What Is An Inverter Generator? Power Up Your Knowledge About Your Generators

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Inverter Generator – is it a generator, an inverter or both combined into one? The inverter generators are a recent development using the technology of the generator and inverter. It produces a 3-phase AC power, which is converted to DC current, and then inverted to clean AC current.

The power from inverter generator is much cleaner than the conventional generator. A microprocessor controls this cycle and the speed of the engine.

You might be confused about what to purchase. However, your purchase would depend on certain factors like usage and budget.



Surprisingly, this invention is small and lightweight but provides high electrical generation. The cycles per second in an inverter generator are consistent as they are controlled by the digital inverter.

Types of Inverter Generators

The inverter generator may vary on their power, style, fuel, and the accessories they carry.


Inverter generators via Powerhouse

It can range from 1000W to 7000W. Depending on your application and usage, you can get an inverter generator of the required power. A 1000W inverter generator will be useful at home or at camping powering several appliances.

A 7000W inverter generator will be able to power an RV, outdoor events, or be used as a back power for homes. If you do not need to power several appliances or the entire house, you may buy a lesser power inverter generator which will suffice all your requirements.

Style and Fuel

There are different styles of inverter generators available.

  • Dual fuel inverter generator: These run on gasoline and propane.
  • Electric start: May come with one-touch start option. Remote operated
  • Parallel kits: To double the power with no noise and lightweight.
  • Remote start: Convenient start and stop option with a remote.
  • Diesel Inverter Generator: Diesel is more efficient and cleaner than gasoline. It is also safer because it does not use a spark plug to ignite the fuel, unlike gasoline.
  • Gasoline Inverter Generator: These are good for cold weather as the spark plug helps ignite the fuel.

What do you need to Power?

The type of inverter generator would also depend on your power requirement.

  • Square Wave Inverter Generator: They are difficult to find today and are the cheapest type of inverter generators. They are used to power universal motors like in power tools.
  • Sine Wave Inverter Generator: It will deliver the wave form similar to the wave delivered by the power company. Most equipment can operate on Sine wave form. These are more expensive but produce high-quality electricity and have higher applicability.
  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter Generator: It produces wave form similar to the square wave form. Some equipment, like fans and refrigerators, are less efficient on modified sine wave.


What additional accessories do you need in your inverter generator? Depending on your requirement, you may purchase one with car/power inverters, parallel cables, a remote start, with transfer switches.


Benefits of Inverter Generator

  • They are more efficient than the conventional generator or an inverter, as they have a high-quality line power output.
  • They are quiet…The noise level which is bothersome in conventional generators is not there, as they are silent.
  • They are smaller and easily portable. A 1000W inverter generator is only 30 pounds, as small as a little cooler.
  • They have the parallel capability to be paired with another identically sized inverter generator, doubling your power capacity.
  • We can say, inverter generators are more environment-friendly as they are silent, more efficient, and are also more economical.
  • They are better at powering electronics, since their technology leads to stable sine wave delivery. Thus, there is no voltage fluctuation and your sensitive electronics like a computer are safe.

Where Are Inverter Generators Usually Used?

Depending on the size and power of your inverter generator, they find use in homes, recreational vehicles, factories. These silent and lightweight equipment are used by campers, fishermen, and hunters, as these make a great source of power in the outdoors, especially as they are noiseless.

They are also used in construction industry, which again the silent quality gives them the advantage. The construction workers can power up early morning without making any noise.

Important Features: Consider these when buying!

Some important factors to consider before buying your inverter generator are:

Close-up of manual worker starting motor on power generator outdoors.

  • Control panels: These include a display to monitor the voltage output, frequency and hours of operation. LEDs are included to caution of the overload condition.
  • Several inverters generator units comprise of controls to switch from automatic power saving to power-boost mode when a short burst of power is needed.
  • A wheel apparatus is available if you decide to go for a heavier and bigger inverter generator. This would mainly depend on the power output of the inverter generator.
  • When buying the inverter generator, be sure to check the noise levels. Different manufactures may have units with different noise levels even with the same power output.
  • Your purchase may include a generator cover, a spark plug, battery charging cable, and parallel cables to connect with another generator.

Inverter Generator vs Traditional Generator

Which is better? After reading this far, I am sure that you realize the advantages of an inverter generator.

In a generator has an alternator to produce AC electricity, but the inverter generator not only has the alternator but also a rectifier to convert AC to DC power. It also has capacitors to smooth out the power.

The quality of power produced by the inverter generator is much cleaner as the AC power is converted to DC power.

The traditional generator’s biggest disadvantage is the noise it produces. You can wake up your entire neighborhood at night with your generator.

Inverter generators are becoming popular with RVs too, with their silent function and better efficiency. They provide the starting power required for appliances like air conditioner and refrigerator.

The other advantage is their light weight compare to the conventional generators.Inverter generators have the ability of parallel power which make it more powerful than the traditional generator.

The conventional generators can come from 500W up to 50,000W and even higher. This is not the case with inverter generators, as they come anywhere between 1000W to 7000W.

The run-time of both the inverter generator and generator is at a tie for the advantage. The generator can use bigger fuel tanks but the inverter generator has a better fuel efficiency.


With all the advantages the inverter generator carries, its disadvantage is its price. They are more expensive than the conventional generators with similar power rating.

Now, if we look at the pros of an inverter generator, that is, the fuel efficiency, silent work, double power capability, lightweight- the price is worth it.

Two construction workers repairing power generator outdoors.

The Final Decision

A quick recap to understand the latest innovation in the world of power generation:

  • It is lightweight.
  • AC power converted to DC power giving a clean power output.
  • It is almost noiseless.
  • Fuel efficiency is much higher than generators.
  • They have the capability of parallel operation to double the power.
  • Can have dual fuel operation.
  • Getting popular because of advantages
  • Commonly used in homes, RVs, factories
  • They are convenient and portable

There is a wide variety of inverter generators available in the market from different manufacturers. One needs to check the features, price, accessories and if it is fulfilling your power requirement.

The price is something you may need to consider because the inverter generators are more expensive than the conventional generators. At the same time, the benefits outweigh any disadvantages.

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