10 Inch vs 12 Inch Miter Saw- Which Saw Fits Your Awesome Woodworking Projects-

10 Inch vs 12 Inch Miter Saw: Which Saw Fits Your Awesome DIY Projects?

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For fine woodwork, one needs a good miter saw to perform various functions. Each miter saw available in the market will perform the same function. So how to choose a miter saw?

Since there are many tools saws types and each miter saw is more or less similar choosing is a bit difficult task. One should meticulously look for each and every detail before coming to a conclusion. Probably few differences which one can find includes

  • Difference in quality
  • Difference in price
  • Difference in blade size
  • Difference in weight
  • Difference in number of teeth present on the blade

While spending money on any product each one of us does the prior investigation about it before purchasing it. While choosing a product each one us looks for its pros and cons.


When it comes to choosing a product it is quite a difficult task as each product possess its pros and cons. And another important thing is that varied people have varied choices so one may consider one product good while another may find it useless. It depends for the purpose the product has been bought.

Few people may like a particular product as it is meeting their demands while on the other hand, another person may dislike the product as it is not adequately meeting his requirements.

Every product has got its advantages and disadvantages, but while choosing a product one should look for only a few basic things which include

Is the product meeting my demands?

  • Is it worth the price I am paying for it?
  • The quality of a product.
  • Warranty period.

Which is Better 10-inch or 12-inch?

Though it totally depends on requirements, the main features of 10-inch miter which attract the people are

  • They spin faster over the 12-inch miter, which is comparatively slower as the blades are of larger radius, thus as the weight increases velocity decreases thus movement becomes slow.
  • As the speed increases, it will allow smoother cuts and thus accordingly if weight is less than automatically speed will be more and as speed is more, clear and sharp cut can be made. This is the most important factor one should consider while purchasing a saw.
  • They are convenient to carry. Plus these are easily available as they are commonly used by workers. These are available in every hardware store.
  • These 10- inch blades are affordable by common people.
  • For getting a clear and high quality cuts a 12- inch saw requires increased number of teeth and thus this will make them more expensive.
  • 12- inch blades are quite expensive and for its maintenance is not affordable on a daily basis.

DeWalt miter saw

  • If one is concerned about the strength of a tool, the 12-inch miter would be the best choice as due to its heavy weight stiff and harder objects can be cut with ease. Heavyweight provides additional benefit.
  • 12-inch miter has 15-amp motors. These motors provide an additional benefit which includes high strength and easy cutting of the objects. These motors provide with additional lower. And besides all this, these motors have high quality.
  • One would only require 12-inch miter saw when they need to cut larger objects else there is no need for such 12-inch miter saw. Besides this people even find it inconvenient to carry.
  • To overcome all these problems 12- inch miter saw are incorporated with an ability to mount 10- inch miter saw on them thus providing two in one use. Because of this quality of 12-inch miter saw these are highly liked by professional workers who require multipurpose use.
  • This 12-inch miter saw consumes a lot of electricity and thus while using such saw one should be prepared for those bulky bills. At times these are not economical.

Is The Product Suitable For Your Pocket?

Each one of us can’t afford the pricey product so the market is full of such product which performs the same function as performed by the expensive products.

Obviously, being costlier they may offer few advantages which may be helpful in the long run, but the still cheaper product can suffice one's needs.While considering cost one should keep in mind that though things may be costly, will provide with maximum desired features.

And one should opt for the 12-inch miter saw only when work has to be done on larger scale else it is not needed.

If one has to want something economical then one should prefer 10-inch miter saw over 12-inch miter saw because of the following reasons

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw via Amazon

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw via Amazon

  • First, the cost of 12-inch miter saw is high enough as it is incorporated with larger blades and besides that, it requires timely maintenance. Blades incorporated in the 12-inch miter saw was of high quality, thus they are more costly.
  • 12-inch miter saw consumes a lot of electricity, thus again if one can’t afford such bulky bills one should opt for a 10-inch miter saw. They make use of motor thus this even make them expensive.
  • Cost of sharpening-When the cost of sharpening is considered 12-inch miter saw will cost a little more than the 10-inch miter saw.

What are The Limitations of Each Blade?

As nothing can be perfect and each and everything has some limitation thus these miter saws have their own limitations.A 10-inch miter saw can cut up to six inches, thus it possesses cutting limitations while 12-inch miter saw is more expensive.

DEWALT DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT 120v MAX 12” Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw via Amazon

DEWALT DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT 120v MAX 12” Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw via Amazon

Why Use 10-inch Miter Saw?

Following are the advantages offered by 10-inch miter saw

Ryobi ZRTS1345L 10 in. Compound Miter Saw  via Amazon

Ryobi ZRTS1345L 10 in. Compound Miter Saw via Amazon

  • According to the basic physics concept the lesser the surface area more pressure, it exerts as the surface area is inversely proportional to the pressure. Thus more the pressure lesser is the surface area. So these blades being smaller in size exert more pressure.
  • Another advantage of their smaller size is that they allow these blades to move at a faster speed, thus allowing them to cut the material with ease. -As they are smaller in size they are easy to carry and thus this is an another benefit.
  • They are versatile and thus can be carried from one place to another.
  • Consider other features like sliding behavior and dual-bevel while purchasing the 10-inch miter saw.

Why Use 12-inch Miter Saw?

Following are the advantages offered by 12-inch miter saw

  • Capacity is the main advantage. It can work with the larger stock material and its maximum cutting width is 12-inches which is really a remarkable quality. The Larger size allows one to perform more work at a time.
  • Size-The blade is of larger size, allowing one to make long vertical cuts. And they can, In fact, mount 10-inch miter saw on them, allowing them to perform two in one function. Such instruments can be used for multipurpose.
  • Power-Incorporated with 15 amp motor allows it to work for longer duration and increases the efficiency. More power will generate number of RMP (revolution per minutes) and thus will allow easy cutting of harder material.
  • Power-All miter saw can cut through 4*4 treated pine with no difficulty. Thus, for making deeper cut 12-inch miter saw is required. Motor inbuilt saw miter provides greater efficiency.
RYOBI TSS120L 12" 15 Amp Sliding Miter Saw with Laser via Amazon

RYOBI TSS120L 12" 15 Amp Sliding Miter Saw with Laser via Amazon

Should Factor One Consider While Purchasing a Miter Saw?

  • Power-All miter saw can cut through 4*4 treated pine with no difficulty. Thus, for making deeper cut 12-inch miter saw is required. Motor inbuilt saw miter provides greater efficiency.
  • Cut capacities
  • Deeper cuts-Larger blades exert more force.

For beginner wood working projects which have a low budget, one can purchase the 10-inch miter saw. While for high budget projects, one can opt for the 12-inch miter saw.

At What Instances 12-inch Miter Saw Should Be Used?

Miter saw
  • It is effective when one wants miter saw which can cut harder material like plywood with ease.
  • When one wishes to cut laminated lumber into a number of pieces.
  • While making furniture a miter saw is required to provide a clean and furnished furniture.

What Advantage 10-inch Miter Saw Provide?

12-inch miter saw deflect easily and wobble more than the 10-inch miter saw.

Miter saw

Which One Possesses All The Desired Qualities?

It all depends on the usage. For what purpose saw is required. If one wants to do a professional work make use of 12-inch miter saw as it is incorporated with a motor to supply proper supply.

The choice can be made only when all the features are kept in mind. While comparing two product one should not look for its pros and cons rather than one should look for the requirement.

Miter Saw

The 12-inch miter saw can perform any function a 10-inch miter saw can perform. For usage in woodworking, one should opt for better tools as things are performed on the wider scale. Thus the only reason why one would suggest 12-inch miter saw over 10-inch miter saw despite its larger size is its ability to connect different tools with it.

It can even mold 10-inch miter saw over it.For beginner woodworking project one can use the 10-inch miter saw as in the initial days, one needs to practice a lot for attaining perfection and its light weight allows a user to use it for a longer time.

The choice is all yours just one needs to choose wisely.

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