How to install security door

How to Install Security Door?

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In this shady world of theft and burglary, it’s essential to get a security door installed in your house. You’re in sound sleep in the dead of the night and all of a sudden you hear the footsteps of an unwanted stranger who has sneaked into your house and you see him rummaging through your wardrobe and safety lockers; how did he creep into your house which has both metal and wooden doors?


Security Door

Security Door

How to Install Security Door?

The answer is tough to be gotten and now you know why a security door installation is necessary.We see such doors in various work places, the obvious ones being banks, hotels, airports etc.

However, getting such doors installed in houses is equally intrinsic. A home door security is not the only thing you ought to concentrate on since home security door locks are vital as well which enhance the amount of security and you have the keys to the locks in order to secure your place.

Prior to installation of security screen doors, certain criteria have to be kept in minds such as size, type, the colour of the doors and they should be such which allow air to pass through, also we must be acquainted with the entire installation procedures be it done by us or some professional.

The most significant to-do’s prior to installing a security door are:

Examining The Doorway

Examine The Door Way

Examining The Door Way

Since it’s a security door, the doorway has to be examined accurately by assessing the dimensions, doorway frames and the side of the door that has to be hinged.

Purchasing The Correct Security Door

Selection of such doors should be done by experts and be installed in areas which are not prone to crimes. Sliding glass door security diminishes the chances of theft as they have high potential securities installed in them.

Checking Equipment

Check The Equipment

Check The Equipment

Before procuring them, you need to go through the instructions of the manufacturer properly and examine the screws as to which location and type are they befitting for.

Installing Handles And Locks

Install Lock
Install Handle

Install Handle

Installing handles and locks – Like four pair of limbs is to an animal, similarly handles and locks is to a door; doors are technically incomplete without locks and manageable handles. They should be attached to both the interior and exterior of the door.

Hinges and Drilling

Hinges should be put on doors after taking proper measurements, this will increase the evenness of the doors when being opened and closed, this is followed by drilling which gives an ideal swing to the security doors.

 Drilling the hinges of a security door in process

Drilling the hinges of a security door in process via

You can use a cordless ?drill or corded drill to drill the hinges of a security door in process

Coming to high-security door locks, these are quite convenient to avail from shops; the ones which you must opt for should be bump proof and pick resistant, they come with keys which cannot be copied with an interactive element and have an immensely high-security system.

Brands of Security Door Locks

Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel via

Hence, it is important to check the brands of security door locks prior to purchasing them, some of the popular brands are enumerated below:

  • Abloy Protec
  • BiLock NG
  • Stanton Concepts
  • Sargent & Greenleaf

The aforementioned brands don’t only come in advanced security but also have an enormous resistance power and extensive compatibility characteristics.

Sliding Door

HomCom Modern 6' Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit Hardware Set - Flat Stainless Steel

HomCom Modern 6' Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit Hardware Set - Flat Stainless Steel via Amazon

Most of our houses, nowadays, have sliding doors, needless to say as to how useful they are, we can make our sliding doors more secured which will keep thieves, burglars and other unwanted strangers away. You can implement safety measures to your sliding doors in these ways:

TMS WoodenSlidingDoor-Hardware Modern Interior Sliding Barn Wooden Door Hardware Track Set, Stainless Steel

TMS WoodenSlidingDoor-Hardware Modern Interior Sliding Barn Wooden Door Hardware Track Set via Amazon

  • The existing lock must be examined with accuracy and checked whether or not it is coming out of it’s frame.
  • A slide-locking bar has to be installed in the bottom track of your door, this will refrain the door from remaining opened in case the latching lock gets damaged.
  • Door tracks and rollers have to be maintained by cleaning garbage and debris present near the door, thereby disabling the rollers to move smoothly.
  • A commercial locking product must be installed at any altitude of the door which is adjustable and can replace an existing latch lock.
  • In case, all these maintenance methods fail, the best possible way to secure your sliding door is to completely alter the slider.
Combi-Bolt CB2000-BLK 4-Dial Combination Sliding Bolt Lock With Black Finish

Sliding Bolt Lock With Black Finish via Amazon

Sliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding Glass Door Lock

Security Safety Locks

Security Safety Locks

Home Door Security

Wireless Door Bell

SadoTech Necklace Caregiver Call Button - Pendant Smart Caregiver Pager & SOS Wireless Doorbell, Medical Alert System for Assisted Living, Home Attendant, Nurses, Seniors, Patients With Disabilities

Wireless Door Bell via Amazon

Home Door Video Calling System

ALEKO® Wireless Video Door Phone System Display Intercom LM163 3.5

Wireless Video Door Phone System Display via Amazon

Home door security does not only refer to secured doors but also window and door alarms, door video calling systems, CCTV cameras and so on.

Wireless Home Security

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Echo

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Echo via Amazon

Few examples of the entire home alarm system is The S?impliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Echo which is an extremely innovative wireless alarm system equipped with multiprocessing technology with an ultramodern exterior, it helps and automate your home and family whether you are in-house or away.The features of home door security systems which make it appealing to us customers are:

  • The cellular communicator which enables the system for the transmission of signals to stored contacts in cases of fuses or fire.
  • It sends time alerts to ensure that you are keeping the system charged throughout the day.
  • It can be armed or disarmed by the use of your phone.
  • On sensing any kind of threat, the siren built within it goes off.

Steel Door

All this ascertain your safety at home or outside.With sliding doors and home locks, you also need to know about Steel security doors which play an important role in securing your house as well, they have the following characteristics-

  • Arming and disarming facilities
  • Rust and corrosion resistant owing to their galvanized steel body.
  • Panelled design and Multi-point locking leaf

You might refer to for steel security personnel doors and fire exit doors made out of stainless steel.

A Steel Door With Highly Advanced Security System

A steel door with highly advanced security system

A steel door with highly advanced security system via Shield Security Doors

Video Tutorials On How To Install A Security Door

How to Install a Hinged Security Door via Online Security Screens

Just another interesting tutorial to watch:

Security Door & Gate Installation by First Impression Security Doors

Nobody wishes to risk their wealth and necessities, so get security doors installed with other available equipment and alarms soonest, for your safety. Get places secured as you never know when danger knocks at your door!

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