Hitachi Vs DeWalt: The Two Powerhouses Of Power Tool Brands

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In the world of power tools, DeWalt and Hitachi are the most recognizable names. More people associate with DeWalt as a majority of people are unaware of the fact that Hitachi manufactures power tools apart from electronic gadgets.

In the following discussion, we would consider all possible aspects ranging from price, performance, the range of products, reliability, value for money amongst others to try and announce a winner between these two heavyweight brands of this industry.

The quality of products that these two manufacturers boost of are truly great so it is going to be a cracking showdown.


Looking Back


Hitachi dates back in the 1900s when it was founded in Japan.

It was a creation of a young engineer who rose to prominence after introducing the first electric induction motor.

The company has its headquarters in Tokyo.

It is now a great conglomeration of all global forces which is focused on creating a difference in the world of electronics.

It now generates employment for 300,000 people across the globe and has succeeded in giving a stiff competition to some of the other giants in the market like Sony, Mitsubishi, etc.


Let us have a glance at a brief history of DeWalt- The original company was started in 1924 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the ultimate inventor of the radial arm saw. The company mushroomed quickly and was reorganized and re-incorporated in 1947 as DeWalt Inc.

After buying the company later in 1949, American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc. sold it to Black & Decker in 1960. In 2010, DeWalt introduced the new 12V MAX system of lithium power tools which were essentially designed for incorporating comfort and feasible compatible designs.

The company also launched the metal cutting diamond blade of accessories and equipment.

 Performance and Reliability of
DeWalt and Hitachi power tools

Performance and reliability are two major aspects depending on which a winner can be decided among Hitachi vs Dewalt. Hitachi used to produce some great quality framing tools when it started its operations.

They produced 13V circular saws which had no competition in the market. It was the best product. Hitachi nailers and miter saws are very popular and you find these easily if you visit a construction site.

Milwaukee has seen a surge in the demand for its products and Hitachi fails to hold that numero uno position in the market any more. But both Hitachi and DeWalt offer great value for their products considering the price point at which they are available.

We will consider the line of cordless tools for both these manufacturers along with their drills, impact drivers, circular saws, and reciprocating saws and try to conclude which line of power tools manage to edge out the other.

Comparative analysis: Tool to tool

Hitachi 18V 4 Tool cordless combo and DeWalt 4 tool 18V combo kit

The Hitachi 18V combo includes a sawzall or a reciprocating saw which is a 6 and 1/2” circular saw, a ½” drill along with a lantern and LED light as well as two 4 amp batteries, a charger, and a carrying case.

The tools perform decently considering that it is available at $200. It would also depend on how you would want to use these products. For a light weight and an entry level product, this one is a very good option.

If the work load is more or if it requires more power, then this one won’t be your perfect choice. The circular saw lacks power and the battery gets consumed at a very brisk pace.

The drill can be used for standard jobs in construction sites but lacks punch when asked to do a more powerful task. The tool is very bulky and very difficult to hand-held for long durations.

Hitachi toolkit via Vektools

In terms of looks and designs, you would be far from being impressed with such an outlook.

The DeWalt is also available at a similar price point. But this combo from DeWalt is a better combination when compared to its rival Hitachi. There is a small difference in the fact that this combination has a ¼” impact driver instead of the circular saw.

The impact tool adds a lot of versatility and flexibility to this great combination. But again this would depend on you whether you would need a circular saw or an impact driver. In most cases, the circular saw has greater usage than the ¼” impact driver.

Thus our verdict would lean towards Hitachi in this head to head.

Hitachi 18V drill impact combo and DeWalt 20V Max 5 tool cordless kit

The Hitachi set is slightly cheaper than the DeWalt. But you would be happy to spend a few extra bucks on the DeWalt as both the drill and the impact driver function better and also feel better in-hand.

DeWalt 5 piece tool combination includes a hammer drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw and LED light, which is truly an impressive package. At a price of $400, the DeWalt would dig a larger hole in your pocket than Hitachi.

The circular saw and the impact driver impressed us a lot when we tested both these range of products. Good battery life and great power packs in a lot of punch in these devices.

Dewalt Combo Kit via Toolguyd

The combo kit contains:

Hitachi Brushless and DeWalt Brushless

Since brushless models are on the rise in the current scenario, let us find out what the brushless models from both these manufacturers bring to the table.

Brushless motors have an increased level of efficiency, performance and battery life but they come with a higher price tag.

The brushless drills and impact drivers are very similar in most respects from Hitachi and DeWalt. DeWalt’s 20V slightly edges out Hitachi’s 18V in terms of battery life, charging time and performance. 

The brushless drill and driver combo from Hitachi is a great value for money combination and comes at a price less than $200. It contains a drill, a driver, and two 3.0 amp batteries.

DeWalt’s 20V Max VR comes packed with brushless drill and impact driver but costs approximately $50 more than its rival. It comes with 1.5 amp batteries. The bigger batteries will give twice as much as performance and run time.

Bottom line: Verdict

This is a really tough choice to make. Price is a determining factor in choosing the appropriate range of tools to satisfy your needs. The DeWalt is a clear winner since the tools are clearly of a superior quality.

Both ergonomically and aesthetically DeWalt is miles ahead when compared to Hitachi. They perform a lot better than the cordless products from Hitachi.

Again, Hitachi’s warranty and a rising price level in all its products are hard to be ignonred. If we had to choose any one without taking these factors into account, then Hitachi would be the clear choice. DeWalt’s higher range of products also gives a stiff competition to Hitachi.

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  1. This article is off quite a bit. The Hitachi tools are very high quality and definitely meant for professional jobs. The only reason most people prefer DeWalt is the misunderstanding that they are made in the USA and not anywhere else. They are assembled here with foreign made parts. Hitachi tools are powerful and durable and hold up well on the job. The batteries last just as long as any other high end tool maker. This article is obviously biased. Dewalt makes good stuff no doubt. But they don’t hold up to Hitachi. Sorry.

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