Wood Projects That Make Money

10 Wood Projects That Can Help You Make Money

If you are passionate about woodworking and are in possession of dainty hands then let me tell you that woodworking projects make money. You can follow your love and do what you do best or you can do some market research and find out what sells the best.


You can try diversifying your choices or just keep on doing one type till you master it well and then move on to the next. Uniqueness is something well appreciated and if you can add something of your own, you will be able to add your signature to it.

Here Are 10 Wood Projects That Make Money

Wooden Toys for Children

Wooden Fishing Kit via Anthropologie

Wooden Fishing Kit via Anthropologie

There was a time when toys made out of wood only (I know it was quite a long time ago and I sound like a grandma here!).

But these days in most markets they have become a novelty. You only have to ask around to realize the crazy high prices being charged by stores for wooden toys for children. Hence wooden toys can be good money making wood project for you.

They are considered a novelty because:

  • They are safer than toys made from other materials
  • They usually last for quite a long time.

Thus the result is that parents and everybody is ready to pay top dollar to buy even the simplest of wooden toys as long as they are well made from good quality wood.

Since this is an item for children, you do need:

  • To make the toys safe, sturdy and durable.
  • Please do not compromise on the materials you use.
  • Follow the laws of your state for children toys and make these little things for the little babies!

Love Chair

Solid wood Adirondack Double Chair via Parcel in The Attic

Solid wood Adirondack Double Chair via Parcel in The Attic

This Adirondack chair and matching love seat are designed for outdoor comfort. This is a good project because:

  • They're designed for easy assembly, so that a novice can build them.
  • And you can build them from inexpensive, durable wood that, once stained, looks beautiful.
  • Not only can you welcome your guests on here but you can also invite your sweetheart to sit here with you.

This is a very good woodworking for money: people love these twin chairs these days and they make very good garden furniture as well. If you can master making these you will sure be able to make a lot of profit. Rock ‘em!

Baby Cradles

Cherry Baby Cradle via LumberJocks

Cherry Baby Cradle via LumberJocks

A baby cradle is one of the most important furniture for babies that they need at a very tender age. The wooden ones are specially preferred as they have a charm of their own. Parents often like to get special furniture made for their children and most of the time they need it.

A wooden crib is a classic woodworking product because

  • It is always in high demand.
  • Parents will usually spare no expense in picking up the best cradle they can afford to buy.

Once more,

  • Pay extra attention to the safety and quality of the product and
  • Use only the very best materials.

A great option when making children’s furniture is to make itself assembled kind. That way you can even sell your furniture online and easily ship it in dis-assembled form. Click here to learn more on how to build the baby crib.

Picture Frame

Small Frame DIY via Saved By Love Creations

Small Frame DIY via Saved By Love Creations

Picture frames are one of the very versatile woodworking projects that sell.

  • You can make it as simple as you like. A little bit of ingenuity allows you to create several signature designs.
  • This is one woodworking project that can never go out of fashion, because people would always need photo frames no matter the amount of selfies they take.

Making Picture Frames - Woodworking Projects via Chris Salomone

Wooden Painting Bench

Amish Made Pine Wood Traditional English Garden Bench - Painted via DutchCrafters

Amish Made Pine Wood Traditional English Garden Bench - Painted via DutchCrafters

You can build a light, but strong bench. You can use it as

  • A table
  • As a scaffolding
  • As well as for sitting.

These kinds of benches are quite a hit among young home-owners with gardens or backyard space.


Amazing Birdhouse via likep.com

Amazing Birdhouse via likep.com

This is one of the small wood projects to make money. Outdoors woodworking projects are extremely popular.

There are many interesting projects you can do for the garden, portico, backyard etc and in the same category comes a very charming and popular woodworking project - the birdhouse.

While you may find it a little strange that people are willing to spend money on something as trivial as birdhouses, it is in fact true.

Environment plays a big role in determining property prices and an environment full of chirping birds is sure to make those property prices soar high. A little investment on birdhouses doesn’t seem so silly then.

Storage Organizer



People organize their entryways with a simple storage locker for jackets, shoes and other stuff that clutters that area. A handsome organizer, on the other hand can help keep things stay organized.

Storage organizers are something that you can build in a day and is an easy woodworking project to make money.

Garden Bench

Bench Plans via handymanwire

Bench Plans via handymanwire

Assemble this attractive, comfortable garden bench. We can show you how to build it so it's strong and durable, using a simple biscuit joinery technique. Rustic garden benches look very regal.

Easy Homemade Garden Bench via Soat Mon

Miniature Mantle Clock

A clock, no matter how tricky it might seem, is actually one of the easiest things to make.

  • It is very economical to make
  • Simple
  • Takes little time and
  • Ends up looking and selling like a premium high quality woodworking item.

It is woodworking for money in every true sense.

Miniature Mantle Clock - Your Woodworking Projects Woodworking Plans For Child via Busket Binhow

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

DIY the Cutest Spoons You Ever Did See via MYDOMAINE

DIY the Cutest Spoons You Ever Did See via MYDOMAINE

Quite an interesting woodworking project you can undertake is to make spoons, ladles and other kitchen utensils of all sizes out of wood.

Wooden spoons and ladles are going to be raging popular products. Getting a lathe will go a long way in making any kind of wood bowls, spoons and ladles.

13 Quick Woodworking Projects You Can Make

With these woodworking projects you can easily start your work and soon turn it into a full-fledged business. Here are some videos to inspire you more:

13 Woodworking Projects You Can Make as Christmas Gifts! via Make Something

For more easy woodworking projects, you can visit here.

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