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Where To Find Reclaimed Wood On The Internet Effortlessly?

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Let me tell you a story. There was a man who used to live in a wooden house. Everything was going fine, until one day, a massive storm uprooted his entire abode. Left with nothing, that man cursed himself for not having used quality wood to construct his house.

Nevertheless, he went on searching from one place to another to find quality wood. Little did he know the whereabouts of quality wood. What if I tell you now that the man was no one, but me.


Yes, I can connect with everyone out there searching for wood to use it for several of their purposes. Now that the internet is here, of course, you need not worry about the whereabouts of anything.

But let’s be honest here; finding them in the primitive ages without taking the help of the internet was one hell of a challenge. Hence, let us not waste any time and dive straight into the topic, “Where can you find reclaimed wood”?

Where To Find Reclaimed Wood?

Finding reclaimed wood is difficult. But with the right knowledge, even finding GOD wouldn’t be so difficult. So let us start with:

Retired Barns

Beams via http://www.popularmechanics.com/

Beams via  Popular Mechanics

Retired barns are a common sight in the country side places. You can approach the owner of the barn and talk to them about what exactly you will need for your project

Seal a deal and walk away with beautiful beams and wooden structures. Make sure that you know enough about the extraction of wooden structures since you wouldn’t want the barn to come crashing down.

Apply a little oil and give it a finish and your wood will look as good and polished as new. Beams can be easily scrubbed clean and you can get a glossy finish after a decent replan.


Reclaimed teak via http://www.popularmechanics.com/

Reclaimed teak via Popular Mechanics

Most of the shipping companies are not generous enough keep the wooden crates with them. The take away the ships and salvage the wood. Boatyards are your best bet to find quality wood, such as teak.

The old and rusted boats have a teak firmware, which is excellent and highly durable when it comes to furniture. The elegance and durability of wood such as teak is directly proportional to the growth of the forest.

Shipping Crates

Shipping Crates via http://www.popularmechanics.com/

Shipping Crates via Popular Mechanics

As mentioned in the aforesaid point, shipping crates are your best bet for free wood. They need not be the wood of the best quality but, has enough juicy woods in them to construct tough beams and pillars for your house, or any light and decorative object for that matter.

Junkyards or Specialty Buyers

Weathered pieces via http://www.popularmechanics.com/

Weathered pieces via  Popular Mechanics

If you are willing to spend a little more cash and make an investment in your journey for finding wood, visit a junkyard or a specialty buyer. They often have a decent amount of salvaged wood and of good quality too for relatively low prices.

If you’re not too concerned about getting your hands only on the best kind of wood, go to a specialty buyer and get your desired amount of wood. You might as well want to hire a professional to give the salvaged woods a better finish should you feel the need of it.

Where To Get Free Pallets?

Great clean pallets via http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/

Great clean pallets via Old World Garden Farms

Pallets are one of the most sought-after products nowadays. Search the web and you will see hundreds of cool structures which can be created using a pallets. But where to find them for free?

The best places to find them are small gardens and hardware stores, Motorcycle shops and Power and Equipment shops. These are the stores which get most of the shipping crates and the pallets.

In most of the cases, as a strategy to clear the stock, they offer free pallets to the interested people. Keep an eye out on them as your best bet for free pallets will be in the form of these shops mainly.

As for the Power Equipment stores, most of their products arrive on pallets and hence, to get rid of the excess pallets, they give them away.

Where To Get Wood Pallets?

Pallet wood via http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/

Pallet wood via  A PIece of Rainbow

Home builders and construction sites are the main places where you can get wood pallets. They supplies keep coming from the material stores and as the result, the main material is extracted, leaving behind the wood pallets.

After the regular pallets, the wood pallets are one hot product. Business Openings are another source of wood pallets. How did the business supplies get there? Of course in wood pallets and shipping crates.

Where To Find Wooden Crates For Free?

wood crates

Wooden crates or shipping crates are one of the most common means of packaging when it comes to the transportation of big and heavy objects.

Where to get them for free? Try the regular docking port or any building site or business openings as mentioned in the above point. If you can get entry to the regular docks, you’re in luck.

Enormous amounts of wooden crates lie there, ready to be either salvaged and discharged or picked up by the specialty buyers. The specialty buyer then sells them at a small profit margin.

If you’re early and fast enough, you can find many shipping crates. Some of the maybe broken, but most of them will be in a decent condition and with a little touch, you can make it look as new.

The other frequent questions that I get are where to get free wood pallets and where can I get free pallets. As I have already mentioned in my article, that shipping crates and pallets can be found in abundance in the docks.

In case your presence there is restricted, there are the different shops where you can try and redeem your desired items.

Where To Find Free Wood On Internet?

Here are the top 5 websites that you can find free wood for your woodworking projects.

Top Five places to find free wood for your woodworking projects via Robb's Homemade Life


To end on a high, I would like to point the hardship I faced when I went about searching the world to find the decent quality and quantity of wood. I hope I have cleared all the confusion and queries you had.

Now with the internet available, you can always ransack and get more information of the whereabouts of wood. I hope you get your desired items in the right place.

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