Home Meditation Room Ideas: Top 10 Impressive Ideas For Home That You Should Apply

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When designing houses, we tend to pay more focus on the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. We forget about a small room which should be set aside for meditation purposes. Meditation is very important because it helps you to relax and refocus.

We often engage ourselves in many activities which if we don’t get time to relax, we can wear out. Life is also full of challenges. Some result to stress. Without meditation, depression can easily set in.

Meditation helps you to refocus and recharge your soul. It is also important because it can help you come up with brilliant ideas which can be applied to better your life.


Some people think that meditation can be done anywhere. This is a misconception. Proper meditation should take place in a small sanctuary where there is the least disturbance. You need a tranquil environment. Any noise from people, music, animals e.t.c will interfere with your meditation process.You should, therefore, create space for meditation.

You don’t have to build another room for this purpose.You can make space for meditation by modifying the existing rooms. The modification involves making the necessary changes so that the room becomes fit for meditation.

You can change the furniture, beddings, add relevant items and re-arrange everything so that the place becomes comfortable to stay in and relax. An excellent home meditation room will be created.We should learn to create a home meditation practice.

This will enable us to refocus well and become more productive in life.It may not be easy to create meditation space when you don’t have the right ideas. The good news is that there are many meditation room ideas for home which you can apply. They are easy to use and simple to apply.You only need to choose ideas that best fits your needs.

Let’s look at the best home meditation room ideas for home so that you can choose those that you like.

#1. Princesslike Room

 You can modify a room so that it looks like that of a princess.Stacks of mattresses are perfectly arranged with many cushions placed on them.You just need a small section of your room to do this.

Curtains are beautifully arranged to make the place attractive.When you want to meditate, you simply jump on the mattresses, relax and begin to meditate.

Different lights are also displayed to help improve your mood and make you feel comfortable. They also add warmth to the room. This creates good environment for meditation.

#2. Big Room

You can design a big room exclusively for meditation.Make it stand out from your house.Roofing can be done using vegetation. Some sections should be left open but the exact place where people sit when meditating should be covered so that they are not rained on in case rainfall occurs.

Candles should be placed in different sections of the room to create soft feel and improve mood.The sand pendulum is put in the middle.Pillows should also be arranged around the sand pendulum to create a circular formation.

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This kind of room can accommodate many people.It is good for teaching students about meditation. It is also good for people with big families.

#3. Fireside Meditation

This exemplary meditation room idea is perfect for winter season.A burning stove or jiko is placed in one corner of the room so that it is not easily noticed.As it burns, heat is distributed in the room, making it warm and toasty.

Different green plants are also placed in the room. This gives it a natural outlook. You will think that you are out in the garden.Furthermore, the room is decorated with all sorts of wooden furniture which makes it outstanding.

You can sit on any chair as you meditate.Pillows are available to give you the comfort that you desire. There is also a large transparent window.This allows you to see what is happening out and admire the beauty of nature.

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#4. Laying Big Cushion In Room

Find a room in the backyard. The room should have large transparent doors so that you can see outside without necessarily getting out of the house.Take a big cushion and place it on the floor. Take two small cushions and put them on top of the larger one.

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You leave space on one side for placing rocks and flower pots. Use attractive flowers.Rocks create a unique environment which will remove your mind from home environment so that you can meditate properly.

The presence of cushions on the floor will give it an Asian feel which is good for meditation.Cushions are also comfortable to sit on. This will enable you to empty your heavily occupied mind so that you can feel relaxed.

You can also add flower pots to give your meditation room a natural feel.

#5. Indoor Patio

It is a unique meditation room idea for home. You can create indoor patio by placing wood on the floor.The choice of wood depends on you.But it is advisable to choose hardwood because it is strong and durable.


You leave space on one side for placing rocks and flower pots. Use attractive flowers.Rocks create a unique environment which will remove your mind from home environment so that you can meditate properly.

Candles are also lit and placed on rocks to create a soft and warm feel.The whole set up looks like a Japanese temple. This makes it good for meditation. Moreover, it is quiet; allowing you to refocus well.

#6. Defined Meditation

This meditation room idea for home is good for you if have limited space.You can convert a small section of your room into a great meditation space.You just need a natural source of light such as the sun.

Choose an area which has the large window that allows sunlight to enter the house. Then have several candles lit in the room. Candle light is important because it helps you to focus your mental energy on meditation.

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You can also add furnitures such as chair and table. A soft cushion should be added so that you can sit on comfortably.You can also add bowl for burning incense.The sweet smell produced will make you have a wonderful meditation experience.

#7.Outdoor Meditation

If you lack space in the interior of your house, you can set up meditation room outside. Don’t give excuses of having limited space. You have a chance for creating a home meditation room.In fact, the outside part is perfect for relaxing and meditation.

You can also use the space to hang out with your friends when they visit you.You just need to do a few modifications.For example making a wall using light curtains so that you can enjoy natural light without being affected by too much light.

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Excess light can hinder you from meditating. Instead of sitting directly on the concrete floor, place cushions in different sections of the floor.This will allow you to sit comfortably as you meditate.

You can also add some plants to give the room a natural feel. You definitely want to try this amazing home meditation room idea.

#8. Hanging Chair

This incredible meditation idea will make you feel great besides helping you to meditate.It involves using a hanging chair.The chair is placed in a small room and pillows added on it.You just sit on it and begin to swing as you meditate.

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For the best experience, use colorful pillows which blend well with other design elements. If you want some privacy, you may put curtains on the wall. This will allow you to meditate without worrying that people are watching you.

9. Seaside Space

If you have a house at the seaside, it is very easy to convert it into a meditation room. Just choose one of the rooms which has a window or door facing the direction of sea or ocean.

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Here you don’t need to bother yourself with a lot of modifications. All you need are comfortable pillows and candles to help you focus your energy.

Fascinating view of ocean water is enough to make you relax.

#10. Penthouse Meditation Site

This awesome meditation site is suitable for those who live in highly raised apartments. It allows you to make maximum use of limited space.

Create a meditation room near the window. This will allow you to have a beautiful aerial view of buildings, trees and other objects as you relax. A cushion, carpet and some furniture can be arranged in the room.

Penthouse Meditation Site via Homebnc

Make sure that design elements complement each other.You can place your items on a shelf. Avoid cluttering them because clustered space has tendency of making your mind feel clustered. This can interfere with your meditation.

Final Thought

Up to this end, you will agree that these are the best meditation ideas for the home. They will enable you to create the best environment for meditation.The resultant room will be quiet and free from noise interference. It will also be comfortable to sit in.

These ideas will give you insight state of what a good meditation room should look like. If you are occupied with many thoughts or just want to have time to refocus your thoughts, use the above ideas to create home meditation room.You will appreciate your decision.

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