35 Awesome DIY TV Stand Plans: Woodworking Projects for Your Precious Weekend

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So you got a new TV set. It’s understandable if you’re excited. However, have you thought about where to put it? If you’re lucky enough to have a spare table, then good. You can use that. What if you don’t have one?

Well, there are a lot of TV stands available in the store. That would take a lot of time to stroll around and look for a reasonable price with a suitable design that goes with your interior. The thing is after going to different furniture shops, you still haven’t found a good TV stand that you really like. Instead of checking another set of shops tomorrow, why don’t you try to discover your skills in carpentry? Let's take a look at the woodworking tool list of the year. Yes, it would take more time to do the furniture as well. However, don’t you want something that you can create according to your taste? Plus your free time will be super productive as you can make money out of it.

To help you find an ideal TV stand design, I search through Google for different DIY projects and here are the examples. Remember to check the description in every Youtube tutorial that you check. Some of the detailed instructions are on the link provided in the video description.


35 Awesome DIY TV Stand Plans: Woodworking Projects

35 DIY TV Stand Woodworking Projects

1. A Simply Rustic

A Simply Rustic by The Rehab Life

If you’re looking for simple design, this one works perfectly for you. The video doesn’t include some voice over but it’s good enough since they provided the complete steps and dimensions of the materials needed. This is also ideal if you just want something simple and easy to create.

2. A-MAZE-ing TV Stand

A-MAZE-ing TV Stand by Kinook

Now this is something that you cannot see everyday. The stylish design of this TV stand includes the compartment that you can put other things on. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the wires dangling or messing around on the floor. 

3. A TV Media Stand

A TV Media Stand by The Boss Workshop

I love black and white. It makes a very simple thing turn into a classy one. Same goes with this TV stand. The black part of this stand includes the storage box that can hide your DVD player and pieces of stuff from sight.

4. Illuminating Floating TV wall

DIY Floating TV Wall Build by Chris Spooner

That rustic background added with LED lights makes the place a very relaxing home theater. According to Chris Spooner, the place was originally a fireplace limestone but he decided to remove it and turn it to a wall mounted TV stand. I think he made the right move as it just looks stunning. 

5. Contemporary TV stand

Contemporary TV stand by Chris Salomone

A combination of different types of wood is needed to create this masterpiece. If I have a contemporary themed interior, I would want something like this to fit with the design. For the decorations below, I already have something in my mind too.

6. Dresser to TV Stand

Dresser to TV Stand by The Inexperienced Adventures

Before you throw out your old dresser, think about the other things that you can create out of it. Just like this one. After removing some parts and painted it, The $40 dresser turned into a sturdy TV stand with compartments.

7. The Sliding Barn Door

The Sliding Barn Door by KC Hughes

I like barn doors. I don’t have to worry about moving back so that I can open a cabinet. This TV stand made by KC Hughes is inspired by Ana White Grandy sliding door console. That’s why it kind of look similar. Yet you can paint your own stand with a color that you prefer. 

8. Wonderful Console

Console Table by Amy

W stands for wow. I’m not sure if it’s because of the flower or the vintage clock, but the console table also gives that stylish look which makes the whole picture looks appealing. This is very ideal if just want a TV stand alone. Related to the wooden table is the coffee table and if you want to find out many ​woodworking coffee tables, click here.

9. Reclaimed Rustic TV Stand

A Rustic TV Stand by BillSin Workshop

Do you have any pieces of wood that you don’t use anymore but still in good quality? Well, I suggest you use them for this. Not only you can save a lot, but your living room will also look classy especially with the Quick Deco background.

10. Tetris Inspired Stand

Tetris TV Stand by OnceUponaWorkbench

The popular arcade game Tetris inspired Donovan to create this TV stand. I don’t blame him. Tetris has been addicting since the 1980’s so it’s time to step up the game into a different field. It’s build compartments as well for your other electronic devices. One of the best view when playing an arcade game on your television, I would say.

11. A DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand

A DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand by Chris Salomone

I’m not the only one who hurts her back when watching the television right? If you do too, this TV stand will work for you. According to Tom’s Guide, eye level is the ideal height for the television to prevent eye strain. The good thing is, Chris Salomone specifically designed this TV stand to keep your eyes and neck from aching.

12. Wooden Cabinet/Media Console

Alder wood TV Stand by HomeMade in Lviv

Don’t get too distracted by the dog because he’s not the subject. Just a cute little photo bomber. Yet the TV stand behind him would help him enjoy the furniture once the TV will be placed on it. The TV stand comes with some cabinets and is made from cheap but good quality wood.

13. Extra Crates?

Rustic TV Console Table by Camila

If you’re looking for a cheap TV stand, this is it. It would be better if you have some used crates that are waiting to be used. Just assemble them using some carpentry tools and there you go, you’ll have a beautiful TV stand.

14. Legs from PVC pipes

Budget DIY TV Stand by William webster

Who would think that some PVC pipes can be a good thing for a TV stand? To think of it, the PVC pipes don’t seem strong enough to hold a TV. Yet with the help of the plywood, was made sturdier for your telly.

15. A simple wooden TV stand

A simple wooden TV stand by Katy

And here’s another one using PVC pipes. Seems like PVC pipes are becoming a thing now. This very simple TV stand is ideal if you’re out of the budget. Add it with some decorations below then it can definitely look fashionable.

16. The Classic Looking Table

Rustic TV Stand by Gary Kaufman

Imagine this in a vintage room with your modern TV and some of your classic collections below. Think about it, it will look sophisticated. I am into neutral colors that’s why I also chose to include this rustic TV stand.

17. The TV Stand Tripod

Tripod TV Stand by Julian Do It

Talking about simplicity, this TV stand says it all. It's not much to take a lot of space in your room. Using a tripod for a camera and phone is very common. Yet you can’t see a tripod TV in a usual place with a TV. Additionally, it has an area for a sound bar and is made of oak wood. 

18. Pine Ply Media Console

Pine Ply TV unit by KingPost TimberWorks

Do you like collecting some figurines? The Avengers, Justice League, Harry Potter characters etc.? Along with your TV, your collectibles will surely go well to fit into your living room. In the video link, you will find some cabinets below as well. So this one is a total package just in case you’re also thinking where to put your accessories.

19. Recycled Doors to TV Stand

Recycled Doors to TV Stand by HoneyBadger WoodWorks

From something so affordable or let’s say recycled materials, this TV stand turned out amazing. A lot of trees has been cut for industrial woods so it’s better not to waste your used materials. Your leftover materials from your previous works can still be still be used to be a TV stand like the one above.

20. White Oak TV Stand

White Oak TV Stand by Peter Woodbine

American white oak is a very popular type of wood in the eastern United States. The TV stand above is basically made of white oak. Built with some storage box and cabinets, this is very useful to put some photo albums, Xbox and kinds of stuff. 

21. Industrial & Rustic Media Console

Industrial & Rustic Media Console by Woodness Goodness

I might be listening to too much pop music because I can hear DJ Khaled says “Another one.” in my head. Speaking of “Another one”, here’s another rustic TV stand that I chose to be in this list. Simply because it’s stylish, elegant yet simple.

22. Hairpin Legged Stand

Modern TV Stand by 731 Woodworks

The hairpin legs for this TV stand catch my attention. I don’t see a lot of this kind of legs for a TV stand in our place. That’s why I thought it would be great to feature it on this list. What I also like about this table is it looks so easy to make especially for beginners like me.

23. Movable TV Stand

Movable TV Stand by Makeitextreme

Wouldn’t you want to place your TV in several angles? If your television is in the living but you are in the kitchen, it’s hard to see what’s going on the screen. With this retractable TV stand, watching TV while you are in a different part of the room or near the room is possible. You just have to decide which angle you will turn it into. 

The only problem here will be your kids. Instead of covering the IR blaster, your kids might move the stand.

24. Mid-century Modern Style Table

Mid Century Modern Console Table DIY by Modern Builds

The TV stand above is ideal for people who like having mid-century modern style items. It’s made from medium-density fiberboard and plywood to create a strong base that can hold your TV or media collections. At first glance, it looks like a compact table, but it’s a good storage area as well once you slide the brown part sideways.

25. Quick Deco

DIY TV stand with Oslo Quickdeco by JURO Workshop

You can’t see an Oslo Quick Deco Peel n' Stick Stone used as a side of a console table every day. Yet this TV stand pulled it off. It’s unique enough to look interesting and classy. You can change the quick deco style according to your liking but the style used above reminds me of some famous RPG games.

26. Electronic Shelf/ TV stand

DIY Media Console by Ben Uyeda

Do you still have those vinyl records in hidden somewhere in your house? Time to get them out and flaunt them with this media console. Well, if you don’t have one you can just put it on your TV above with some DVD player below and speaker. Otherwise, it’s still good as it was.

27. A TV Stand / Record Player Console

A TV Stand / Record Player Console by Chris Salomone

This Mid Century Modern TV stand looks like the keyboard part of a piano to me. Yet this one looks sick with all those shelves and exposed records in it. Chris Salomone combined the plywood and hardwood with finishing oil with a wax sealer.

28. Woodwork and Metalwork

DIY Modern Industrial "Tree" TV Stand/Media Console by Jonny Builds

If you’re looking for a touch of steel in woodworking, then this one might be great for you. Be ready with a lot of welding and steel bending while making this one. No need to worry though. One of the commentators said, “Turned out great, metal is a much more forgiving (aka fun) material to work with IMO.”

29. Fireplace Beneath

A Electric Fireplace Media Console by Wes Hamstra

This is too cool not to include this. At the end of the video tutorial, the lights went out and the electric fireplace was highlighted beautifully. What more if you are with your loved one during the winter season? Netflix and chill it is.

30. A TV Stand That Floats

DIY floating TV shelf by Shara

I understand that most of the TV stands mentioned in this list are big and will take a lot of space in your room. What if I have a small room? No need to be upset since Kevin from DIY Dork got you. This floating corner TV stand is made from reclaimed wood.

31. Sturdy TV Stand

Sturdy TV Stand by Shara

Now, this looks like this TV stand is going to last for generations. The materials used for this project comes in good quality to make sure that it can be used for a long time. The fact is, this console table was originally built to hold a 60-gallon tank or an aquarium. As stylish as it looks, it’s also stronger than what you are thinking.

32. The Dream Desk

Wall Mounted Dream Desk by Glen

Out of all the items listed here, this floating wall stand is my favorite. It provides an elegant atmosphere that is not too stylish. I just love the illuminating effect that the LED lights added to the whole desk. This is originally made for a working desk since it has an integrated cup holder.

Also, according to the designer, the desk has some secret spot that you can wirelessly charge your device. That’s why it is very cool. It doesn’t just function as a desk but it can also be used as your TV stand.

33. Nightstand to TV Stand

A Nightstand / TV Stand DIY by Wood & Screw

What I like about DIY furniture is that you can transform an old piece into a completely different one. For example, this TV stand was a reclaimed nightstand. Using the same base, the designer of this content removed the original drawer and replaced it with a new one. Then voila, he got a new TV stand.

34. Curved Metal Legs

A Modern Plywood Media Console by Modern Builds

Well, this is kind of similar to other TV stands that I found. The difference is its legs made from metals that were curved. The video includes some link to download the free plan so that you can create your own. If you want something, there’s also a guide for a 6-inch console table.

35. Floating Table with Storage

Floating Table with Storage by DIY Creators

It’s not the usual wall mounted table that you have seen so far. This TV stand is made by Glen which is also the creator of The Dream Desk earlier. The same with The Dream Desk, this one has also its own secret feature. It has a secret storage box inside!


As I watch the video tutorials, I realized making DIY furniture is fun and productive. If you haven’t tried it, there are hundreds of easy guides for carpentry online.

Some of the DIY project creators didn’t need to go under the professional courses to learn the things about making furniture. Don’t be afraid to try these projects as it will be useful in the future. From making TV stands, you might make other furniture that you will be needing in the future. Additionally, some project creators even became successful with their business in the field of carpentry. So it might do the same with you.

Personally, looking at the Youtube videos about the TV stand ideas made me very interested in woodworking. The process of creating something using the carpentry tools is mesmerizing and you gotta know all the saws here​,wood types and some little basic diy woodwork knowledge on woodworking. What more when the results of every process finally comes out? It’s just stunning.

So you checked the videos and got interested in woodworking too. However, it happened that you don’t have enough tools yet to create a project. The Spruce Crafts will help you get running and be prepared for woodworking.

Click here to check the listWoodworking Projects

The items listed above are just a few examples of DIY TV stands projects. You can still find other interesting designs on Youtube, Google and Pinterest. It would be better to choose the projects that have detailed guide like the items listed on this page.

The items provided online can be ideas for your next TV stand. Yet try to think about what you really want to have. Utilize the internet on how to do it so that you can add your own touch on the TV stand ideas.

I understand that DIY projects can be a bit hard on your first try but trust me, it would be fulfilling to see a piece of furniture on your home every day. Especially if you are the one who created it.

As for people who have been interested in carpentry for a long time, this list is a great tool to apply your skills. I’m sure this will be enjoyable and will help you save a lot instead of buying a good quality TV stand.

Good luck and have fun!

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