Awesome Tips Before Painting Your Wooden Pallets

22+ Painting Pallet Tips And Ideas: Two Steps Before Painting Your Wooden Pallets

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DIY crafts and making your furniture using scraps and unwanted raw materials has been something people have been doing since forever. They take stuff that no one wants and turn it into wonderful works of art which can sometimes sell for a lot of money. It’s amazing how through human ingenuity people can turn something so broken and unwanted into something that can sometimes take your breath away.

Wood pallets are prime examples of some unwanted junk people turn from junk to useful and often beautiful crafts. They take these wood pallets and utilize them in various ways. They can use them making furniture, crafts, paintings, heirlooms, sign boards and artifacts in ways a single mind cannot comprehend.


In this article, we’ll go through the steps necessary to properly paint wooden pallets and then we’ll look at few designs of painting pallet wood that can be sampled and tried out by you.

Picking Pallets Before Painting Them

Before we get to wood pallet painting, we need to pick the pallets and various essential painting tools we’re going to use. There are many things to look out for before picking the one you need:

  • It needs to be checked that before we pick we see if the pallets have been treated for residential bacteria, dampness or other impurities.
  • If you plan on using them for your home, they should not be treated with pesticides or chemicals such as formaldehyde beforehand. These types of chemicals can be very dangerous in your home. They can cause several types of sicknesses and diseases.
  • The pallets that are usually the safest are the ones that have been heating treated. They can be noticed by an HT symbol usually on the underside of the pallets. They have been dried in a kiln and the bacterium has been killed off as well.
  • When you’ve picked the pallets you have to check them for nails. They need to be removed safely and completely.
  • After we need to avoid splinters. Sanding pallet wood usually smoothens it and the chance of getting a splinter is significantly reduced.
Why Pallets Are Great for DIYing

Why Pallets Are Great for DIYing via Lifehacker

Now your pallet is ready for painting.

Precautions Before Painting Your Pallet Wood

Here we will know how to paint pallet wood and some precautions that need to be heeded if we want to ensure that we paint our pallets right and the results come out as we want them to.

Layout Pallet before Painting

Layout Pallet before Painting via penniesintopearls

  • Types of paint
  • sanding
  • DUST
  • paint brushes

Every pallet is made of different types of wood. So different types of paint need to chosen as to what will be most suitable for that particular type of wood.

The numbers of layers of paint on the pallet is your choice and in the end it depends on what type of finish you want. The more the number of layers, the thicker and richer the coat will be. Fewer layers are recommended if you want a faded look. It is highly recommended that the paint is allowed to dry in between the layer. Sanding it after every layer and in just the right areas after mixing different colors can give you some very beautiful colors with an added vintage touch.

If you want a basic paint finish then apply multiple layers and sand only per the paint manufacturer’s instructions.?

There are different paint types that can be used; oil, acrylic, water etc. there are also many different paint styles to choose from like glossy, matte and pearlescent. There are paints that look like wood. Just remember that latex paints and oil-based paints cannot mix very well.?

If you want to make your paint job last longer, be sure to apply wax or varnish over the paint once the final paint has been applied. The paint can be applied with brushes but remember that high-quality brushes give a more glossy surface if used.?

  • Staining the wood is the last step. You can apply stains to give your wood different types of finishes. However, it is important to remember the fact that different woods take to stains differently. It is always worthwhile to used different test pallets for staining before applying it on the actual product.
  • Once again, you can use varnishes and polishes to give that pallet that extra glossy shine but that’s only if it is the look that you were after originally.

The precautions have been dealt with in their way. It is important to remember the basic steps that proceed in a certain order. First, comes the smoothing of the pallets, painting the pallets is the second part of the procedure and finally we have the staining of the pallets. Of course, there are the options of polishing or varnishing but that is up to the craftsman.

22 Paint Pallet Crafting Ideas

Now that we’ve established the procedure and the precautions necessary with painting pallets, it is time to see some cool painting pallet ideas and prime examples of wood pallet art that easy to make and their beauty lies in their simplicity. Here are some ideas that you can look at and maybe try to emulate.

Seaside Painting


Seaside-Inspired Painting via My Pink Life

This picture is a great representation of how simple things can come together to form a beautiful sight. Three pallets each painted a single different color joined to form a picture of a beach.

Coastal Sunset Reclaimed Wood Art


Coastal Sunset Reclaimed Wood Art via Pinterest

Here the small pallets of different sizes painted differently combine in a not so symmetrical order to create a pleasant scene of wonder.

Diy Pallet Wood Room Divider


Wood Room Divider via Pinterest

Here we have differently colored pallets again. They have been used to create a colorful room separator.

Faux Pallet Wood Surfboard Wall Hanger Headboard


Wood Surfboard Wall Hanger Headboard via MarkerSix

Here we have different palates of different sizes which have been painted and stained differently combined to show a weathered old surfboard.

Shou Sugi Ban


Shou Sugi Ban via Ur?b?an Tabloid

Again, we have three different palates that have been stained and sanded differently to depict different ranges of colors and patterns.

Rustic Wall Art - Birds


Rustic Wall Art - Birds on a wire 3 piece set via HomeFrosting

Three different pallets colored in the same manner but with different illustration show a line that has been given the illusion of being captured at different times of the day.

Vintage Arrows Reclaimed Wood


Vintage Arrows Reclaimed Wood via atthetable

This is a simple one. Here we have three pallets that have been colored differently and small arrows have been added in contrasting color. Each pallet has at least one common color that it shares with both pallets.

Wooden Sailboat Hook Rack Turquoise White Beach

This is a pretty piece of art. The artist has depicted a boat in faded and weathered colors. It also serves as a hanging rack.

Superhero Sign Vintage Pallet Wood Sign Decor


Superhero Sign Vintage Pallet Wood Sign Decor via TheHandmadeSignCo

The comic book fans will love this. These pallets have been painted to depict the symbols of the core members of the Justice League. They have the added fade that adds to the mystery of these superheroes.

Pallet Wood Hearts


Pallet Wood Hearts Step-by-Step Tutorial via penniesintopearls

Another simple yet effective work of art. Simply painted pallets put together to form a weathered and faded heart.

Tree Painting On Reclaimed, Recycled Pallet Wood


Tree painting on reclaimed, recycled pallet wood via Pinterest

This is a really good one. Just the black and white paints have been used but their contrast has been manipulated beautifully to depict a forlorn autumn tree.

Custom Colorful Reclaimed Barn Wood


Reclaimed Barn Wood via thewoodfloorcompany

Multicolored pallets on the show once again. This time they have combined to form the wall of a bar counter.

Rustic Frosted Snowflake Winter Sign


Rustic Frosted Snowflake Winter Sign via shelterness

This one has so much effort that is being reflected. So many sandings at just the right areas and just the right dashes of paint and stain to create a winter wonder.

Rustic Hand Painted Santa on Wood


Rustic Hand Painted Santa on Wood via Esty

One for the holidays. Just a single pallet that has been painted in Mr. Claus’ likeness.

DIY Pallet Crafts For Valentine’s Day


DIY Pallet Crafts For Valentine’s Day via architectureartdesigns

Another example of the three colored pallet combinations, though this one has a cute message etched across it. Simple but powerful.

Vintage Wallpaper on Wood Pallet

A beautiful work of art, using just two tones, blue and white, however, etched out quite elegantly to make a lasting impression. A great art pallet.

Wall Art - Tree Wood Pallet


Tree Wall Art via christopheroriginal

Multicolored pallets, with a tree running through them all. Its beautiful how the background depicts the evening of autumn.

Captain America Shield - Wall-Mounted Shield


Captain America Metal Wall-Mounted Shield via thinkgeek

Captain America’s shield. One of the most iconic symbols in the superhero realm. Beautifully crafted as different pallets in the form of strands combine to complete the image. Reminds us of the papyrus effect.

Red Lip Wood Pallet


Red lip via facilisimo

A rather bold choice of colors to emerge from the artist’s palette. The image the pallets combine to form is a display of passion.

Diy Wooden Sign Ideas


Diy Wooden Sign Ideas via Pinterest

One of the best ones here. Different sized rectangular pallets arranged together in a randomness that seems so planned and predictable.

Recycled Pallet Art Easel


Recycled Pallet Art Easel. via Pinterest

This one is rather iconic. The pallets combine to form the painter’s pallet.

Easy Like Sunday Morning, White Wash Wood Sign


pallet art, Rustic home decor, pallet art, Easy Like Sunday Morning, white wash wood sign, wooden signs, signs with sayings, pallet art via GracieDesignStudios

A rather simple one to end things with. Just plain white painted pallets with a message in black that’s eerily both comforting and amusing.


In conclusion, we have gone through the basics of pallet painting and observed some excellent examples as well. In the end, it all comes down to this that the color the pallet will be is the one the painter feels like bringing.

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That’s all that matters really. Try your hand with a few of these or make your own if you’re feeling extra creative.

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