exact same thing. However, Ionic and Ionize are two different words and have different meanings. 

What differentiates them both is that the term Ionizer for Ionizer Air Purifier emphasizes what it does as it ionizes. As for the Ionic Air Purifier, the term, Ionic, emphasizes what it is made of and what it spreads out in your environment which is ions with charges.

The benefits of the Ionizer Air Purifiers are as goes:

They clear the air from hazardous particles

The ionizer’s function is to send out charged ions and most ions are negatively charged which also gives the advantage of being an airborne particle remover such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and even potential allergens.

 Ionizers prevent respiratory problems

Now, because of its negatively charged ions that remove the hazardous airborne particles, it enables you to breathe much better. And if you are asthmatic, this could help reduce your problems with asthma.

Asthma Sufferers

This is also because this improves the function of your cilia.The cilia are a part of your respiratory tract which functions to protect your lungs from any inflammation or irritation. With that, you can say goodbye to flu, coughs, colds, your asthma and even hay fever.

Gives you a more positive outlook on life

It has been mentioned that a research study at the University of California has shown that the negative ions that the ionizer air purifiers gives out actually contribute to our brain activity. The negative ions normalize the serotonin levels of our brain.

Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters that involves and deal with our sleep, depression, and memory.

When this neurotransmitter is normalized, your point of view in some situations can change into something more positive and even change your mood to an even happier one.

So what do you say about this article? Did this article answer the questions you have been asking? To sum things up, Ionizers are what you can call “cleaners” of the air. They clean with the use of negative and positive charged ions to interact with atoms and molecules all around your house.

They can take up many forms. Ionized or ionize is the process in which an electrostatic energy is involved. This energy is required to attract atoms or molecules to the ions and then converting them into ions by removing or adding one or more electrons from them.

Ionic Air Purifiers and Ionizer Air Purifiers are just about the same thing. The only thing that makes them both different are the terms they are used and how they are emphasized. You can call them in those two different terms and can still be the exact same product.

These Air Purifiers seem to have many advantages in your life as well as your household. It gives the opportunity of a healthier lifestyle by removing hazardous particles in the air and reduces any trouble with your respiratory system. That ends it. Thank you for reading.

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