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Free Scroll Saw Patterns to Learn, Print, and Download (BEGINNER / ADVANCED)

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 One of the essential items of woodworking is the scroll saw. Using the proper scroll saw is very important if you want to achieve the best results in woodworking. So, the first thing to do is to choose the best scroll saw for our purpose. In the next few paragraphs, that is exactly what we are going to do.

Indeed, it takes much time to be a specialist in creating perfect intricate designs in your woodwork using different types of saws. However, we can make this much easier and convenient if you have a free scroll saw patterns to use in your projects.

Here, we are going to show you some of the best and commonly used scroll saw patterns for free by most woodworkers, artisans, and DIY geeks. Feel free to explore what you like below.


Our Favorite SCROLL SAW PATTERNS to Learn, Print, and Download (BEGINNER / ADVANCED)

Once you are done choosing the best beginner scroll saw, the next thing you need to do is practice and work on your project already. However, there is a constant challenge for beginners and professionals in creating a perfect design in their woodwork.

In order to help you with this dilemma, we have compiled our top pick free scroll saw patterns for 2020. These patterns can be mainly classified into two: beginner and advanced patterns. Some folks use band saw to cut curves in thick lumber and wood , large scale cutting.

We do not take away the fact that practice is still the best option in creating a beautiful masterpiece. However, using these patterns will serve as good practice medium for any woodworker, artisan or DIY enthusiast. Moreover, there are several patterns from which you can grab ideas in improving your workpiece. You can freely scan through all the patterns and templates we have. We have scroll saw patterns for puzzles, Christmas, wood designs, cross, fretworks, clocks, 3D designs, saw box, and more.

Each template has a link you can click which will take you to their website where you can download those free scroll saw patterns.

Beginners: Free Scroll Saw Patterns to Print ( PDF / Downloadable )

In choosing for scroll saw patterns for beginners, we considered the level of difficulty in making the designs. We chose those templates which have lesser steps to do and simple to follow.

The curve designs in these patterns are not so tight compared to the advanced level. Furthermore, we made sure to check that these patterns did not require several types of wood to use.

Scroll Saw Pattern of Dish

This dish pattern has both aesthetics and functionality perfect for your home. It can serve as an all-around dish pocket for smaller things like car keys, door keys, watches, cards, or other small things you take out from your pocket the moment you enter the house.

It is simple and easy to make where you can use a board with ¾” thickness. This is ideal to place near your doors so that you won’t have a hard time looking for those small objects you take out from your pocket.

view this project

Peaceful Bamboo Triptych

Indeed, the rustling sounds made by bamboos can relax one's mind and body. Likewise, the design of bamboo symbolizes tranquility and peacefulness. One would mostly see these kinds of designs in spas and meditation areas.

You can have this work of art as a wall hung in your living room, kitchen or dining area. Bamboo designs are a common thing in every Zen theme. A detailed process of making this design is included on the website.

download this project

Puzzle Patterns of Shapes and Colors

This template is ideal for those starting out with their scroll saw. Aside from that, these designs are great for your kids at home. It can serve as an aesthetic figure while being an educational medium for teaching them about shapes and colors.

Further, following these simple shapes and curves will allow you to be familiar with your saw tool in preparation for many intricate patterns.

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Classical Patterns of Clock Hands

This is a classic template design of the short and long hand of a longcase clock. The inspiration for these designs was taken from a vintage book. There are eight specific designs each for the short and long hand of the clock.

This design can give your home an atmosphere of the classic period many years ago. It can completely complement your vintage or antique-looking furniture and home accessories.

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Tribute to our Grandparents

We think it is right to give tribute for the hardships and sacrifices our grandparents have made for the family. With this simple and workable template, you can readily express your heartfelt gratitude for the love and time they have shared with you.

Investing a portion of your time in crafting this handmade wood art is more than enough to make your grandma and grandpa really happy.

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Pattern for Music Rest of Grand Piano

The Grand Piano is a great symbol of elegance which lasts for a lifetime. Consequently, it is only just to pair it with a beautiful design for its music rest to amplify its beauty and harmony.

This template has a symmetrical design illustrating a tree. The birds and fruits surrounding the tree imply harmony and prosperity in the air. Likewise, this design is also inspired by an old book.

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Coaster Patterns

Beverage Coasters are used to protect the table from drippings coming from mugs and glasses. However, with these designs, you can transform your boring coasters to some work of art which adds beauty to your home accessories.

In the website, you find details and notes on how to create this simple but beautiful coaster designs. You can even have this as a simple present for anyone near your heart.

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Patterns for Shelf Brackets

These simple and elegant designs of shelf brackets were derived from different wood designs of the early 20th century. Approximately, there are around 92 variations of these shelf bracket patterns from which you can choose from.

You can see the full details of crafting these templates on their website as you click on the link shown above. Moreover, these classic designs will boost the plain features of our modern furniture today.

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Circular Pattern

This template is simple and easy to follow. You would see the center or inner circle is empty or hollow where you can place anything such as words or another design. It consists of symmetric design in 45-degree orientation or interval.

You can view the full detail of its instructions on their website. The design can be easily edited using various software such as 2D CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw and others.

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Vectorized Pattern

This template is similar to the circular pattern with a hollow center. Instead of putting anything in the hollow center, this one serves as a border to any workpiece. This pattern is mostly paired with a mirror. The classic and elegant look of the pattern complements the shiny surface of any mirror.

Full detail for the instructions of this pattern can be seen on their website. Likewise, this pattern can be a good wall décor as well.

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Pattern for Intarsia Butterfly

For someone starting out in woodworking, intarsia would seem to be a really difficult process. Intarsia is like creating a mosaic art from various wood pieces and then putting them together. Likewise, there are several things you can create using intarsia and here we have a butterfly.

This intarsia butterfly is composed of fifteen pieces of wood when assembled creates the butterfly form. Just click on the link to view the full details of the project and see that it is very feasible.

Download this project

Ornament Patterns for Christmas Tree

If you are planning to save from spending Christmas ornaments, then this template is your best option. It is very economical and feasible to do to make your Christmas atmosphere more vibrant.

In contrast, you can also create these wooden ornaments as a natural home decoration for all season. These easy to follow linear patterns will be a good practice in familiarizing your scroll saw.

Download this project

Patterns for Camaraderie

These two templates both create an atmosphere conducive for camaraderie and bonding happening in two separate places, that is, the kitchen and the classroom.

The kitchen can be a really good place to put witty phrases that will nourish the mind while having a good time sipping a cup of tea or coffee with your family.

Meanwhile, for a teacher, the classroom must be a friendly environment that will promote fun learning experience for any learner. Like the apple, a daily dose of a teacher’s wisdom can help the learner stay away from ignorance and bliss.

Download Make Tea Not War | Download Teacher Apple

Advanced: Free Scroll Saw Patterns

We are done with those templates that are friendly for those starting out with woodworking, particularly using their scroll saw. Now, let us go a step or two higher to challenge your skill, creativity, and patience.

Some of the designs in the advanced section might be similar to the previous ones, but they require more skills, wood variations, and some other tools in preparing your wood pieces.

Other tools which may come really handy in doing these templates include jigsaw, table saw, and a portable bandsaw.

Patterns of Wall Shelf

Looking at the image of this template, one can already gauge the skill level needed to accomplish this task. However, you must not be discouraged as a complete detail of how to make this work of art can be viewed from their website.

Being able to do this project will enable you to save a lot compared to buying a similar thing from stores. At first sight, we readily fell in love with the intricate curves and carvings of this design. This is a great choice for those ambitious artisans and woodworkers who would like to challenge their skills.

Download this project

?Patterns Cabinet Fretwork

These cabinet fretworks, when bought in stores, can be quite pricey but no one can deny the beauty it adds to your plain and dry cabinets. Why buy when you can make one?

Some patterns of these designs are symmetrical from the top to bottom or left to right while others have a continuous flow of the design. We love this as it can truly transform your cabinet into something unique and eye-catchy.

Download this project

Pattern 3D Scroll Saw Box

A three-step higher from the dish stuff pattern in the beginner’s template is the 3D scroll saw box template. It would somehow be like the intarsia but this one is a box where you can put something valuable inside.

You readily customize the size of the box depending on what object you are planning to place inside. Likewise, you can also freely decide what figure or design you plan to place on the center portion of the five sides of the box. To view the full details of this project, just click on the link provided.

Download this project

Chess Player Sets (Small and Large)

Whether small or large chess player sets, these objects are a functional aesthetics to your home. Try to compare a small coffee table which is bare on top and another one with a handcrafted chess player set. Which looks better?

The larger chess pieces can also be a good accessory to your mini library or living room. Indeed, creating this project will be quite a challenge for any artisan or aspiring DIY-er.

Download Small Chess Set | Download Large Chess Set

Pattern Full Moon Nightlight

If your nightlight is simply boring, then you can turn that into something extraordinary with this template. You need to combine fretwork and woodworking in order to accomplish this project.

We find this as a very creative way of putting nightlight like the full moon. From the image, you would see the intricate works of the scroll saw in carving out the tree design. To see the full details of this project, just click on the link provided.

Download this project

?Plate Holder – Love Bird Design

Another functional decoration to add beauty into your home is this love bird plate holder. Crafting this project is much easier compared to the music box. This project can also be used as a wedding design and plate holder for tables.

Download this project

Pumpkin Candle Tray

This project is a good seasonal decoration for celebrating Halloween. Aside from that, your eyes would greatly enjoy the earthy appearance of this pumpkin candle tray. The light coming from the candle also adds up to the ambiance of a classical period.

Crafting this project might entail the use of other woodworking tools. To have a look at the details of this project, just click on the link provided.

Download this project

There are hundreds of other scroll saw patterns available online for free. So far, these are the ones we find really eye-catchy and really tests your skills in woodworking. If you have plenty of time, you can actually test all the patterns we have shared with you.

Hope you will have a great time learning and downloading these patterns and trying them out with your scroll saw. It is a fact, that the best way to familiarize any tool is to use them and try it on various projects

Other Scroll Saw Ideas & Resources

Free Scroll Saw Patterns For Beginners : Resources & Ideas

Now, we come to different scroll saw patterns.

Fretwork patterns

As per Wikipedia, “Fretwork is an interlaced decorative design that is either carved in low relief on a solid background or cut out with a fretsaw, coping saw, jigsaw or scroll saw. Most fretwork patterns are geometric in design. The materials most commonly used are wood and metal.”

Here are some fretwork patterns and fretwork woodworking:

Scroll Saw Vector Pattern

Scroll Saw Vector Pattern via craftsmanspace

Ancient Greek Ornamental Panel

Ancient Greek Ornamental Panel via CraftManSpace

Fretwork Butterflies Patterns

Fretwork Butterflies Patterns via Art Designs Studio

Campti Floral Wall Décor

Campti Floral Wall Décor via MidClock


scroll saw duck basket via Pinterests


CURIO SHELVES via scrollsawbladespatterns

Art nouveau cabinet

Art nouveau cabinet via finescrollsaw


Sheila Landry Designs Free Pattern via scrollsawworkshop

Here is some scroll saw patterns and scroll saw woodworking:


Scroll saw MotorBikes via Scroll Saw Artist


Tribal Fox via Scroll Saw Artist


Four bear via Wooden Toy Plans


Rhino, Hedgehog & Whale Puzzles for Kids via fssp-arpop


via Pinterest


3-D reindeer plans via woodgears


Dragon Plaque Scroll Saw Pattern via scrollsawworkshop


Scroll Saw Patterns Free Victorian Fretwork Cross Pattern By John Pattern.

3D scroll saw patterns : Resources & Ideas

Below are a few 3D scroll saw patterns:


Scroll Saw Chess Pieces Pattern via worldshappiestbroadcasters


Scroll saw woodworking patterns via

Some Interesting Scroll Saw Patterns

Scroll saw patterns

Scroll saw patterns via scrollsawartist

Scroll Saw Pattern

Scroll Saw Pattern via Scroll Saw Artist

Free Printable Scroll Saw Patterns

Scroll Saw Pattern Leaf via ScrollSawArtist

Some More Information About A Scroll Saw

What is a Scroll Saw?

There are different types of power saws. It can be wet tile saw, table saw, scroll saw and others. This type of saw uses a continuous motion of up and down and piston sharpened saw blades through wood very fast.

This scroll saw is a portable power tool which has been designed in such a way that it can be attached easily to a worktable.

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light via

These are generally used accurately and precisely cut curves and other flowing shapes into wood. It usually contains a vertically-mounted saw blade system positioned over a work surface that can be swiveled and adjusted to make curved and edged cuts.

What are the different types of Scroll Saws?

The scroll saws can be of different sizes to allow more flexibility and portability while doing accurate curved and edged cuts. There are scroll saws which use very advanced engineering on the arms control for reduction of vibrations.

The blades and other attachments are designed to be replaced by using secure locking and release mechanisms. The different models offer various cutting speed for increasing precision and accuracy.

What are the advantages of owning a Scroll Saw?

Whoever works with wood know that no other power tool can easily and accurately make edged and curved cuts better than a top-quality scroll saw.

At the time of crafting intricate details into the woodwork, a good scroll saw is a must for the precision and power. Anyone owning a scroll can accurately and efficiently make a variety of curved and edged cuts.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Scroll Saw:

Speed Control

You have to remember that faster the scroll saw can piston the blades, the more precision and accuracy can be achieved on curved and edged cuts. The speed at which a scroll saw operates varies widely among different models.

Generally, slow saws can manage about 400 strokes per minute. But the fastest models can run at speeds exceeding 1800 strokes per minute. The new entrants in the market have variable speed selection.

This makes the scroll saw more versatile. This is because varied materials demand a range of speeds.



Slow range

Thin materials, brittle materials, veneers, walnut, soft plastics

Medium range

Thicker wood, non-ferrous metals

High range

Leather, paper, cloth (between poster board or plywood), most woods

Scroll Saw Drive Options

Generally, scroll saws have parallel arm drives and the motor is mounted to the rear. Another popular scroll saw drive is the parallel link. This is equipped with rods in the upper and lower arms.

The arms push short, moveable pieces that secure the saw blade. Due to the parallel link setup, it reduces vibration and noise during saw operation.

Types of Saw Blades

The correct blade for the job is critical to success. Types of scroll saw blades include skip tooth, double skip tooth, spiral, crown or two-way, metal cutting, diamond, reverse tooth, and ultra.

Type of Scroll Saw Blade





A blade with equally spaced, identical teeth

General cutting, designed to clear sawdust as they cut

Larger teeth for wood, smaller teeth for metal

Skip tooth

A blade with a single gap between teeth

Good blade for beginners

Wood, plastic, and fibrous materials

Double skip tooth

A blade with a single gap between every two teeth

Making smoother cuts

Wood and plastic


A twisted, flat blade

Cutting in all directions

Wood, wax, jewelry metals, specialty

Crown or two-way

A blade with teeth facing both up and down so that it cuts on up and down strokes

Cutting specialty materials

Plastic, Plexiglas, hard or soft wood, corian

Metal cutting

A hardened steel blade

Cutting metal

Brass, copper, silver, aluminum, and other hard materials


A wire coated with diamond dust

Cutting glass

Glass, Plexiglas

Reverse Tooth

A blade with reversed teeth on the bottom 3/4 inch of its surface

Fine woodwork, prevents splintering or tearing at the bottom of cut

Plywood, hardwood


A blade patterned with several teeth down and one tooth up

Intricate patterns, removes dust as it cuts

Wood, plastics

  • Changing Blades and Accessories – The saw blades also wear out. A good scroll saw should allow for quick and easy removal as well as an installation of saw blades.
  • The size of Cutting Surface – With a large scroll saw a larger surface of a material can be cut with a single pass. The advantages for using smaller models are portability and easier storage.
  • Additional Features – There are scroll saws which use advanced engineering functions to reduce vibration. In some scroll saws, dust blowers are added.This is done to prevent particles from entering into the machine and damaging the motor. Many scroll saws can make inside cuts to materials.

Scroll saw projects are not so difficult to do if you are patient and interested in learning. And once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed at what works of art you are capable of creating!

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