Bosch Vs Dewalt: Two of the world’s leading Tool Kit makers – Which is better?

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If I ask you which is the best what will be your verdict? Out of the 100 people sitting in the room, only 60 will get what exactly we are talking about. The rest 40 will either provide an answer based on their guesses or will sit blankly waiting for someone to explain to them what exactly we are talking about here.

To cut the long story short, let us take a look at what these brands actually make and how they are helpful to us in our daily quests of life.

Bosch and Dewalt are two of the world’s leading Tool Kit makers. If you are not familiar with the term ‘Tool Kit’, let me give you a small introduction of what they really are and how exactly they are useful to us.


What is a Tool Kit?

A Tool Kit is a metal-like structure which is built to house a certain number of tools that are essential to a certain number of workers, working at a concerned project. These kits are generally big and house many different types of tools of varying shapes and sizes.

The Tool Kit is made in such a way that it has different components and spaces that are meant to counter the different shapes and sizes of the tools and instruments that it holds. Now the question is, which brand’s tool kit is the best for housing the different sets of tools?

Read on to find out who occupies the second position.


Both Bosch and Dewalt are the top two names in the industry as far as making the best tools are concerned.

They both silently compete with each other and as a result, bring out the best in each other, which not only helps the workers using them but also enhance their own reputation of being the uncanny opponent, that just won’t give up on each other.

Both of the ?brands have been around for many years, and are certified, trusted by DIY-workers, home builders and other professionals and both of them have had their share of the best years.

Yet the question remains, who outwits the other in terms of design, functionality, and durability. Let us roll back the years and take a sneak peek at their history, which will give us a clearer insight as to what motivates the Bosch v/s Dewalt debate.


 Dewalt was founded by Raymond E. Dewalt in 1924, back in Leola, Pennsylvania when he first invented the radial arm saw and has been in business since then for 92 years now.

It was the beginning of the then modern and more sophisticated tools to work with, which had similar principles in shaping the future tools.

Luckily this company hogged all the limelight and established itself as the forerunner of supplying all the tools that were demanded during the War, making a name for them and growing in stature.

  • In 1947, they were officially named as Dewalt Inc, after their founder. From then, Dewalt has only experienced an exponentially climbing graph and soon they started making their very own power tools in the year 1992.
  • They released their tools in the market and it instantly became a hit. The real icing on the cake came in 1994 when Dewalt became the first ever brand to introduce the revolutionary technology of cordless tools and machines, which would run without the application of long and annoying cords that would have otherwise lied in the path of the workers.
  • In 2010, their cordless equipment with Lithium ion batteries hit the market, which made the use of tools more effective and more power-efficient, thanks to the ever-growing technology.
Power Jointer via

DeWalt miter saw


Bosch has been in business for far more years than any of the tools and equipment brands has ever been. For 130 years, they have been in function and have been ruling the office for quite some time now.

  • Founded by Robert Bosch in 1886, he created the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart, Germany. They came into the business with some of the most essential and important tools till now in the history of parts and components- the spark plug and better ignition systems.
  • Needless to mention where these are used, the spark plug was one of the greatest discoveries of all times, for automobiles to take a giant leap forward.
  • As far as tools were concerned, Bosch entered the competition in 1932, when Dewalt was already gaining in name and fame. They invented the Hammer Drill and it was the first tool of that kind of genre and being the first electric tool that could hammer and rotate at the same time, Bosch quickly made a name for itself.
  • Till then, Bosch has been in a constant competition with Dewalt, as they bring out the best in each other. With the discoveries of hydraulic lifts, catalytic converters, and Anti-lock braking systems, they changed the face of the Automobile industry and made a huge name for themselves.

Now that we have learned about the birth of the two greatest tool brands, let us head to the competition and let us see who grabs the pole position.

Dewalt vs Bosch Quality

When you are comparing two of the top most brand?s of their stature, you can expect only the top quality products.

Having said that, there may be flaws in each of the devices which maybe theoretically rectified, but practically it is not possible because there are a lot of errors that come into play in the real world.

While both the parties try their best, let us take a look at what is included in their package that makes them the best.

Dewalt Combo Kit

Drill Press with Laser and LED Light via

Dewalt Combo Kit

In this kit, a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, impact driver, a flashlight, circular saw, two 20 volt batteries, one 12-20 volt battery charger and a carrying case is provided.

Bosch Combo Kit

Drill Press with Laser and LED Light via

Bosch Combo Kit

This kit incorporates the same hammer drill, impact screw driver, the reciprocating saw, flashlight, a battery charger and two 18 volt batteries, instead of the 20 volt batteries in the Dewalt Combo kit.

So, in this though we find that technically, Dewalt has the upper hand, build-quality and premium-feel wise; Bosch does a better job compared to the tools of Dewalt. Not taking anything away from them, but the durability is better in Bosch than in Dewalt.

Moreover, the types of boxes and cases provided by Bosch outwit the simple design, provided by Dewalt. The case by Bosch has been upgraded to a new level with the built flashlight to save storage space, and the intelligent grooves in them are just perfect for fitting some extras that may be required.

The reciprocating saws in Bosch have been extremely well crafted and prove to be superior to that of Dewalt. However, the thing that Bosch lacks is the power in the battery to power the intelligent flashlight of the toolbox, when compared to Dewalt.

Dewalt has smartly incorporated a 20 V volt battery while Bosch only has the 18 volt variant. Though the 20 Volt takes longer to charge, the time is neutralized by the amount of charge it provides compared to the 18 volt battery; it lasts long and can power multiple things before getting exhausted.


The hammer drill of Bosch is far well equipped and technologically advanced, thanks to the active response technology, which quickly responds to inputs. Having been the father of the hammer drill, it is quite expected that Bosch will have the upper hand here as well.

Coming to the impact driver, both the parties seem to have put their best foot forward in this. But with the 20V battery powering all the equipments like a best, the driver of Dewalt seems to be gaining an edge over the impact driver of Bosch.

Not only this, but the power that has been delivered to the driver in Dewalt has been found to be more uniform and as a result, the impact driver of Dewalt is more efficient when it comes to functionality. Surely, Bosch needs to improve on their drivers to retain the top position.


That covers a lot of important points and details, and taking them into consideration is surely the only way to give a final verdict. Though Bosch has been ruling the market, it still depends on the individual preferences of people to choose what is best for them.

Given the wide range of tools available at Bosch’s disposal, it would be wise to go for Bosch if you are looking for flexibility. But Dewalt is someone who is not going to be in the 2nd position in this race of delivering the best tool kits.

They have already started with their next combo kit and some big improvements can be spotted if you are sticking with Dewalt. Having said this, there is not much of a difference to separate them, but the people have been going more towards the brand they have been loyal to.

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