Dyson vs Shark: Which Vacuum Should You Choose?

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The vacuum market is one that has several retailers and brands especially since most people love to keep at least one pet and own floor carpets that can greatly benefit from vacuuming. There are many models for every budget scale and finding a good quality vacuum should not be a daunting task.

However, not all offers you find will depict desirable qualities. It is thus advisable to first review these products and then compare what each offer brings with regard to efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience.


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Dyson and Shark are the two popular names you will come across when looking for vacuums. In fact, most pet hair vacuum reviews will seldom fail to mention the two as they definitely dominate the market.

Nonetheless, there are several other brands that also fight to earn their fair share of the market space and shopping around is often recommendable.The Dyson vs Shark vacuum rivalry has existed for quite some time as both brands proclaim to be the best (offering better performance products than the rest).

Dyson is often depicted as the king or standard when it comes to high-end pet hair vacuums. They use the claim of manufacturing models that offer superior vacuuming and cleaning performance to justifier their higher prices.

In fact, many Dyson vacuums maintain that they offer double the suction you will get from any other competing model and while this may be true, it is usually contested by Shark which is a much smaller company.

Shark target some of Dyson customers by insisting they provide vacuums that offer equal (if not better) performance than Dyson, albeit at a fraction of the cost. Shark argues that their pet hair vacuums come at almost half the price, but deliver just as effectively.

Picking out one of these brands as the ultimate best is definitely subjective especially since your choice will depend on various needs and factors. Fortunately, we can still compare the top products from the two and review how they measure up to one another. You can find out the detail in Dyson vs Shark vacuum here.

Here is a brief descriptive review of the Shark Rotator (professional lift away) and Dyson Big Ball, two of the most popular pet vacuums the companies offer in the market.

Product Descriptions

Before we evaluate the Dyson vs Shark vacuum contest based on the quality consideration aspects customers should be keen on, it is important to first describe these vacuums;

Dyson Ball

Formerly known as DC65, the Dyson Big Ball animal vacuum is simply one of the top models offered by the company. It is a bag-less upright vacuum that comes with the trademark “ball” technology designed for easy maneuverability.

A ball shape base offers the perfect foundation for the vacuum’s body and gives it the tight turning radius making cleaning easier. It also comes with a host of features that are optimized to make vacuuming both fun and effortless.

The self-adjusting base plate, for instance, adapts to the type of floor (and contours) automatically adjusting the head of the vacuum to help you clean across carpets and hardwoods without stopping.

The cleaner also features a fairly new “Radial Root Cyclone”, a technology that enables the vacuum to pick up finer dust particles to give you the cleanest surface. This feature found on top of the vacuum’s dust canister also improves airflow within the chambers.

Shark Rotator

Like Dyson, the Shark Rotator depicts a bag-less upright design, albeit with a forward thinking. This vacuum is highly reputed for their “lift-away” design that mounts more convenience and efficiency into cleaning.

The design allows you to detach both the wand and dust canister from the vacuum leaving a portable model.

It also makes it possible to clean areas like stairs and car interior, something that is often troublesome when using upright vacuum models. Shark Rotator also offers powerful suction and lifts away the fine dust particles for a clean residue-free surface.

It is the latest design from the company featuring their lift-away design.

Head-to-head comparison

There is more to say about these two models when deciding the Dyson vs. Shark vacuum contest. Besides feature set, conveniences and aesthetic appeal, Dyson Ball and Shark Rotator, can be evaluated based on several aspects as illustrated below)


Shark boasts providing top quality performance at a fraction of the dollar you pay for Dyson’s products. The Big Ball Animal costs up to $100 more than the Rotator lift-away so if you are looking for something more affordable, then Shark is probably your best option in this regard.


In terms of operation, the models even out as they both offer effortless maneuverability on the floor. Dyson Ball has a ball technology that allows you to quickly get past obstacles and this is the same efficiency the swiveling head in Shark Rotator offers.

When you compare the two models against other vacuums, they indeed provide more handling improvement.Dyson Big Ball has one main fault that tarnishes its operational function. The ball head at the base may be effective in cleaning and maneuverability.

However, its height does not allow the cleaning of under furniture and other fixtures that have low clearance. Nonetheless, it should not be a huge problem as you can resolve it by removing the detachable wand, although it still adds more work to your vacuuming duty.

Conversely, Shark Lift-Away design is seen as more versatile particularly since it automatically adjusts to the floor type making it easy to clean through the stairs. The canister-upright switch is one of the major selling points of Shark Rotator.

Both vacuums are light weight although Lift-Away (from Shark) weights slightly less than the Big Ball. Shark Rotator is about 14 pounds heavy while Dyson’s Big Ball weighs 17 pounds. The two models basically offer swift operation, but most users feel that Shark offers a better experience.


There is no performance winner in the Dyson vs. Shark vacuum contest as both are rated quite highly by a customer. In tests, both vacuums achieve fairly similar results and keep all the dirt away from your floors whether bare or carpeted.

Customers rate both as “Very Good” and they are straight five-star models in the market. Nevertheless, Dyson’s multi-floor is consistently rated as “Very Good” in pet-hair vacuum reviews compared to the “Fare” rating given to Shark’s Rotator.

Pet owners find Dyson’s Ball more efficient for their animals than Shark’s Lift-Away.

Filter System

Filtering is one of the crucial processes to evaluate in vacuums especially if you have allergies. Dyson’s Ball has the complete HEPA filtration seal. It is also certified for allergies and asthma. Shark’s Rotator has complete HEPA filtration seal and can be used by those allergic to pet hair and also the asthmatic.

Other comparisons

Both Shark and Dyson are famous vacuum brands that have been serving the market for quite some time. As such, they have released various models featuring different technologies.

When comparing to brands, it is fair to look at every aspect of the company and products. A single breakthrough does not automatically make one company better than the other as the priority here is consistency.

Things like reputation, exceptional customer service, product quality guarantees and warranty, return policies, flexibility, discounts and measures against counterfeit products are all important.

Dyson and Shark have some of the combined, best vacuums you will find. Those looking for high-end vacuums that offer top efficiency and effectiveness will find Dyson more preferable. Pet owners may also purchase in favor of Dyson as they offer some designs enhanced to allow swift pet hair vacuuming.

If you are searching for something more affordable, yet still efficient, Shark is the brand to look up. They also have special designs for pets.

Which one should you buy?

As mentioned, the choice you make will be subject to your preferences and needs. Comparing Dyson and Shark vacuums product by product will quickly reveal who dominates the market.

Dyson products have beat Shark models in various consumer tests although by a small margin in most cases.

Many lovers of Shark, however, are motivated by the affordability as they save several hundred dollars and are still satisfied with the results.

Most claim the extra cost of Dyson’s vacuum is simply not worth it when you compare the marginal difference in performance and efficiency.

Ultimately, price and performance are only two aspects and your purchase decision should encompass all areas including design, functionality, durability and versatility as well as guarantees.

It is also recommendable to look from previous and/or current user reviews and comments to learn from their individual experiences. This will help you discover unique strengths and weaknesses that can only be noticed when you put the machine to use.

Look for the sale points and see whether they are sufficient to mask the disadvantages. More importantly, shop from credible licensed stores that are allowed to offer the vacuums within your area.

Some retailers may be able to provide discounts as well as after-sales services.It all boils down to personal preference for top brands like Dyson and Shark. Whichever choice you make, the results will still be awesome. 

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