Milwaukee Vs Makita: Which is The Best Power Tool Brand?

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Playing with tools is something that is totally restricted for children and also for people who are not familiar with their procedures and the way to use it.

Having said that, in this article we will talk about two of the powerhouse of tools, supplying their best in the lot to professionals, making their work extremely easy as well as making them efficient.

The best part however lies in the fact that these brands have been competing with each other since their early days, and have always brought out the best in them. They continue to be among the top brands in terms of durability, functionality and dependability and when it comes to upgrading, they are always a step ahead than the others.

Though it is almost impossible to compare and tell who the best is, we will try and break down the article into smaller and simpler points and highlight where they are doing the best and where they need a little modification, to make the competition more interesting.


General overview: Milwaukee v/s Makita

Needless to mention the fact that Milwaukee v/s Makita- both these brands have been to the top from an early phase in their careers, but to take a deeper and a closer look let us roll back the years and take a look at their history and how good they were when they started their brands.


Milwaukee was founded by A.H. Peterson, who was a young manufacturer of tools and dyes. Henry Ford was the founder of the famous Automobile Company, Ford and had already gained the reputation that made him immensely popular.

One day, he came to Peterson and presented him with a challenge- the challenge to create a power drill for one of his own projects. Earlier, power drills were big, complicated and cumbersome and their functions or operations were not as effective as it is in the modern times.

When Peterson embraced the challenge and gave Henry Ford the portable and l?ightweight power drill, Mr. Ford was ecstatic and invested excessive enthusiasm about the product and he instantly approved the drill which helped him in these projects to a fairly large extent.

Emmaboda, Sweden - May 13, 2016: Forest and tractor (Skog och traktor) fair. A hand resting on one of many Milwaukee tools on a table.

Known as the Hole-Shooter, this was a massive revolutionary threshold to one of the greatest tool making companies in the history of brands. However, the happiness was short lived as the entire company caught fire and was turned to ashes.

It was his colleague A.F. Siebert that bought the company and decided to build up on the Hole-Shooter and named the company ‘Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation’. From that phase onwards, they have worked industriously and consistently in giving the nation the best electric tools that are available in the market currently.

Their exceptional inventions which have helped mankind explore the boundaries of earth include the famous electric sanders, portable hand grinders, and the portable electric hammer drill, especially made for tough and strenuous Naval explorations and missions.


Founded on March 21, 1915, Makita Corporation is currently based in Japan and has operational factories in some of their major export markets such as in Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, and the ever important, United Kingdom.

Motors were extremely big those days and needed enormous space to fit in at a particular space. The same thing was with Transformers until Makita began transforming them into more effective machines.

In April 1969, they introduced the famous 6500D battery powered drill, which was light weight and fell under one of the most important cordless instruments to have been ever invented.

It was not only the first cordless instrument for them but also the first rechargeable power tool to have ever been used, which meant that the life span of the machine was much longer than its predecessors and durable too.

This market the beginning of their success story after which they became more reputed and gained in publicity. To justify the entire name and the fame, they followed their work with newer and more sophisticated electrical instruments which shaped the world as it is today.

Having had great potential from their initial years, this brand still continues to grow in their stature and competes only with the best.

Which brand must you invest your time in?
Milwaukee vs Makita

Still confused about which brand you should opt for when to comes to managing electrical instruments?

Don’t worry. We will get you covered and pin point on those important things that you need to look for before you decide which the best is for you and your work.

Tool to Tool Comparison: Milwaukee v/s Makita

To start with all the proceedings here, let me just give you a heads up about the winner here. To be honest, Milwaukee has better and upgraded tools when compared to Makita. But there are certain factors that need to be taken into account before we can prove this.

  • Milwaukee 18V M18 Fuel Cordless 6-tool Combo Kit: This Combo kit includes an ½” hammer drill, ¼” impact driver, 6 ½” Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, 4 ½” Angle Grinder, LED Light, 2 batteries (18V), charger and case and two heavy duty contractor bags.
  • Makita 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless 6-piece Combo Kit: This combo includes an ½” hammer drill, ¼” impact driver, 6 ½” Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, 4 ½” Angle Grinder, LED Lights 2 batteries (18V), charge and as single heavy duty Makita contractor carrying Bag.

Milwaukee Combo Kit via MSC Direct

Clearly, both the parties are extremely competitive when it comes to including only the best products in their combo kits. But we are going to look is how durable each of the individual parts is and how efficient they is when compared to their counterparts.

Talking about the price tag of the Milwaukee, they are placing their combo kit pass the $850 landmark that has been set by other tools, which too promise the greatest of services.

But do they justify their price tag? It was only a matter of time and sheer determination that we actually understood that even if they raise their bar a little, they will be justifying their price tag extremely effectively.

We held the tools and almost instantly we felt that this had to be the one that could do all the work efficiently and effectively. The best part of the combo kit is the batter that has been provided. With so much potential in those mini batteries, they can power the entire to function effortlessly for hours and they will not grow tired.

Makita Combo Kit

Such is the power of the Fuel powered batteries, and because it is fuel powered, it will invariably take the low time to recharge and hence, you will never be on the receiving end of all the action.

The hammer drill and the impact driver surely feels premium but is a diamond when it comes to digging deep into the concrete. With little and almost no effort, the concrete was drilled and not even a single power was wasted.

Such is the prowess of the tools, that the entire power was sweetly channelized into one direction and there was no raw power involved to waste on all the electricity. This is one of the main reasons, why the rechargeable batteries can power so much of the equipment without getting tired out easily.

The reciprocating saw has been engineered with extreme precision that it does not even miss its mark by an inch. And the heavy duty bag seems to withstand all the pressure that is thrown in by the equipment and their weight.

Not taking anything away from the Makita Combo kit, but the only thing that is separating them is the amount of power that is provided and generated by the batteries and the equipment respectively.

When we put our hands on them, the feel was genuine and the equipment too seemed to be working fine but they lacked the finesse that was otherwise provided by the combo kit of Milwaukee.

The main reason for the absence of uniform power delivery to the equipment is the Li-Ion battery that’s been incorporated into the kit. The fuel seems to be a better resource when it comes to powering the electricity-hungry equipment.

Not only does this battery run out easily and takes longer to recharge, but the power distribution of this is not as uniform and constant as that of the fuel powered battery.

Bottom line: Verdict

We have discussed almost all that is there to be taken into consideration before we can actually put our foot forward and decide on a winner for Milwaukee vs Makita.

Taking all the points and the things that are liable to make a combo kit the best for professional use, it is Milwaukee that gets the better of Makita, when it comes to power, dependability, functionality and efficiency.

Although there is room for further developments for both the parties, Makita has to develop and innovate on their technologies in order to gain the upper hand in the race in the near future.

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