30 Cool Woodworking Projects With a Router

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Working with the router has always been one of the favorites of woodworkers. The reason is that the router can create numerous, cool profiles. The number of profiles that can be applied to a board’s edge is endless, whether creating an intricate profile or creating a series of profile cuts with basic router bit profiles.

If you’re planning to start a woodworking project, the first thing you need to do is choose a project that meets your capacity or skill level. Listed here are 30 cool router woodworking projects you can do yourself.


A Wooden Frame by Kimbo

This wooden frame built with a router looks so appealing to the eyes. A lot of people would feel glad to look at their photo with this simple but elegant design. Try making this wooden frame yourself. You can make it using a router quite easily.

2. Neat Stool 

Neat Stool by Family Handyman

This wooden craft represents the multiple signs’ value. If you happen to like the idea, make one using this design; this piece of art represents the value of such signs. This could be one of the best versions of this art out there. The wooden stool is good for one individual.

3. DIY Wooden Toy Boat

DIY Wooden Toy Boat by Scrap Wood City

This boat is something your kids would love. What’s more is that it is made of wood. It appears like a toy boat but can be displayed as decoration. This is such an exceptional idea. Make one and use the router as your main material. Look at how the details are done in the video.

4. Custom Wine Rack 

Custom Wine Rack by DIY Network

Have you ever had problems when it comes to hanging bottles on your shelves? This project will surely ease your kitchen work with its modern design. The design is intended to keep your bottles, where children cannot reach them, saving them from damage or injury. Make one from wood and put as many bottles as you can.

5. Baby Crib 

Baby Crib by Crafted Workshop

Wouldn’t it be excellent to make a crib for your baby? Your baby can play and sleep in it while you feel at ease with yourself. Make the baby crib using a router and create a distinctive design such that it looks pleasant to the eyes. Check out the YouTube video on how to make a baby crib for a detailed guide.

6. Router Tray 

Router Tray by Blake Haskins

It is quite difficult to find a durable and sleek tray. That is why this project is perfect budget-wise; save money while creating a modern tray. Build one and use it in the kitchen, although it would also be great if you put this on your coffee table. To find more comfort and ease, use the best wood for this kind of project. Watch the instructional video for more information.

7. Classy Kitchen Cabinet 

Classy Kitchen Cabinet by Craftsmen

Come up with a unique, classy kitchen cabinet. Make use of your lounge and store the necessary things in it. Have one made or make one yourself with a router and a router lift. However, this is a difficult task. Be careful while creating it. Check out the instructional video for more details.

8. Drawer Box 

Drawer Box by WoodworkersJournal

Protect your kitchen items with these drawer boxes. This useful piece comes with a sturdy drawer box for the safekeeping of essential items. And if you happen to be one who wants to tidy things up, then this drawer can help. Create one that perfectly fits your kitchen. The wooden drawer saves your things from children or damage.

9. Toy Car and Truck 

Toy Car and Truck by Legacy Woodworking Machinery

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a toy car or truck created from wood? Make use of your router to make this possible. Make its wheels and tires movable so the vehicles can be played with. It is quite unusual and interesting to have a wooden car or truck displayed in your home. But your kids will love it.

10. DIY Sugar Skull Table

DIY Sugar Skull Table by ThePoultryPeople

Exceptional and strange designs can draw curiosity out of people. That is why you should make this DIY Sugar Skull Table for your porch or garden so that anyone who sees it would want to sit beside it. This table can surely attract visitors. Check out the details of this table in the YouTube video.

11. Wooden Rings 

Wooden Rings by Selandry1

Some people like to wear rings which are often attractive. The wooden ring in the picture above is made innovatively from wood and an ordinary router machine. Follow the guide in the video, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to make. Enjoy the intricacy of this piece once you’re done with it.

12. Oak Book Stand 

Oak Book Stand by The Spruce Crafts

Want to have a perfect place to display your books vertically? This oak book stand made with two matching halves keeps your beloved books in one place. The catch? It is adjustable! Look at how the pair of hinges holds the books together. If you’re a book lover and a woodworker, you would love to have this piece of craft in your library.

13. Unique Shoe Rack 

Unique Shoe Rack by Molarin

Have you ever dreamt of keeping your shoes and sandals in a safe place? In this square-shaped rack, you can keep them in one place. Create this craft using wood, where your shoes and sandals can be adjusted. The guide will show you how it is made from a router, personalized for the owner. You can apply numerous tricks and customizations to the design yourself.

14. Bread Box 

Having a bread box is a unique addition to your kitchen. It somehow looks like a serving container, but if you notice the door, it is constructed with slats of wood. Store the bread in this box and carry it to your loved ones when needed. They would appreciate the new presentation.

15. Garden Bench 

Garden Bench by King's Fine Woodworking

Use this bench in the garden, parking slots or lawn of your house - you can put in anywhere you like. It is made with sturdy wood so you can fully sit and relax on it. Get a few tips on how to make one with the instructional YouTube video by King's Fine Woodworking.

16. Hardwood Cutting Board 

Hardwood Cutting Board by The Spruce Crafts

Woodworkers love working with projects such as a hardwood cutting board. The creation of this craft has been getting a lot of video views. You can use various hardwoods to create a strong cutting board, where each one will have a different appearance. With rounded edges and breadboard end, this project is educational, practical, and entertaining.

17. Utility Cart 

Utility Cart by The Old House

This utility cart is made out of wood. Create this piece of art to carry and transport stuff inside the house. One amazing thing about this piece is the amount of space it has for storing and transferring stuff within the house. It’s simple, sturdy and built for the job.

18. Louvered Doors and Window Shutters 

Louvered Doors and Window Shutters by The Spruce Crafts

Window shutter or louvered door allows for air flow within the openings while giving you the privacy of an old-style door panel at the same time. This is quite easy because louvers are not hard to construct if you happen to have the necessary materials for cutting the stiles’ notches.

You can learn how to construct the crucial jigs for the router in this piece of craft, and also learn to construct the louvers from jigs.

19. Wooden Doll House 

Wooden Doll House by Iscahstar

Why buy a dollhouse for your children when you can make one yourself? Check out this new version of dollhouse made by an artist. Inside the dollhouse, you can see the steps, and it contains sufficient space to keep other small toys inside. Look at how cleverly this was done by the maker and try to make one yourself.

20. Rounded Mirror 

Rounded Mirror by Angela Marie Made

Every dressing room needs at least a full-length mirror. And each time you look into it, it needs to have an intricate look because this is where people will look at themselves from head to toe. For this woodwork, you will learn how to create a rounded mirror frame, which will surely enhance the look of a mirror in your dressing room.

21. DIY Wooden Animal Coin Banks 

DIY Wooden Animal Coin Banks by Sarah

This unique, wooden animal coin banks will certainly come in handy for you and your folks. Create one with your router machine and add some hue. This coin bank is very easy to build and quite useful for storing your extra coins. Refer to the instructional video by Sarah for your guide.

22. Knick Knack Shelf 

Knick Knack Shelf by Chris Parker

Everybody has random items they have bought or found over time: trophies, little photos, key chains, souvenirs, and other items that they would like to display. Instead of storing them in the attic, why not display these on a beautifully made shelf – showcasing your woodworking talent. Learn how to construct multiple shelved displays that are perfect for the things you would like to show off.

23. Modern Bowl 

Modern Bowl by Garage Woodworks

Create a modern bowl, and add textures based on your preferences. Creating this piece with a router should not be hard; Check out how the bowl curves on each side, giving it a sleek effect. Look at the details of this piece on the guide and endeavor to make one yourself.

24. Clay Pot Hanger 

Clay Pot Hanger by The Spruce Crafts

Anyone who loves gardening owns at least a few terracotta clay pots for starting seeds or other gardening activities. However, the issue here is that they take up too much counter or floor space. To address this issue, create a well-designed wooden pot hanger, which caters four, different-sized clay pots, in a way that looks great and not just to free up space.

25. Oval TV stand 

Oval TV stand by Trend Routing Technology

Most TV stands nowadays are made from metal, but this one is made from wood? And this one is oval shaped. Make this kind of TV stand at home to decorate your living room. Take note of the smoothness and elegance of the design since you will be making one with the router.

26. Beautiful Name Texture 

Beautiful Name Texture by Popo’s Woodworks

A lot of people find it elegant to have their names written in wood. Customize your loved ones’ names and write them on wood. This piece will surely amaze them. And if you happen to be creative enough, write any texture you like in wood! Pick a name that represents your character or motto.

27. Elegant Cabinet Stand 

Elegant Cabinet Stand by Burton’s Attic

Make a wood cabinet stand for easier home life. Its practical design is preferred by numerous people and found it amazing woodcraft. It will keep your stuff in order. Customize its size based on the dimensions of your space. You can also make one for your kitchen.

28. Portable Toolbox 

Portable Toolbox by Darbin Orvar

With this project, you get to create not just any toolbox but one that will suit your different needs as a woodworker. That’s the great thing about customization. Building your own wooden toolbox designed for you and your shop could prove more useful than the one you buy at the store.

29. Desk Organizer 

Desk Organizer by Kim Six Fix

This elegant woodworking project from Kim Six Fix is an eye-catcher. The organizer can fit notes, pencils, and a phone. While you will need some tools like a router, power drill, bar clamp and miter saw to get this project done, all you will need for materials is a single board. The step-by-step guide will make the whole process of creating this awesome desk organizer easier for you to do.

30. Wooden iPad Dock 

Wooden iPad Dock by David Bakker

I’m always impressed with people who create cool stuff with a single wood. Much more if they create something simple but useful. An iPod Dock that holds your device into position so you can use it better is probably one of the most useful woodworking projects you can make these days.

Choosing the Right Router Woodworking Project for You

Have you done any woodworking project before? If not, then beginner woodworking projects such as some of the simple items we’ve listed in this post – drawer, bowl, tray, etc., are plausible choices.

Other items to give you a good start would be a jewelry box, dog house, children’s table or chair, coffee table, birdhouse, and chopping board. All these suggested projects are perfect for beginners because of their simplicity and usefulness.

Before choosing a woodworking project, you must put the following considerations in mind:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Safety tips?
  • Finishing choices
  • Project diagrams
  • Supply list
  • Tools required
  • Shopping list

You want a project that contains all the features. If the project doesn’t have more than three of these considerations, then you need to find other resources to fill in the missing features or simply omit it. You can also check out the customer reviews along with the pros and cons of the project.

Whatever your top choices are, always keep in mind that you are looking for a beginner project and that other projects, no matter how attractive or alluring, may not be appropriate for your skill level. You want to avoid any complications that may waste your time and resources, so it’s best to keep it simple in the beginning.

The projects in this list are all great for beginners and depending on your needs and putting into mind the considerations we’ve laid out in this section; you can then choose which project you want to work with first.

Final Words

Now you have a list of woodworking projects you can do with a router. If you follow our tips on how to choose the right project for you, you should acquire one that is appropriate for you – one that is easy to map out, assemble and complete with every list of materials, tools, diagrams, and instructions.

Make a detailed plan of your project before working on it. You must know the process from doing the first cut to set the last nail. A project that is well thought of has a better chance of going well, and it would be more rewarding to you in the end.

You can use the router in numerous ways; make use of a plunge router base and then drive the bit in the wood cut’s length; make use of a stationary base router, easing the bit in the cut on the board’s edge; mount the stationary base router in a reverse manner on a router table, and then move your wood past your bit.

Woodworking is a pleasurable past time, and you will enjoy as you improve in your skills and produce great items. After you’re finished with one project, find the time to critique your work so you can make improvements in the future.

Have fun!

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