Paying Rent Or Buy Apartment? Top Reasons To Take Advantage Of Renting Over Buying An Apartment

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Many people, as they begin their journey into adulthood, dream of owning their own house. This is asociated with a sense of accomplishment and autonomoy.

While to a degree that is true and reasonable in judgement, there are many benefits to paying rent rather than buying an apartment straight up.

While these might not be clear immediately, this article should do a fine job of clarifying things. Here are the top reasons for which it can be better to look at UC Davis apartments for rent rather than resort to other housing solutions such as buying an apartment.


Maintenance and repairs

Those that are away from home or are on their own and are also students can benefit even more from renting instead of buying in this context. 

Those that decide to rent an student housing apartment near UC Davis campus for example will not have to deal with the kind of stress that comes with owning an apartment with a faulty plumbing or electrical system.

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Luxury perks

There are things like swimming pools or even gyms that come tied together with an apartment renting deal in most mid to high level apartment complexes.

However, buying an apartment doesn’t secure such services and implementing them yourself will take a lot of time and even more money.

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This is another perk of renting over buying, as you get access to some cool perks that would otherwise cost a fortune to benefit from.

Real estate taxes

Home owners have to pay real estate taxes which can amount to quite a pretty penny especially in the long run.

The same thing cannot be said about those who rent, as they are free of such taxes and can invest that money somewhere else where it will serve them a lot more.


When buying an apartment or home of any kind, there is usually some kind of down payment involved.

This can be very costly and a lot people plan their budget to meet the price of the apartment by having to put down such a big down payment can really mess up their plans and possibly even cripple their purchase.

There is still a rental deposit involved for tenants, but it is nothing compare to an apartment purchase down payment.

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More secure budget planning

When calculating monthly budget, the concern of rent will of course turn up. This isn’t a problem however, because tennants have to pay the same amount each month and even if the rent goes up, it is with a sizeable notice.

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What is noteworthy here is the fact that renting allows you to far better gestionate and plan your budget than owning an apartment. The latter scenario has fluxuating costs and expenses and is much trickier to deal with.

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