Porter Cable Vs DeWalt, How Do You Choose The Right Tool For Your Job?

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With the rapid evolution of industries and their rapid growth, the interest and demand for power and hand tools have enhanced over a considerable period of time.

These power tools are particularly used for manufacturing purposes and in construction sites or wood working industries as well. Two of the most popular American brands which are expanding to a massive extent in the production of power tools are Porter Cable and DeWalt.


Porter Cable VS DeWalt, how do you choose the right tool for your job?

With varying commercial paths and motives, both are held in high reputation not only in the States but also worldwide. Although both focus on manufacturing power and hand tools, there is a huge distinction between Porter Cable and DeWalt which can be very well justified owing to the substantial price gap.

DeWalt miter saw

In case you are concentrating on the growth and expansion of industries, it is recommendable to go with DeWalt since this brand continues to lead in both professional industries and DIY; when it comes to the manufacturing of the best power tools, it is invariably DeWalt.

For construction purposes to home garages, every purpose is served by the tools and equipment of this brand.

On the contrary, when Porter Cable is brought under consideration, it will serve as a better budget option.

If you walk into a rigorous professional or business site, you are bound to find people working with hand tools of this brand.

This definitely is not a testament to its inferiority since it is not.The aforementioned information can very well substantiate which brand you should consult in order to serve your purposes. However, tools sold by Porter Cable are relatively much of a greater budget option.

General overview

Porter Cable VS DeWalt

  • In case you are trying to invest in better quality tools for a long-term business or plan which involves construction or remodeling, you must go for DeWalt brand.
  • For fulfilling minute purposes like dabbling here and there or fixing petty things in the house, one must use hand tools from the Porter Cable as they are more reliable.
  • Tools of DeWalt are invested more in construction, industries and remodeling structures whereas those from Porter Cable are specifically utilized in wood working and repairs.

Brief history: Porter Cable VS DeWalt

Both Porter Cable and DeWalt are of American origin and their companies are placed there, they emerged in the early 1900’s and has earned enormous fame and reputation ever since.

DeWalt started gaining popularity and rose to fortune immensely through their radial arm saw which was an absolute industry changer and was in high demand. This was invented by the company’s founder, Ray DeWalt.

On the other hand, Porter Cable received a similar reputation and has been held in excessively high regard ever since 1920’s. The production of their wide range and diversified electric belt sanders and the hand held circular saw was profiting owing to their great demand and quality.

Dewalt Combo Kit

Coming to the significance of the name of the companies and their emergence, Porter Cable cannot be mentioned without remembering the great Art Emmons who oversaw and has witnessed the division of engineering and design for more than four decades starting from 1920 until his retirement in the late 60’s. He played a humongous role in building and creating the brand or company which has grown almost into an empire today.

On the retirement of Emmons in the late 60’s, the very existence of the name of Porter Cable was wiped out when it got sold to the Rockwell Corporation. Henceforth, there was a drastic reduction in the production costs and quality as it was competing with Black and Decker’s line of super budget home and power tools.

In the mid 80’s, the Porter Cable company came back to life with its previously lost reputation, fame and demand along with maximization of production with respect to both quality and quantity.

In a sheer coincidence, of late, both DeWalt and Porter Cable are owned by reputable American conglomerates namely Stanley Black and Decker. However, the DeWalt Company continues to manufacture better and everlasting power and hand tools which are of comparatively higher quality than those of tools from Porter Cable.

The latter is a more reliable budget option as their primary motive lies in competing with other budget options such as Harbor Freight, Ryobi etc.

Facilities on the basis of warranty and manufacturing

  • The majority of manufacturing is outsourced in the case of both the brands and which have assembled and taken place in China and Mexico.
  • DeWalt has made a huge step in bringing a large part of their assembly to the States, thereby opening up and introducing broader facilities with respect to manufacturing in America. This had maximized the opportunities of employment as well.
  • DeWalt offers a minimum of 3 years warranty on all of their hand or power held tools, Porter Cable offers 3 years warranty as well but on their cordless tools. However, the batteries of these cordless tools have a life of not more than 2 years.
  • Anything that undergoes wear and tear or gets damaged will be replaced or if possible, repaired. This is applied only in acute cases of manufacturing default.

Illustrations: Porter Cable VS DeWalt

Porter Cable combo kit

This is how a Porter Cable combo kit essentially looks like, extremely appealing and equipped.

PORTER-CABLE PCCK617L6 20V Max Lithium Ion 6-Tool Combo Kit with Free USB Device via Amazon

The kit comes with a ½ inch grill/driver which genuinely offers 283 unit watts, two-speed gear box, compact designs, ½ inch chuck and a naturally built-in LED light.The few purposes that this kit serves along with its equipment mentioned below are:

  • Impact driver and circular saw for woodcutting.
  • Wood and metal demolition for sanding, cutting and scarping.
  • Oscillating tool, flashlight, lithium batteries and tooth carbide blade essentially for repairing furniture.
  • Pieces of sanding paper, rigid scraper and grout scraper.

Dewalt combo kit

The above picture is a typical glimpse of how the power and hand held tools from DeWalt looks like.

The tools are highly advanced for massive purposes and repairing or manufacturing involved in hefty tasks. Few features along with their components are enumerated below:

Dewalt Power Tools via Kmgtuae

  • Similar to the Porter Cable kit, DeWalt kit comes with a ½ inch driver/grill as well.
  • Further, it consists of ¼ inch impact driver, a reciprocating saw, LED light and 6 ½ circulars saw for cutting or scraping things.
  • Their metals and other transmissions have metal bearings.
  • They come with other essential cable drills.

Porter Cable VS DeWalt: Analysis

  • If you are holding a ½ inch DeWalt drill in one hand and ½ inch Porter Cable drill in another, you will feel and notice a massive difference in the weight between them. From this, you will able to infer that the tool of DeWalt is made of better and heavier quality which ensures its durability and longevity. The tools of Porter Cable are relatively lighter and not so durable inside and out.
  • Porter Cable, even though they have metal bearings and minute specs present in them, are made of inferior materials. On the contrary, DeWalt tools are manufactured by using expensive metals unlike those of Porter Cable which make use of nylons and high-grade plastics.
  • DeWalt tools possess more enduring capacity than those of Porter Cable tools and can bear wear and tear. Therefore, when you plan to invest in putting your machines and equipment through a wringer in a more planned manner, go for DeWalt tools without ambiguity.
  • Both have 20V batteries, however, the liquid in a DeWalt MAX will last for a longer period of time than the Porter Cable 20V.
  • Talking of lifespan which plays a big role when it comes to investing in expensive materials or tools in order to run a business or repair something, DeWalt MAX has more longevity as compared to Porter Cable. The batteries of the latter die out and are not unable to take quality charge after a specific time period unlike that of DeWalt.
  • The aforementioned point clearly justifies the fact that DeWalt tools have more warranty than those of Porter Cable.


It is difficult to recommend a particular brand in general since both are the best in their own ways and fulfill completely different aspects. However, if you ask me in which must one invest for the sake of a better lifespan and quality, I would without any doubt say it is DeWalt.

However good the product might be, durability, quality, and other essential features are what define it. Tools from DeWalt are manufactured with the best to best quality materials with enormous enduring capacity and ensuring excessive warranty.

In case you are trying to repair some furniture or commodity in the house, there is nothing wrong with using Porter Cable tools because in such cases you obviously cannot utilize the high power and advanced DeWalt tools.

Considering the kind of DeWalt admirers we are, do give Porter Cable a shot because they are never a disappointment either.

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