Milwaukee Vs Dewalt: Comparing 2 Iconic Tool Brands, Which Is Survival Of The Fittest?

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With the rapid growth in the industrial and commercial sectors, we have almost everything we need in front of us. Have you ever wondered that the furniture in your house occurred damage in the construction site which is being replaced can be repaired as well?

If you wish to know more about it, you have to read this article for it deals in two famous brands Milwaukee and DeWalt which manufacture power and hand tools and these are the ones used nationwide.

The brands have earned high reputation and popularity over the years, ever since their emergence in the world and there has been no looking back since then. They have massive competitors all around the world but no one has had the audacity to question their integrity and dignity.

Durability, functionality, tolerance and in every other aspect, these two companies have been able to beat other renowned brands.


General overview: Milwaukee VS DeWalt

Needless to mention the fact that these two brands have been at the top from an early phase in their careers, but to take a deeper and a more enhanced look, let us go for a flashback and take a look at their history and how good they were when they started off.


Milwaukee was founded by A.H. Peterson, who was a young manufacturer of tools and dyes. Henry Ford was the founder of the famous Automobile Company, Ford and had already gained the reputation that made him immensely popular.

One day, he came to Peterson and presented him with a challenge- the challenge to create a power drill for one of his own projects. Earlier, power drills were big, complicated and cumbersome and their functions or operations were not as effective as it is in the modern times.

When Peterson embraced the challenge and gave Henry Ford the portable and lightweight power drill, Mr. Ford was ecstatic and invested excessive enthusiasm about the product and he instantly approved the drill which helped him in these projects to a fairly large extent.

Emmaboda, Sweden - May 13, 2016: Forest and tractor (Skog och traktor) fair. A hand resting on one of many Milwaukee tools on a table.

Known as the Hole-Shooter, this was a massive revolutionary threshold to one of the greatest tool making companies in the history of brands. However, the happiness was short lived as the entire company caught fire and was turned to ashes.

It was his colleague A.F. Siebert that bought the company and decided to build up on the Hole-Shooter and named the company ‘Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation’. From that phase onwards, they have worked industriously and consistently in giving the nation the best electric tools that are available in the market currently.

Their exceptional inventions which have helped mankind explore the boundaries of earth include the famous electric sanders, portable hand grinders, and the portable electric hammer drill, especially made for tough and strenuous Naval explorations and missions.


Let us have a glance at a brief history of DeWalt- The original company was started in 1924 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the ultimate inventor of the radial arm saw. The company mushroomed quickly and was reorganized and re-incorporated in 1947 as DeWalt Inc.

After buying the company later in 1949, American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc. sold it to Black & Decker in 1960. In 2010, DeWalt introduced the new 12V MAX system of lithium power tools which were essentially designed for incorporating comfort and feasible compatible designs.

The company also launched the metal cutting diamond blade of accessories and equipment.

Which brand must you invest your time in?
Milwaukee vs Dewalt

Still perplexed as to which brand you go for or you must opt for when it comes to managing electrical instruments and other relatable accessories?

There is nothing to get anxious about; we will get you covered with vivid descriptions of those few significant aspects that you need to look for or perhaps focus on prior to deciding which is the best and ideal for you and your task.

Comparative analysis: Tool to tool

Nobody and as a matter of fact, no company is a winner. It is high time customers understand this and recognize the abilities of tools for which they are solely manufactured.

Here’s a brief comparison between Milwaukee and DeWalt which will give you a clearer picture of what they are and how they can make our work or other operations less hectic and more comfortable.

  • Milwaukee 18V M18 Fuel Cordless 6-tool Combo Kit: This Combo kit consists of an ½” hammer drill, ¼” impact driver, 6 ½” Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, 4 ½” Angle Grinder, LED Light, 2 batteries (18V), charger and case and two heavy and compactable duty contractor bags.
  • Similar to the Milwaukee kit, DeWalt kit comes with a ½ inch driver/grill as well, this is better known as hammer grill.
  • Further, it consists of ¼ inch impact driver, a reciprocating saw, LED light and 6 ½ circular saw for cutting or scraping things.
  • Their metals and other transmissions have powerful metal bearings.
  • They come with other essential cable drills and drivers.

Evidently, although the two companies are competing between themselves and amongst the rest of the brands in the entire world, we cannot possibly question their integrity or reliability.

In terms of performance and functionality, these two are par excellence and have never disappointed customers with their products. Penned down below is a summary in a nutshell of these companies.

If the price tag of Milwaukee is considered, they are placing their combo kit pass the $850 landmark that has been set by other tools, which too swears on the greatest of services.

Milwaukee Combo Kit via MSC Direct

But do they validate their price tag? It was only a matter of time and sheer determination, the devotion that we actually understood that even if they raise their bar a little, they will be proving their price tag extremely effectively.

We held the tools and almost immediately we reckoned that this had to be the one that could do all the work efficiently and accurately. The best part of the combo kit is the battery that has been provided.

With so much potential in those mini batteries, they can provide power to the entire function with minimal effort for hours and they will not get exhausted. Such is the power of the Fuel powered batteries, and because it is fuel powered, it will most definitely take the low time to recharge and hence, you will never be on the receiving end of all the action.

The hammer drill and the impact driver surely feels premium but is a diamond when it comes to digging deep into the concrete. With little and almost no effort involved, the concrete was drilled and there was no record of even a little wastage of power.

Such is the prowess and potential of the tools, that the entire power was brilliantly channelized into one direction and there was no raw power involved to waste on all the electricity.

Dewalt Combo Kit via Toolguyd

The combo kit contains:

This is one of the main reasons why the rechargeable batteries can power so many of the equipment without wearing out easily. The reciprocating saw has been engineered with extreme precision that it does not even miss its mark by an inch.

And the heavy duty bag seems to withstand all the pressure that is thrown in by the equipment and their herculean weight.The DeWalt package is available in two batteries; the Milwaukee only has one.

This is actually a major difference.We have burned through a battery of the course and processing of a job or throughout the course of a day. With two batteries, it is no problem; just pop one on the charger and resume working with the other one.

Working with only one battery, you are out of commission if you run out of liquid prior to the job is finished. Most definitely, you can go out and purchase as many extra batteries as you would like, however, if you are procuring a combo kit, it seems the whole purpose is to get a package with almost all inclusions so you do not have to go and buy extra accessories or components.

This is invariably something to ponder over as this greatly determines which brand’s products you are going to purchase.

Another basis of comparison

Right now, before you rush to the store to buy tools, you have to consider a few things mentioned below:

  • Milwaukee provides 5 years warranty, whereas DeWalt offers a warranty of 3 years.
  • Milwaukee has an angle grinder which is exceptionally beneficial.
  • DeWalt kit is relatively less expensive and comes in a set of two batteries.

Invariably, any clever person would go for Milwaukee since the prospect of an extra angle grinder is extremely appealing; however, considering the budget and in an overall value, purchasing DeWalt tools seems to be more sensible to me.

Bottom line: Verdict

Hopefully, now you can distinguish a little better between the two, and see where that gap in price comes from.Think before you purchase!

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